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Friday, March 30, 2007


Lowe Worldwide Auckland recently launched a new campaign for Instant Kiwi, beautifully shot by Adam Stevens @ Robbers Dog, which has garnered both praise and criticism from industry pundits. What do the bloggers think?

Creative Director: Josh Moore
Writer: James Hurman
Art Director: Josh Moore
Agency Producer: Jackie Clark
Director: Adam Stevens
Producer: Mark Foster
Production Company: Robbers Dog
Post Production online: Perceptual Engineering
Post Production offline: Digital Post
Editor: Sam Brunette
Sountrack: SoundTrax


The jury for this year's Axis Awards will be headed by four overseas hotshots, namely
Zak Mroueh (pictured), ECD of Taxi Canada, who will be chairman of judges, Tom Adams (Crispin Porter + Bogusky, USA) John Merrifield (TBWA Asia Pacific) and former George Patterson Y&R Melbourne group head Grant Rutherford (co-creator of the Carlton Draught 'Big Ad').
Judging will be held in Auckland from 30 april to 4 May, and finalists will be announced in the week commencing 7 May. The awards show will be held on friday 1 June in the SkyCity theatre (the after-party will be held over the road at the town Hall).
Bookings at www.caanz.co.nz


The DDB Group has made a major new hire with the luring of Lucinda Sherborne from Saatchi & Saatchi as Director of Planning.
DDB Group Managing Director Sharon Henderson describes Lucinda as ‘easily the best planner in New Zealand. A great coup for us’: ”Lucinda’s breadth of experience across multiple categories is second to none and that’s very important to us. She has delivered the insights behind some of the best campaigns we’ve seen in recent years for consumer goods, banking and retail brands. She’s an incredibly important hire to the future growth of our group and having worked with her before, I know she’s just a terrific person to have on your team.”
Executive Creative Director Toby Talbot can’t wait to get his previous planning partner on board: “Lucinda and I go back years,” says Talbot. “She is without doubt, the most creatively focused planner I have ever worked with. She’s a Rotorua girl and calls a spade a spade. Her ability to cut through the crap is legendary. As a key strategic partner, her influence across the creative department – not to mention the wider DDB group – will be massive. We are stoked she’s joining us.”
And the feeling’s mutual for Sherborne: “I’m really thrilled at the prospect of working alongside Toby again as his strategic ideas partner. The role of Director of Planning for the wider DDB Group is one I’m relishing too.
“The challenge of taking planning in New Zealand to the next level at DDB is one both Sharon and Toby have given me and I can’t wait to get started and be a part of the agency’s new creative order.”


Barely eight weeks into his new job as DDB New Zealand’s Executive Creative Director, Toby Talbot is driving a whirlwind of creative change through the agency.
Four new creatives come onboard next month to add depth to the existing team, and more hirings are likely.
Says Talbot: “This is not change for change sake. I’m just mixing the great talent that’s already here with fresh perspectives and different outlooks. New energy and new approaches are the lifeblood of all agencies. DDB is no different.”
Joining new Art Director Emmanuel Bougneres, formerly with Publicis Mojo Auckland, who’s returning from a brief OE with Jung Von Matt in Stuttgart, is the Perth-based creative team Joe Hawkins (pictured above) and Brett Colliver (below), currently working at Gatecrasher.
Talbot describes the Australian team as ‘hungry and talented - the best combination: “There’s a tradition of young teams from Perth coming here and doing really well. Western Australia, like New Zealand, is geographically remote and seems to foster free-thinkers. Creatively, it’s a parallel universe to ours.”
“Joe and Brett have a clutch of awards and have proved themselves locally, but now they’re ready to step up. We’re delighted to be bringing them over and they’re very excited by the challenge.”
In the interactive space, Greg Forsyth at Tribal DDB has secured Chris Jones as DDB’s new Senior Interactive Art Director. Moving from Saatchi & Saatchi, where he was a rising star in the interactive department, Jones was responsible for the bulk of the agency’s award-winning interactive work over the past two years, such as the Young Guns website.
Says Forsyth: “Chris is a fantastic asset. He’ll have a roving brief across every department. He did really well at Saatchi’s, but now he’s ready for a bigger canvas.”

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Award-winning Saatchi Auckland digital creative, Brian Merrifield has been appointed digital creative group head of Saatchi & Saatchi Australia, replacing Sean Ganann, who is joining hot New York independent shop Anomaly.
Merrifield (pictured) goes across the Tasman in May after nine years wth Saatchi's NZ, where he has been responsible for numerous gold, silver and bronze gongs at Cannes, The One Show, AWARD and AXIS.
Says Saatchi & Saatchi Austraia ECD, David Nobay: “Brian is just what we have been looking for, a digital ideas person with an outstanding portfolio.”
Adds Saatchi & Saatchi Australia CEO, Simone Bartley: “Brian is as much a Digital strategist as he is creative. There is no question he will add considerable weight to our digital team.”


