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Monday, October 30, 2006


The PR release...

Colenso BBDO has landed one of New Zealand’s most outstanding creative teams in former Meares Taine and most recently Ogilvy NZ Creative Directors Jamie Hitchcock and Josh Lancaster.
The pair who are renowned for taking sleeping New Zealand soft drink brand L&P and creating one of New Zealand’s most loved and effective campaigns of recent memory have also won an impressive tally of metal at Cannes, One Show, Clio and Award on a range of clients dating back to the beginning of their career at Clemenger Wellington in 1999.
Colenso BBDO Creative Director Rich Maddocks said he couldn’t think of a better hiring. ‘We’re hugely excited about the impact the guys are going to have on the place. Culturally, they’re a fantastic fit for us. There’s not much bullshit about them and plenty of laughs. And all they care about is the work.’
Maddocks said they have a huge amount to offer to the entire agency. ‘Importantly, their role wont just be about producing great work themselves, but also in acting as mentors to our up and coming teams. Josh and Jamie have a remarkably similar point of view as our own about what makes great advertising, and how to make it happen. I’ve always admired their work, as much as the way they seem to go about it, The entire agency has been buzzing since they heard the news.’
As for Hitchcock and Lancaster, they say the opportunity presented itself at the right time. ‘We’ve had a fantastic four years working with Roy Meares and Jeremy Taine and we can’t thank them enough for the opportunities they’ve given us. It’s been an incredibly difficult decision to leave two people you respect so much. But we’re both up for a new challenge and Colenso feels really right for us.’
Brent Smart, Colenso BBDO GM said the hiring caps off a great year for the agency after being recognised as the Most Effective Agency at the Effies this month, winning Best of Show at the NZ Axis Awards and replacing last year’s loss of the BNZ with the regional win of the $100 million Fonterra Brands account in June.
Maddocks also stressed that the pair’s appointment was integral to maintaining the agency’s goal of constantly changing itself. ‘Brent and I have been totally focused over the past twelve months on new blood and new ways of approaching things.’
In the past three months alone the creative department has been bolstered by ex Saatchi Senior Interactive creative Mark Addy, up and coming mid-weight creatives Lisa … and Jonno… from Cummins & Partners in Melbourne, and Scott Maddox and Fraser Grant, the team who represented NZ at the Cannes Young Creative Competition and returned home with second place in the world. Also joining the agency in November is Saatchi Group Account Director, Angela Watson.
Meanwhile the agency is going through a major facelift. ‘This weekend the builders are in there knocking down every wall in the creative department. We want the guys to all share one space with the intention of creating a more fluid sharing of feedback and opinions between teams. I really think the more input you can get along the way from people you respect, the better your work will be. Having the department operate as one as opposed to ten teams who work at the same agency is the goal. It may work, it may not. If it doesn’t we’ll just try something else.’
Smart said the agency is in great shape as it looks forward to 2007.

Friday, October 27, 2006


NZCC hears Ogilvy's joint creative directors Josh Lancaster and Jamie Hitchcock (pictured) have been lured to Colenso BBDO. Who, if anyone, is replacing them at Ogilvy? More on this when the PR people finish typing the release....

Thursday, October 26, 2006


A blogger pointed this item out in case anyone missed this in last Thursday's Herald...
  • click here for details
  • Tuesday, October 24, 2006


    AWARD’s long-standing tribute to unparalleled junior creative stars, the Encouragement Award, has re-launched as ‘The Bob Isherwood Encouragement Award’ - and entries are now open.
    Isherwood is the inspirational Australian who has been Worldwide Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi for 10 years. Sponsoring this Award is highly appropriate given Isherwood’s reputation for spotting and engaging new talent. Previous winner of The Encouragement Award, Leo Premutico, (recently named Joint ECD Saatchi & Saatchi New York) will judge the entries and will also give out the AWARD pencil to the winner at the AWARD Presentation Evening at the Sydney Opera House on 8th November.
    Earlier in his career, Isherwood spent six years as a creative Group Head for Young and Rubicam London, followed by 10 years with Collett Dickenson Pearce in its Heyday, during which time he won a very rare Black Pencil at D&AD for Parker Pens.
    In 1982 Isherwood returned to Australia to become a founding partner of The Campaign Palace, Sydney. He joined Saatchi & Saatchi in 1986, partnering CD Ron Mather and was appointed Creative Director in 1989 when Mather left to go directing. He was appointed Chairman of the Worldwide Creative board in 1995, and Worldwide Creative Director and member of the Executive Board in 1996.
    The Encouragement Award has honored young creatives since 1992, recognising those who have demonstrated an outstanding ability to answer briefs with a freshness of thought and creativity.

    Eligibility Criteria
    • Maximum three years in an agency creative department
    • Nominations taken by Creative Directors or Agency Management only
    • Australian and New Zealand Applicants only
    • Submissions – on CD or Email
    • Four examples of junior’s work, aired or published within the last 18 months –jpg/mpg
    • One Written reference from Creative Director or Agency Management - .doc or pdf
    • Entrant’s biography - .doc or pdf

    Post CDs to: The Bob Isherwood Encouragement Award, c/o AWARD at QVB 1055 Sydney NSW 1230 or email submissions to lucymckee@awardonline.com.

    Entries Due by Wednesday 1st November, 5pm


    Dear bloggers,

    Below is an article written by Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney ECD David Nobay about the CB Blog, opinions that no doubt he would have if he lived in NZ with the NZ Creative Circle blog.
    If you have an opinion about the NZ Creative Circle blog (or the CB Blog for that matter) you can either email me (michael@campaignbrief.com) a brief paragraph or two, or if you have more to say, either for or against, feel free to elaborate at length.
    I know there will be quite a few against, but if you have an opinion PRO the blog that is especially welcome to counter the argument put forward by Nobby.
    Opinions will be published in Campaign Brief magazine first, then later on the blog at www.campaignbrief.blogspot.com (unless you specifically request otherwise) to encourage more attributed, and less anonymous, comments.
    If you want to contribute to this (no anonymous comments will be used), I need your spiel by the end of the week, Friday 27th October.


    PS: There are many things for which the CB Blog, with about 1100 hits a day, has played a central role: increasing AWARD and The One Club membership to record levels, getting OZ/NZ jurors on international award shows, promoting events with spectacular results, getting NZ into the Caxtons, informing the industry of news and people movements, showing and discussing good and average work, links to most TVC production companies, discussing issues (like AWARD judging recently) and keeping expats informed of what's going down back in OZ. To a lesser extent, some of the above may apply to the nz creative circle blog.



    I’m not a big fan of the CB Blog. There, I’ve said it. Actually, a lot of
    people in the business say it. But, like the Blog, it doesn’t matter. Because they’re essentially anonymous. I guess they’re not keen on drawing the Blog’s invariable fire: rather like outing a bully in class, only to get your head kicked in once the bell goes.

    I suspect some in the industry at this point may suspect my motives are wholly Saatchi-centric. Sure, it’s true that our name does feature heavily on the Blog, but I accept that. We make more news than most, and with that news rightly comes opinion; good and bad. No, the reasons behind my point-of-view are (at least I’d like to think) more objective.

    Firstly, in my opinion anyway, the CB Blog celebrates cowardice and, worse still, positively encourages bitchiness.

    Rather than the veil of anonymity protecting the innocent, it allows anyone with an axe to grind – but no experience to back it up – full rein to vent their spleen. While I concede this may be mildly cathartic for those sorry souls who carry their chip on the shoulder (“I never got the good briefs/good job/right salary/fully formed penis/trip to Cannes”) like a heavily laden rucsac, I question how this ultimately makes our industry a smarter place to work. Worse still, it opens the door to targeted, professional sabotage. Don’t like the look of the competition at a particular agency? Forget the boring, old-fashioned method of trying to out-write and out-think them by penning a better ad. No, these days all you have to do is seed the notion on the Blog that the competition’s latest ad is a scam, and leave the rest to the good online townspeople of Salem. By the time the accused has rebuffed with sworn affidavits from their client, it’s too late, and the bonfire’s familiar crackle can already be heard (trust me, I’m still trying to get the smell of smoke out of my clothes!).

    Before anyone suspects that the gallons of mint tea I consumed on my recent, annual detox has made me all mushy and holier-than-thou, hang on: I like a good stoush as much as anyone in this business and haven’t yet completely lost my sense of humour, (especially now I’m off the wagon at last). Actually, I admit about 1% of the Blog is a fucking hoot. But it’s also a very expensive, little joke: at a time when our industry is finding it harder than ever to be taken seriously by clients, the Blog is fuelling just the kind of catty, superficial crap that got us marginalised by big business as “adwankers” in the first place.