After months of speculation, Lowe and Vodafone will part ways in the next few weeks, which has been confirmed by Lowe’s Australasian ceo Stephen Pearson, who is based in Sydney. However, Pearson said Vodafone will still retain Lowe’s DM shop Draft.
At least 10 people will depart Lowe as a result of the loss, including creative director Josh Moore (pictured), who wll remain with the agency for a few more weeks.
Moore told NZCC: "I am incredibly proud of the work we have delivered over the past 6 odd months at Lowe. The department has delivered quality work on all our major clients, that has delivered them significant business results.
"As regards my next move, I am considering a few options at the moment, but have the luxury of a bit of time, as there are a number of other clients (along with Vodafone and Lotteries) that we need to ensure are given due attention as we transition the agency."
Pearson told NZCC that Moore's position will be filled by a new trans Tasman executive CD - a hunt is currently underway.
Vodafone will now conduct a pitch between Colenso BBDO/Colenso99 and a partnership between international incumbent JWT and sister WPP shop Ogilvy.
Pearson said that while Vodafone would be a big hole to fill, Lowe NZ will still be a viable business, with more than 50 staff.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Clemenger BBDO Wellington has launched a new Beaurepaires campaign, spearheaded by this tv commercial.

Title: Tread Boldly
Copywriter: Hugh Walsh
Art Director: Martin Hermans
Agency Producer: Marty Gray
Director: Dennis Hitchcock
Producer: Scott Donaldson
Production company: Film Construction
Post House: Albedo/Images
Group Account Director: Kevin Stroud
Account Manager: Linda Reuvecamp


Lowe Auckland managing director Cameron Harland has left the agency, to be replaced by acting GM, Rob Hoar, the agency's Ops Director and former GAD on Vodafone.
Harland is currently in Fiji for a week and his future plans are not known.
According to Lowe Australia/NZ CEO Stephen Pearson, who located to Sydney from Auckland at Christmas, the departure of Harland has been completely amicable and the agency is in good hands with Hoar. He confirmed that creative director Josh Moore will remain with the agency.
The management change comes at a fragile time for Lowe, which recently pulled out of the Lotteries pitch and is rumoured to be on shakey ground with Vodafone.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


NZCC hears that the chief of a multinational agency is about to leave the agency, possibly followed by the agency's CD. More on this soon, hopefully.


A fireworks display made out of animated Tic Tacs was created to launch a larger pack size for the iconic product, via agency Belgiovane Williams Mackay, Sydney.
Directed by Luke Savage from Flying Fish in New Zealand, the campaign is a celebration of more Tic Tacs, showing Tic Tacs bursting out of the packets and exploding into even more Tic Tacs.
“The BWM creative team chose stop-frame animation for this campaign as a tribute to the cool, iconic Tic Tac brand,” said Rob Belgiovane, BWM Executive Creative Director. “The result is a testament to the patience of a creative team committed to a perfect outcome.”
The commercial was all created in-camera over a three-day shoot, in a studio in Auckland.
“We wanted it to look like the kind of commercial that could have been made in the 70s, all created in camera and with an authentic feel,” Savage said. “The whole creative team was of the same strong view in this regard.”
The authenticity of the campaign was also achieved by using everything real – from the Tic Tacs to the mint and pieces of orange and peel, said BWM creative Jon Burden. “Painstaking hours were spent pushing Tic Tacs, mint and orange around on a piece of black felt. Luke’s collaborative nature meant we got the best out of the three-day shoot and it kept things fun.”
Savage said: “The highlight for me is the quadruple explosion at the end. That was the longest shot, it took 4.5 hours. At the end each new frame was taking 10 minutes, with about 100 Tic Tacs that each had to be moved 3mm at a time. We had to go through it meticulously to make sure every Tic Tac had been moved – if we left even one out, we’d have to do it again.”
Savage’s animation experience has always taken varied approaches. He has tried everything from the children’s toy Magnadoodles to a photocopier, as well as techniques like claymation and hi-res digital photography.
Agency producer Abby Hunt said finding a director who specialises in such a niche field as stop motion animation was a bit of a journey. “We spoke to a director in the US who ball-parked the production budget at US$500,000. Then a magazine called C2 landed on my desk with an article on Luke, who had just done a stop frame animation job for Wieden & Kennedy Portland. We knew from the first time we chatted to him that he was the man for the job.”
Producer Anna Stuart from Flying Fish sums it up: “I hate to think how many Tic Tacs we went through. I think we all got an addiction.”
The campaign is airing in Western Australia as a test market.