    What do I mean by catty?

    Well, look for yourself. How much of any issue on the Blog is debated with objectivity, wit or constructiveness? An easier calculation would be how much of it is puerile, misinformed, inarticulate ping-pong, played out by a lucky few juniors, unencumbered by the necessity to work more than 2hours a day? And it goes far beyond inane, but essentially harmless banter. Six months ago, the tone and content of the Blog dipped so frequently into homophobic, racist and legally slanderous territory that Lynchy decided to step in and pre-edit every day’s offerings before publishing them, in fear of being marched off to court. (Which begs the question, is a pre-screened, pre-edited blog even a real blog?)

    Ironically, I’ve always held that one of the best things about working in Australia is the lack of anonymity in the business. At the expense of sounding a bit Californian, we genuinely boast an “Advertising Community” here, and that’s not to be taken for granted. When I worked in the States, for instance, you never had a clue who was doing what, let alone enjoyed the chance to meet up regularly over a beer, play fooseball and catch up with guys from rival shops at shows like Caxtons. Working in a relatively small pond should be a good thing. Admittedly, the proximity should make us more competitive; but surely not at the expense of our basic social skills. Sadly, these days when we do converge as an industry, you can tangibly sense the room eyeing each other up; deciding whether the guy grinning at you over his beer is also the bastard that called your campaign unmitigated shit, your dress sense laughable and your mother a she-goat on the morning’s Blog. Mass Paranoia! Cool, eh? Like it wasn’t enough when we just suspected it was the clients and research companies that hated us. (Speaking of folksy, little communities, I’m told the issue is even worse in NZ, where their Blog makes ours look like an online puff-pastry discussion group.)

    My second and more pressing reason for discounting the Blog is arguably more selfish: it doesn’t add any value to my day – a day, which like most of you I’m sure, is sufficiently busy to expect that a ten minute online distraction would at least reward me with some nugget of useable knowledge beyond “I hear so and so is a twat and works for a crap agency, so there!”.

    On the other hand, would I profit from a daily, online update on what the broad industry thinks about my work and that of others I respect? Absolutely. As creative people, perspective is our lifeblood. Without it we’re rudderless, (hence, the importance of international awards – but that’s another subject for another day!). Problem is, that’s my whole issue with the CB Blog: what value are all those hundreds of perspectives to me without any evidence of where they come from?

    As the late, great John Webster skilfully illustrated in his legendary TV spot for the Guardian newspaper back in the eighties; a story told from different angles has very different meanings. Think I’m talking bollocks? Indulge me in this simple exercise: I’ll take a classic entry from today’s Blog, but credit it with four different authors. Is the insight the same? Is the impact consistent. If the subject was your work, would you care?

    “I’ve seen this idea a hundred times before and the execution is crap”
    David Droga

    “I’ve seen this idea a hundred times before and the execution is crap”
    John Singleton

    “I’ve seen this idea a hundred times before and the execution is crap”
    Trish Jones, AWARD SCHOOL student

    “I’ve seen this idea a hundred times before and the execution is crap”
    Howard Draft, DM Guru

    The issue for me isn’t that one opinion is more worthy than another. All these hypothetical cases have a valid perspective to comment on a piece of creative work. The point is; the significance of each perspective changes with its author. And, as such, if I was a Blogger, my rebuff would change accordingly. Without knowing the source of the opinion, the CB Blog really is “the blind leading the blind” and as such pretty worthless as a source of information. Does that stop it being titillating? No, of course not. I have no doubt that, regardless of content, the site appeals on some level to the voyeur in all of us. But then so does roadkill and Chinese bear-baiting, so is that really a reason to exist?

    Before I come off overly righteous here, yes, I admit it: I have cruised the Blog myself from time to time. I am a user; if infrequent. However, like President Clinton, I never inhale. As for the Saatchi creative department; I’ve instructed them to stay off the Blog unless they have something sufficiently mind-blowing to say that warrants including their name. To my knowledge, only Luke Chess has since regularly contributed (which suggests he’s either very profound, or that I need to talk to Traffic about giving him more work).

    So, for the record, that’s my opinion: my perspective on the CB Blog. Granted, you may not agree. But at least you know it’s mine.



    New Zealand agencies put it a stellar performance at the international Echo Direct Marketing association awards in San Francisco last week, led by TEQUILA\ Auckland which won a Gold and two Bronze Echos.
    Jones Publishing's 'Bistro at Your Place' campaign received a Gold and ASB Bank and Nissan picked up Bronze awards for the Rural Banking 'Bootscraper' campaign and the Murano/Pathfinder 'Torn' campaign respectively. Ogilvy One received a Diamond for its Purina 'Milkaholics'.
    In total, New Zealand agencies and clients won a total of 15 awards at the DMA's gala ceremony hosted by American comedian Dana Carvey.
    Wayne Pick, TEQUILA\ Auckland Creative Director, was present in San Francisco to pick up TEQUILA\'s swag of awards and to speak at the DMA Conference.
    "It was fantastic to wave the creative Kiwi flag yet again and add it to the local Admedia/Fairfax 'Compact Agency of the Year' accolade we've also had bestowed upon us," he says.
    "With our strong showing at Cannes and other high profile international awards ceremonies it's been a bumper year for TEQUILA\ Auckland," adds Mike Larmer, TEQUILA\ Auckland Managing Director.
    Other New Zealand winners noted on the night were Aim Proximity Auckland and Wellington, Robins Brand Richter, Publicis Dialogue and Clemenger BBDO.
    For full details concerning the awards ceremony and a list of winners, visit:

    Saturday, October 21, 2006


    Everyone in the industry seems to be talking about the latest Fresh Up spot created by Colenso BBDO. Is it a 2007 Axis winner already? Levi Slavin and David Govier, the team responsible, are soon to join Saatchi & Saatchi.


    Creative Director: Richard Maddocks
    Creative Team: Levi Slavin and David Govier
    Director: Hamish Rothwell
    Production Company: Good Oil Films

    Wednesday, October 18, 2006


    After a recount at AWARD headquarters, George Patterson Y&R Melbourne now leads at the shortlist stage of the 2006 AWARD Awards, which will be presented on Wednesday November 8 at the Sydney Opera House.
    Patts have 20 finalists, followed by Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland with 18, Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore and Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney with 14 apiece, Publicis Mojo Sydney with 13, and Colenso BBDO Auckland and DDB New Zealand with 12 apiece.
    Other agencies worthy of a mention include Clemenger BBDO Wellington with 11, M&C Saatchi Sydney with 10, Ogilvy & Mather Singapore with 8, and 7 finalists apiece for Host/The Glue Society, Sydney, Lowe Hunt Sydney and Publicis Mojo Auckland.
    Following the intensive judging sessions held last week in Sydney, a total of 308 finalists were selected, up by 15 on last year. Whilst finalists in print and outdoor took a considerable dive, a surge in Radio and Interactive finalists plus a moderate rise in TV has contributed to the shortlist. Entries went up nearly 20%, with agencies across Asia contributing largely to this surge.
    Says DDB New Zealand ECD Paul Catmur, Chairman of Judges (pictured): “I’d like to thank those involved in chairing the juries and the organisers of the process led by Lucy Mckee. All decisions were aimed at producing a selection of AWARD finalists that were worthy of that accolade. The juries I saw had a great spirit and worked hard to ignore the politics and produce a book of which we could be proud as an industry. No doubt some will feel their babies have been treated harshly and others will dispute the right of certain ads to be in this exalted company, but it wouldn’t be an advertising award show were this not the case. The integrity of AWARD was our paramount concern. There were some great and worthy winners and I hope the industry will turn out to applaud them, be they Gold or Finalist, in what should be a great night at the Sydney Opera House.”
    The AWARD Presentation Evening is being held on November 8th 2006 at The Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, followed by a VIP Members Only gourmet cocktail evening in Guillaume at Bennelong. The After-Party at The Establishment follows, sponsored by The Sweet Shop. This year's special international guest is Trevor Beattie, creative partner of Beattie McGuinness Bungay, London.
    For bookings visit www.awardonline.com. Bookings are coming in thick and fast, limited spots this year so don’t miss out!