Creative Director: Adam Hunt
Creative Team: Jon Burden and Jake Rusznyak
Producer: Abby Hunt
Executive Creative Director: Rob Belgiovane
Production Company: Flying Fish NZ
Director: Luke Savage
Producers: James Moore and Anna Stewart
Editor: Jodie Gallacher @ Winning Post

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Continuing their acquisition and expansion strategy across the Asia Pacific region, the Omnilab Media Group, the Region's largest, privately owned, vertically integrated content development and media service business, today announced it had acquired financially troubled Oktobor, New Zealand’s leading visual effects company. The purchase of Oktobor will be fully backed by the resources of Omnilab Media Group to maintain and grow its status as one of the top 20 VFX companies in the world.
Christopher Mapp (pictured), Managing Director of Omnilab said, “The acquisition of Oktobor is an important strategic investment by the Omnilab Media Group and furthers our long term commitment to growth in New Zealand and across Asia Pacific. We already have a strong presence in the New Zealand market through AAV and DubSat New Zealand and we will be looking to bring Oktobor together with these Omnilab brands to provide significant extra value to our clients and give Oktobor tremendous new capabilities in asset management and delivery.”
Oktobor founder Geoff Dixon, one of New Zealand’s most highly regarded commercials directors said, “I feel very proud with the creative achievements that Oktobor has enjoyed. I am positive that as part of such an exciting new family, these creative achievements will continue. I would like to convey my gratitude to the staff and all our clients that have supported us thus far helping make Oktobor the great company that it is. We are all looking forward to a very bright future.”
Oktobor’s General Manager Patrick McAteer described the acquisition by Omnilab as a ‘fantastic and very positive move for the staff and the New Zealand market, providing the backing to enable Oktobor to reach a new level of creative service that will maintain our presence as a high end visual effects company, both locally and globally. We’re excited about the opportunities being part of the Omnilab Media Group creates to extend our work with current clients and attract new business opportunities.’
The New Zealand market responded positively to the news with Marty Collins, Head of TV for Clemenger BBDO commenting, ‘this is the best news in what has already been a turbulent year. We are of course delighted that Oktobor will continue to operate in NZ, providing the same outstanding level of expertise and creativity they have sustained since inception. NZ needs a strong competitive post production environment that meets world class standards.”
Jen Story, Head of TV for Colenso BBDO said ‘We've enjoyed doing some great work with Oktobor in the past and it now sounds like we can look forward to a positive future with the clever creative people that make Oktobor what it is.”
Ian Gibbons, managing Director of Exile Films said ‘Great news about the Omnilab Media Group acquiring Oktobor, in my opinion it couldn’t be a better marriage. Not only is it encouraging knowing we still have a competitive top end market in post production in Auckland, but we will certainly be looking forward to the advancements in technology. I am looking forward to our continuing working relationship with the great team at Oktobor.”
Christopher Mapp concluded: “I am very impressed with the strength of the Oktobor brand, its creative reputation and the commitment and passion of its entire staff. We are delighted that Oktobor is now a key part of the Omnilab Media Group and look forward to growing Oktobor’s capability in the advertising, entertainment and corporate markets. We will be working closely with Geoff Dixon and Patrick McAteer to help realize the further growth potential for the company.”


NZCC hears Australia's Omnilab Group is about to announce their takeover of Oktobor, which will include the latter's debt and that of sister company, Silverscreen NZ, which went into liquidation in February. If true, it will be good news to all those crews and suppliers owed money from both companies.


NZCC hears that Oktobor may be sold soon to another major post production company within the region. Anyone have any idea which one?

Monday, March 19, 2007


Some of the world's top agencies (including BBH - their office is pictured) and marketers (Australia's Telstra is in there) are setting up shop on Second Life, the virtual world on the web that has nearly five million punters signed up and living another life in Cyberspace. Small shops have sprung up to help real-world companies plant flags in the virtual world. Among them is Infinite Vision Media, an eight-person shop that worked with Lichtenstein Creative Media to build Dell Island.
Infinite got the job through a blog post that outlined how companies like Dell could add to the Second Life community.
The Electric Sheep Company, which recently assisted U.S. ad agency GSD&M in setting up shop, has grown to 30 employees since its founding in 2005. Other new players are Rivers Run Red and Millions of Us.

Is advertising in Second Life:
a) the future of marketing?
b) a brave experiment?
c) a complete waste of time?

Also, what can individuals gain/lose from taking part in Second Life?
What are the pros and cons for creatives being involved?

Never heard of it? Check out
  • Second Life
  • . (Say hello to BOWEY LOWEY, he's Lynchy on Second Life, but don't expect an answer immediately, as first life is hectic this month).

    Wednesday, March 14, 2007


    The New York Festivals have invited several New Zealand and Australian judges for the international advertising competition 2007. They join judges representing over 30 countries from around the world. All up there are 54 people in the TV Panel, another 54 in the Print Panel and 40 in the Posters Panel. Plus additional judges in radio and TV technical categories.

    New Zealand:

    Toby Talbot (pictured), ECD, DDB Auckland – TV.
    Paul Catmur, ECD, Y&R Australia/NZ, Auckland/Melbourne – posters.
    James Mok, CD, FCB Auckland – print.
    David Brady, creative, FCB Auckland – print.
    Steve Martin, CD, Terabyte – Interactive.
    Ian Gibbons, EP, Exile Films – TV technical.

    Ron Mather, ECD, The Cavalry, Melbourne – print.
    Danny Searle (pictured), ECD, Clemenger BBDO, Sydney – print.
    Michael Stanford, CD, GPYR, Sydney – TV.
    Adam Hunt, CD, BWM Sydney – posters.
    Shaun Branagan, ECD, Netx Sydney – interactive
    David Denneen, Director, Film Graphics Sydney – TV technical.
    Michael Cook, EP, The Feds Sydney – TV technical.
    Brad Power, Director, Stella Radio.
    Keith Fowle, Director, Voice Plant.

    Other prominent judges in the region include Murphy Chou, ECD, Ogilvy & Mather, Shanghai, Anthony Wong, ECD, M&C Saatchi, Kuala Lumpur, Farrokh Madon, ECD, BBDO, Singapore, Richard Yu, ECD, Bates, Taipei and Carol Lam, ECD, McCann Erickson, HK.

    Preliminary and final judging which will be online will commence the final week in March. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony in New York on June…. Anybody who has not entered but wishes to can go to www.newyorkfestivals.com.au to request a deadline extension. Categories include newspaper/magazines, posters, direct response/direct mail, tv and cinema advertising, radio advertising, design, website advertising and design, alternative media and students. The absolute late entry deadline will be this Friday March 16th.


    From AdMedia

    Y&R Group was last night (Tuesday 12 March) named the Fairfax AdMedia Agency of the Year in Auckland.
    “Four years ago, the agency was static and facing an uncertain future,” said the judges. “Since then, it’s been transformed.”
    In 2005, Y&R experienced its best year ever – but 2006 was even better, with a 20% growth in billings, a 42% growth in revenue, and an 80% jump in operating profit.
    Last year’s winner, Saatchi & Saatchi, “is a juggernaut that rolls on and on like a military machine, but it cannot be expected to make quantum leaps every year,” the judges said.
    Saatchi CEO Andrew Stone was named CEO of the Year – for the third year running – in recognition of his steady hand on the tiller of a very fast boat.
    Independent agency Sugar was voted Indie Agency of the Year, with the judges commenting: “This is a well-managed agency – an overnight success that’s taken 10 years.”
    Media Agency of the Year is FCB Media, which stood out with a 97% increase in billings, and 82% increase in revenue, and a 114% jump in profit.
    The Rookie Suit of the Year is Blake Crosbie of TBWA\Whybin. “Blake is a suit who is strong on detail, and get things done,” the judges said.
    The annual Wildcard Award, which recognises individuals or companies who make an outstanding contribution to the advertising industry, went to Steve Adams and Simon Shattky of Ready Now Communications for their Buy From New Zealand campaign (supported by Telecom, South Pacific Pictures, Maori TV, Air NZ, and Kiwi FM).
    The Made From New Zealand campaign was launched on Waitangi Day with a giant sand sculpture on Santa Monica Beach in California. Images shot from the air were published globally. The most recent stage of the project is an interactive website, www.madefromnewzealand.com, which aims to become a hub for the NZ business community.

    THE WINNERS 2007

    Agency of the Year: Y&R
    Finalists: Colenso BBDO, Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi, TBWA\Whybin & Tequila\
    Indie Agency of the Year: Sugar
    Finalists: Insight, Promotus, Republik

    Media Agency of the Year: FCB Media
    Finalists: Mediaedge:cia, OMD, Starcom

    CEO of the Year: Andrew Stone (Saatchi & Saatchi)
    Finalists: Greg Partington (Ogilvy), Jon Ramage (Y&R), David Walden (TBWA\Whybin).

    Rookie Suit of the Year: Blake Crosbie (TBWA\Whybin)
    Finalist: Mike Veitch (Saatchi & Saatchi)

    Wildcard: Simon Shattky & Steve Adams for their Made From NZ campaign.