    For the full list of finalists go to: www.awardonline.com

    1. George Patterson Y&R Melbourne (20)
    2. Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand (18)
    3. Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore (14)
    3. Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney (14)
    3. Publicis Mojo Sydney (14)
    6. Colenso BBDO Auckland (12)
    6. DDB New Zealand (12)
    8. Clemenger BBDO Wellington (11)
    9. M&C Saatchi Sydney (10)
    10. Ogilvy & Mather Singapore (8)
    11. Host/The Glue Society Sydney (7)
    11. Lowe Hunt Sydney (7)
    11. Publicis Mojo Auckland (7)
    14. Creative Juice/GI Bangkok (6)
    15. Smart Melbourne (5)
    16. Leo Burnett Sydney (4)
    16. Ogilvy Auckland (4)
    18. BMF Sydney (3)
    18. Clemenger BBDO Melbourne (3)
    18. JEH United Bangkok (3)
    18. Marketforce Perth (3)
    18. NetX Sydney (3)
    18. The Campaign Palace Melbourne (3)
    24. Clemenger Proximity Sydney (2)
    24. DDB Sydney (2)
    24. JWT Manila (2)
    24. Leo Burnett Melbourne (2)
    24. Leo Burnett Singapore (2)
    24. McCann Erickson Kuala Lumpur (2)
    24. McCann Erickson Mumbai (2)
    24. McCann Erickson Singapore (2)
    24. M&C Saatchi Melbourne (2)
    24. Naga DDB Kuala Lumpur (2)

    *Agencies are not credited with Craft finalists, unless agency produced. ie: copywriting, art direction, typography, etc.

    1. Australia (162)
    2. New Zealand (87)
    3. Singapore (32)
    4. Malaysia (10)
    5. Thailand (9)
    6. India (3)
    7. China (2)
    7. Korea (2)
    7. Philippines (2)

    1. Sydney (110)
    2. Auckland (76)
    3. Melbourne (45)
    4. Wellington (11)
    5. Kuala Lumpur (10)
    6. Bangkok (9)
    7. Mumbai (3)
    7. Perth (3)
    9. Adelaide (2)
    9. Makati City (2)
    9. Seoul (2)
    9. Shanghai (2)


    As reported here back in August, Saatchi NZ appointed Adam Oliveira as Interactive Creative Director in New Zealand following Tom Eslinger’s move to Saatchi's worldwide interactive CD. Finally, he's arrived and we get a photo of the man and a few more details on his past experience.
    Oliveira brings with him over 13 years of creative and strategic thinking from engagements in Canada at Blast Radius, Organic, and Arnold Worldwide, as well as two independent studios, where he built customer experiences for award-winning brands such as BMW, Mini, Sony, AOL, DYMO/Esselte, Air Canada, Bell, Bank of Montreal, Aliant Telecom, Honda, LG and Rogers.

    Tuesday, October 17, 2006


    Publicis Mojo's star art director, Emmanuel Bougneres, has left the agency to move to Germany (to be closer to his son). Bougneres came to the agency from TBWA Paris in 2004 and played a part in Publicis Mojo being named 2004 CB Agency of the Year. A hunt for his replacement is underway.


    Even though the Poms still control the numbers at their own D&AD Global Awards, it's some consolation for Australia and New Zealand - and testament to our stature in world advertising today - that we are ranked third and sixth respectively in terms of number of judges for 2007.....

    UNITED KINGDOM 132 judges
    FRANCE 6
    JAPAN 5
    SWEDEN 5
    SPAIN 4
    CANADA 3
    ITALY 3
    BRAZIL 2
    CHINA 2
    INDIA 1
    MEXICO 1


    It appears New Zealand is definitely one of the flavours of the month at D&AD in London, confirming a sixth Kiwi juror for next year's awards. Corey Chalmers from TBWA\Whybin will be on the Direct jury. The only negative is there are now two agencies - Saatchi and TBWA\Whybin - with two jurors, but them's the breaks. With six jurors, NZ is placed equal 6th (with France) in terms of jurors invited, behind the UK, USA, Australia, Germany and Singapore.


    Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland CD Toby Talbot and senior creative Dave Bowman, have been selected to judge the 2007 D&AD Global Awards. Talbot (pictured) is slated for the Poster jury, while Bowman gets Writing for Advertising. This brings the NZ total to a record five judges (compared to a record 10 for Australia) who will be heading to London in April next year.
    Although a reason to celebrate Australasia's stature in the ad world (NZ is ranked 7th in terms of D&AD jury members, Australia 3rd), why D&AD picked two creatives from the one agency is sure to be a sore point for some rival creative directors yet to get the D&AD invitation!