    Tuesday, March 13, 2007


    The CAANZ/AUT Communications School has developed a new initiative which allows people in the industry to obtain an industry recognised diploma through the completion of a combination of courses and workshops.
    This will give employers the assurance of knowing that potential employees who hold a CAANZ/AUT Communications School Diploma in Account Management or Media/Communications have achieved the high standards of learning and practical experience expected from the industry.
    “The pathway to diploma is a fantastic asset when assessing talent as an employer. For the first time, it allows us to have a reliable gauge of a potential employee’s talent and attributes which is increasingly important in terms of our ability to assess candidates,” says David Walden (pictured), President of CAANZ.
    The introduction of the Pathway to Diploma demonstrates that CAANZ is taking industry education to a higher level, reflecting the organisation’s commitment to ensure the advertising industry remains dynamic and progressive.
    Considered an important and integral part of the CAANZ membership, the CAANZ/AUT Communications School is recognised as a valuable educational tool within the industry, reflected by the success of last year’s high enrolments. In 2006 16 courses were offered and more than 350 people attended.
    To ensure course content remains relevant in 2007, additions have been made to the CAANZ/AUT Communications School programme. This includes updating of the core account management and media courses as well as having two new workshops on offer - Retail Journey and Digital Project Management.
    The creation of the CAANZ/AUT Communications School has enabled CAANZ and AUT University to develop a close working relationship and has allowed CAANZ to have access to the state of the art facilities in the new AUT University business faculty building – and of course the educational professionalism offered by AUT University.
    “CAANZ set out very simply to create a world-class training facility. After interviewing many tertiary organisations we settled on AUT University because we believed there was a meeting of the minds and the result was the CAANZ/AUT Communications School. The success to date is evident that this was the correct decision,” says Walden.
    The CAANZ/AUT Communications School is the only industry-training programme accredited by both AUT University and CAANZ and encourages excellence and professional development at the highest levels throughout New Zealand’s advertising and communications industry.
    For more information, please contact Sandy Fraser on (09) 303 0435 or at sandy@caanz.co.nz


    D&AD Global Awards 2007 judging kicks off on 26 March when 300 of the world’s leading creatives from 25 nations will be selecting the best in advertising, design and digital creativity.
    This year, submissions from New Zealand and Australia increased by 16% and 10%, respectively. As a result, New Zealand, for the first time ever, takes a place among the top ten nations with the most entries entered to the competition. (Australia ranks as the 6th top entrant).
    A record six New Zealand and nine Australian judges will participate in awarding the coveted D&AD Yellow and Black Pencils. NZ is placed equal 6th (with France) in terms of jurors invited, behind the UK, USA, Australia, Germany and Singapore.

    Judges from New Zealand:
    Toby Talbot (pictured), DDB Auckland – Poster Advertising
    Darryl Parsons, Consortium Auckland – Radio
    Catherine Griffiths, Epitome Type & Design – Typography
    Karen Maurice O’Leary, TBWA\Whybin – Ambient
    Corey Chalmers, TBWA\Whybin – Direct
    Brent Hansen – Music Videos

    Judges from Australia:
    James McGrath (pictured), Clemenger BBDO Melbourne – TV & Cinema
    Matt Devine, The Glue Society Sydney – Integrated
    David Nobay, Saatch & Saatchi Sydney – Foreman, Radio
    Darren Spiller, Publicis Mojo Melbourne – Poster Advertising
    Gary Freedman, The Glue Society Sydney/New York – TV & Cinema Crafts
    James DeVries, De Luxe & Associates – Magazine and Newspaper Design
    Vince Frost, Frost Design – Magazine and Newspaper Design
    Bob Mackintosh, Host Sydney – Viral
    Gary Dawson, Clemenger BBDO Sydney – Writing for Advertising

    In addition, Aussie expat Dave Bowman, who has recently left Saatchi's Auckland for Droga 5 New York will be on the Writing for Advertising jury. Other expats on jury duty include Australian Dave Alberts, chairman of Grey London (Online Advertising) and Kiwi Julian Wolkenstein, Julian Wolkenstein Studio, London (Photography).

    Monday, March 12, 2007


    Full service agency DraftFCB officially launched in the Australian and New Zealand markets today, signalling the regional introduction of a revolutionary agency model first mooted by US Agency Head Howard Draft in June 2006, when the global merger was announced.
    According to Draft, the new agency model is a direct response to client demands for a fresh approach in a shifting marketing landscape. DraftFCB combines the disciplines and heritage of two global powerhouses, advertising agency FCB and direct marketing agency, Draft. The tools and methodology of DraftFCB will make extensive use of data analytics to help deliver behaviour changing creative work.
    Says DraftFCB New Zealand CEO Bryan Crawford: “At the crux of DraftFCB is a commitment to change: changing the way we work with clients, the way we work with each other, and the way we solve problems, so we deliver true behaviour changing ideas.
    “We will benefit from the development work that has gone on in the US since the merger was announced in terms of new tools, methodologies and IP. We’ve listened carefully to what current and potential clients want from their agency, and with DraftFCB we’re providing them with the answer.”


    To celebrate 50 years in the business, the New York Festivals played host to a group of industry people in both Australia and New Zealand, first at Sydney’s Opera bar and then at Auckland’s Bellini Bar. NYF consultant Gordon Tan, from Singapore, and new Australasian rep, June Laffey, wanted the chance to catch up with people locally and help raise the profile of the awards. These get-togethers were the first of others planned around capital cities Australia and New Zealand in the year to come.
    Under the new leadership of CEO Jimmy Smyth, the man who resurrected the Clio awards in the early nineties, the stature and value of winning an award from the New York Festivals or any of the IAG competitions (including the Globals, Midas Awards and AME) is set to rise. One way of doing this is by selecting the very best judges possible.
    Says Laffey: “Judges from around the world for this year’s competition have been recommended by last year’s judges and are predominantly multiple award winning Creative Directors and Executive Creative Directors, representing over 30 countries. Many have been judges in Cannes, Clio and D&AD. The calibre of this year’s judges in Australia and New Zealand is exceptional. A full list will soon be announced but I can tell you we are delighted to have Melbourne based Ron Mather and Auckland based Toby Talbot on board.”

    Friday, March 09, 2007


    The AIM Proximity team will be on their way back from New York tomorrow armed with an unprecedented nine major accolades from the 29th Annual John Caples International Awards 2007, one of the most prestigious events for the global direct and interactive marketing industry. AIM Proximity NZ was the most awarded agency on the night, with a horde equal to the second most awarded network worldwide.
    M&C Saatchi Sydney was the leading individual agency in the world with 8 Gongs while Aim Proximity Auckland (6) and Wellington (3) combined to get 9. BMF Sydney with 4 was the other big winner from the region.
    The best in show went to the mail pack, Cyriel (84) Needs a job. from I DO in Belgium, the same piece that won the Cannes Grand Prix.
    AIM Proximity’s awards include two First Places for Bank of New Zealand’s ‘Body Parts’, in the Consumer Multi-Media Campaign Category and ‘S.P.E.M.’ for Haunui Farm in the Business Single Medium Campaign Category.
    The wider Proximity network was the most awarded network on the night, picking up 24 honours in total. The closest competitor network won nine. Proximity London won three second places and one third. Proximity TTP in South Africa won two firsts, one second and two thirds.
    The 16 AIM Proximity campaigns in the Caples finals represented a wide range of Auckland and Wellington clients including Haunui Farm, Bank of New Zealand, SIS Insurance, Lexus, NZ Post, IAG, Toyota, Air New Zealand, Yellow Pages and Pharmacybrands.
    Darryn Melrose, CEO of AIM Proximity, comments on the continued domination at international and national level: “This is another great achievement for the entire AIM Proximity team. This caps off a fantastic twelve months for our agency having picked up a raft of awards at the Echos, Cannes and last month’s NZ Direct Marketing Awards.
    “It demonstrates that our clients share our passion for innovation and creativity. If they weren’t willing to take a few creative risks with an idea or concept, we couldn’t achieve the results that we do,” says Melrose.
    The first place winning campaign, ‘S.P.E.M.’ (Society for the Protection of Equine Morality), was developed on behalf of Haunui Farm. It was designed to sell the stud services of two top stallions. Its original concept brought a traditional subject to life. The results exceeded the original targets and its irreverent and humorous approach hit home with the target market.
    ‘Body Parts’, the second AIM Proximity campaign to take a top prize, was developed for the Bank of New Zealand and aimed at promoting the Campus Pack student account. The success of the campaign was helped by the innovative use of media. A range of ambient and advertising media options were used in and around campuses – adverts, posters, DM packs, handouts, online ads and more.
    AIM Proximity was presented with the awards at the Metropolitan Pavillion, New York. For further information about the John Caples Awards visit www.caples.org


    As many in the industry suspected would happen, just weeks after the demise of Geoff Dixon's TVC company Silverscreen, sister post production company Oktobor will be wound down and close within the next month.
    "This is a sad day for the industry," said Oktobor chief Patrick McAteer, who's today been handed the task of passing on the news to staff that they'll be progressively made redundant over the next few weeks as Oktobor trades its way to zero, then closes.
    "We'll finish the work already on our slate, and maybe take on a few small jobs that can be handled in the same time frame," McAteer told Fastline.
    "The closure wil be weeks away, not days. But NZ is about to lose its premium high-end visual effects facility, ranked in the top 20 in the world, and all the uniquely talented people who've made it work."
    McAteer believed Oktobor had been capable of trading its way out of the mire created by the collapse of Silverscreen, also owned by Geoff Dixon and his family trust, "but events have overtaken us." He also said Oktobor had suffered a backlash from the Silverscreen crash.

    Thursday, March 08, 2007


    Win a private screening to the movie of your choice for you and your friends, and maybe some of those annoying people from work that helped.
    Every cinema entry in the 2007 Axis Awards gives you an entry into the draw. The more cinema entries you make, the better your chance of seeing your film noir up large in your own private cinema.
    Val Morgan will also provide a few drinks and snacks to keep your audience from grumbling (location dependant) .
    Entries close April 5. As you’d expect there’s a disclaimer that movie choice depends on availability .

    Wednesday, March 07, 2007


    Now that The Pond has burgeoned to an 18-strong creative collaboration, Clinton Ulyatt has jumped in to help liaise with ad and design agencies and provide a better service. With a long history in talent management and most recently suiting at Y&R, Ulyatt will be taking care of all the booking, bartering, budgeting and briefing, so Pond creatives get on with the job at hand.
    Ulyatt can be contacted at
  • The Pond
  • or on 021 442295.


    Lowe New Zealand said today it would not contest the NZ Lotteries pitch, an account it has held for three years. The withdrawal leaves Saatchi & Saatchi, DDB and Colenso BBDO left in the running to present in early April.
    Says Lowe NZ Managing Director Cameron Harland: "Obviously we are incredibly proud of the work and business results we have achieved with NZ Lotteries. Highlights include our contribution in turning around several years of decline and the launch of Big Wednesday.
    "We are disappointed that our relationship will be coming to end, but we have taken the decision based upon a clear understanding that Lotteries are committed to a change."


    A new spot called 'Swim for Life' for Water Safety NZ out of Lowe Worldwide, Auckland directed by Nic Finlayson at Film Construction.

    Creative Director: Josh Moore
    Copywriter: Mike Wilson
    Art Director: Nick Clements
    Agency Producer: Liz Garneau
    Director: Nic Finlayson
    Producer: Phil Liefting
    Production Company: Film Construction
    DoP: Nic Finlayson
    Post Production: Digital Post
    Inferno Artist: Stu Bedford
    Animation: James Cunningham
    Offline Editor: Steve Cox
    Music Composer: Joel Haines
    Musicians: Joel Haines & Nathan Haines
    Baby Swimming Trainer: Sue Mayo
    Post Production Producer: Fiona Webb
    Account Director: Fleur Tindall
    Senior Account Manager: Lee Dodds

    Friday, March 02, 2007


    TBWA\Whybin is now the best place to work in the country, according to the results of the latest Unlimited / JRA Best Places to Work in New Zealand survey.
    The agency won the best small to medium workplace category (50 – 149 staff) and is the only advertising agency to have featured in the top 10, irrespective of the categories available. Approximately 98% of the 400,000 enterprises in New Zealand have fewer than 100 employees and the small to medium enterprise sector employs 60% of the total workforce in the country.
    The win is all the more remarkable given the nature of the industry TBWA\Whybin (and its direct marketing arm, TEQUILA\) operates in. The eighties, long seen as the decade of long advertising lunches, have been superseded by a commercial environment that demands long hours and hard work.
    "Advertising is a great business, but it's also a tough business. It makes a lot of demands upon our people. Deadlines and pressures are very much the order of the day and despite that stress we try to ensure our people have fun and have built a supportive culture that translates into great work for our clients,” says David Walden (pictured), Chief Executive, TBWA\Whyin.
    "The agency is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and many of our clients, like our 50-strong team, have been with us from the onset. We've created a really special culture; it's about doing world-class work but also having a good time, celebrating success and sharing the pain when things don't go to plan. It's a very special place,” he adds.
    A record 232 organisations employing more than 37,500 people entered the 2006 Unlimited/JRA Best Places to Work in New Zealand Survey.

    Thursday, March 01, 2007


    Ogilvy creative team Tom Paine, James Bowman and Chris Long took out The Radio Bureau's Grande Orca Award this afternoon for the year's best radio commercial - for client L&P. Although how they decide which of them get the trip for two to the Cannes Advertising Festival in June will be interesting.
    The People's Choice Award was won by FCB's Craig Knowles and Chris Schofield with their controversial campaign for Prime's 'The L Word'.
    All winners and finalists can be heard at
  • The Radio Bureau
  • .


    This morning's NZCC story has now been confirmed: Dave King (pictured) will take on the Creative Director role at AIM Proximity Auckland, as Matt Shirtcliffe becomes ECD of Proximity Canada....

    AIM Proximity today announced it has appointed Dave King, one of the leading creative minds in the global direct marketing industry. Mr King will become Creative Director at AIM Proximity Auckland, replacing Matt Shirtcliffe who will take up the position of Executive Creative Director for Toronto-based Proximity Canada.
    Darryn Melrose, CEO of AIM Proximity, comments: “We’re replacing one heavy hitter with another. I am delighted that we have attracted one of New Zealand’s greatest exports back to AIM Proximity. Dave King has been the architect of many award winning campaigns overseas and he is a major factor behind the success of Sydney-based M&C Saatchi Direct, which, along with AIM Proximity, was ranked in the top 10 agencies worldwide by the prestigious Won Report.” (M&C Saatchi Direct Sydney was ranked #2 - NZCC).
    “We’re obviously sorry to see Matt Shirtcliffe leave us, but I am pleased he’s staying in the global Proximity network, and I’m sure he’ll be back. I’d like to take this opportunity to both congratulate and thank him for his outstanding contribution at AIM Proximity over the last four years as well as the inspiring role he has played in the direct marketing industry in New Zealand. We wish him and his family all the very best in Canada,” says Melrose.


    Y&R Auckland has put to air a new spot for the 'highly polished' Nokia 6288.

    Executive CD: Paul Catmur
    Creatve Director: Steve McCabe
    Copywriter: Steve McCabe
    Art Director: Wendy Lawn
    Agency Producer: Zoe Yendell
    Director: Darryl Ward
    Production Company: Curious
    DOP: Darryl Ward
    Producer: Seth Wilson
    Exectuive Producer: Matt Noonan
    Art director/Stylist: Katie Lockhart.
    Music: Rikki Gooch & Darryl Ward.

    Editor: Will Roberts
    Post Production: Justin at Fin Design


    Dave King, the highly awarded M&C Saatchi Direct Sydney creative director, has announced he is returning to his homeland New Zealand for family reasons. He is tipped to be joining AIM Proximity Auckland, while current CD Matt Shirtcliffe is heading to the CD gig at sister shop Proximity in Toronto.
    King's position in Sydney is being filled by his creative partner of seven years and current deputy creative director Gavin McLeod.
    King (pictured), who is one of the country’s most successful direct marketing creatives, will leave the agency within a couple of months. A firm date has not been set.
    “We love Dave and I think it’s fair to say he loves us too. We will miss him terribly but wish him nothing but the best in New Zealand.
    “He and Gav have been outstanding performers and we are thrilled that Gav will be stepping into the role – it is a natural and very smooth progression for the agency,” said M&C Saatchi regional creative director Tom McFarlane.
    King added: “It’s been a fabulous seven and a half years and I can honestly say I have enjoyed pretty much every single moment.
    “Gav is one of the country’s most awarded direct creatives, and I know that the brilliant creative – and awards – will continue to come for the agency.”


    The Work 06 Annual, featuring the best advertising in Asia, Australia and New Zealand over the last year, is out now. In total 410 ads and campaigns have made this monster 400 page annual, which includes two DVDs of commercials and integrated work.
    Saatchi & Saatchi offices fill the top three positions with Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore topping the list of acceptances with 16. Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney and Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland are equal second with 14 acceptances each. Creative Juice\G1 Bangkok and O&M Singapore are equal fourth with 11 acceptances. The only other agencies with double-digit acceptances are BBDO Bangkok and Clemenger BBDO Wellington with 10 each.
    It was a great year for Ogilvy as a network. For the first time they are the top ranking network, narrowly edging out the top network of the past two years, BBDO. It is an amazing result for Ogilvy as they are always hamstrung in this Asia-Pacific table as they have in the past had no contribution from their Australian or New Zealand agencies (the 'Singo Factor'), whereas BBDO and Saatchi & Saatchi have major award-winning agencies in these markets. What is significant is that 19 different Ogilvy offices in Asia and NZ had acceptances this year. This compares to BBDO and Saatchi & Saatchi who had 10 and 6 offices contributing respectively.
    Ogilvy had a total of 58 acceptances. BBDO had 56 and Saatchi & Saatchi 49. They were followed by Leo Burnett (36) and JWT (31) who both improved positions on last year.
    The top agencies in each country were:
    Australia – Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney (14), Leo Burnett Sydney (8), Clemenger BBDO Melbourne (7), The Furnace Sydney (7) M&C Saatchi Sydney (7) and Publicis Mojo Sydney (7).
    New Zealand – Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland (14), Clemenger BBDO Wellington (10), Colenso BBDO Auckland (9), Publicis Mojo (8).
    Singapore – Saatchi & Saatchi (16), O&M Singapore (11), JWT Singapore (6).
    Thailand – Creative Juice\G1 (11), BBDO (10), JWT, Leo Burnett (5), O&M (5).
    Malaysia – Naga DDB (7), BBDO (5) Lowe (5).
    India – McCanns Mumbai (8) O&M Mumbai (8), Leo Burnett (7), JWT (6).
    China – O&M Beijing (5), JWT Shanghai (4).
    Japan – Dentsu (6), O&M (3).
    Taiwan – O&M (4).
    The Philippines – BBDO Guerrero Ortega (5), O&M Manila (4).
    Acceptances were also taken from Hong Kong, Indonesia and Vietnam.

    TO ORDER, EMAIL: asia@campaignbrief.com TO RECEIVE A PDF ORDER FORM.


    The Advertising Standards Authority today reported that advertising revenue across all main media was 2.224 billion dollars for the 12 months ending 31 December 2006. This is a small decline of 5 million dollars or 0.2% on the 2005 total of 2.229 billion.
    The executive director of the ASA, Hilary Souter, said that there were some interesting trends in the revenue information, including the continued growth of outdoor and online advertising, while a number of the more traditional advertising media had seen a small decline in revenue. The turnover includes data from newspapers, television, radio, magazines, outdoor, cinema, addressed mail, unaddressed mail and online.
    The Advertising Standards Authority collects and publishes the annual advertising turnover statistics on behalf of the advertising industry.
    The full summary table and explanatory notes are available at
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