    Monday, October 16, 2006


    Mango has appointed award-winning ad creative Nigel Corbett as its first Creative Director, becoming the first public relations agency in New Zealand to harness top-level creative muscle from the advertising world.
    Corbett, who is also creative director of sister agency WRC, will play a pivotal role in developing communications ideas for Mango clients.
    Mango Managing Partner Claudia Macdonald describes the move as a logical extension of our integrated approach to marketing communications: “The days of PR agencies offering purely media-driven answers to communication needs are over. Clients demand sophisticated business and marketing thinking for their brands. Senior creatives from the advertising world are trained problem solvers and are able to offer a different dimension on issues.
    “We’ve always taken a 360 degree view on client work, drawing on the extensive specialist planning, direct marketing, sales promotion, event management and creative resources within WRC and our parent DDB. Nigel’s appointment really strengthens that and allows us to lift the bar creatively and strategically.”
    Nigel Corbett believes that working more closely with Mango will also benefit WRC. “These days the line between PR and advertising is blurring. By being able to draw on expert resources from the two disciplines, the work for both Mango and WRC clients will just keep getting better and better.”
    Ms Macdonald claims many PR companies and advertising agencies give lip service to the concept of integration, but few actually walk the talk.
    “Good integration is more than just leveraging the advertising idea through PR or the web. The idea needs to be at the core of the solution, with the different channels – be they PR, advertising or whatever - used to deliver effectively to the target market.
    “This kind of dynamic relationship, which focuses on idea generation rather than territorially guarding the means of delivery, produces the most innovative results.”
    Corbett, who joined WRC in 2004 as creative director from Clemenger BBDO, Wellington, has won numerous awards, including several Cannes, One Show, Axis, AWARD, RSVPs, NZ Media Awards, DM Asia and came third in the 100 metres freestyle in 5th form.
    Mango Communications clients include Air New Zealand, Vodafone, Bendon, Tegel, Briarwood and the Child Cancer Foundation.

    Friday, October 13, 2006


    Saatchi & Saatchi's 'Rubbish Film Festival' campaign for Telecom NZ won Best of Show at the CAANZ EFFIE Awards held last night. Presented annually by the Communication Agencies Association of New Zealand (CAANZ), the EFFIE’s are awarded in recognition of the year’s most effective advertising campaigns which have delivered superior results in meeting or surpassing the objectives they were designed to achieve.
    Convener of judges, Brian Weaver, was impressed with the outstanding work submitted by agencies; in particular the work submitted by Saatchi & Saatchi: “The Rubbish Film Festival was an outstanding entry in this year’s EFFIE’s and has justifiably won the Best in Show award. It demonstrated a brave move by Telecom New Zealand to take a critical look at what it wanted to achieve and endorse the radical approach suggested by the agency,” says Weaver.
    “Saatchi & Saatchi’s entry showed how out-of-the box thinking can deliver incredible results in a tough telecommunications environment. This well deserved win is indicative of a fantastic team delivering an outstanding result”.
    Colenso BBDO was awarded the Agency Effectiveness award, which recognises the most significant contribution made by an agency to the success of its clients.
    “Colenso BBDO has secured a number of EFFIE awards this year across its breadth of clients, clearly establishing its place as an agency with a great ability to build winning partnerships with its clients and delivering outstanding results-orientated advertising campaigns,” says Weaver.
    Goodman Fielder were awarded the Advertiser of the Year award for its work in launching the new MacKenzie High Country Bread – The “Bread in the Brown Paper Bag is Back”. Making the unusual move away from using television, Goodman Fielder focused instead on a compelling advertising and marketing package demonstrating clarity and strategic insight ensuring the success of the campaign.


    Best in Show
    Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
    Client: Telecom New Zealand
    Entry Title: Rubbish Film Festival

    Agency Effectiveness Award
    Winner: Colenso BBDO

    Advertiser of the Year
    Winner: Goodman Fielder
    Agency: Publicis Mojo


    Category: Charity/Not for Profit/Public Service
    Agency: DDB NZ, WRC
    Client: Child Cancer Foundation
    Entry Title: Annual Appeal 2006 – Fight the Monster

    Category: New Product or Service Introduction
    Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
    Client: Telecom New Zealand
    Entry Title: Rubbish Film Festival

    Category: New Product or Service Introduction
    Agency: Publicis Mojo
    Client: Goodman Fielder
    Entry Title: The Bread in the Brown Paper Bag is Back

    Category: Small Budget
    Agency: TBWA\Whybin, OMD
    Client: Beiersdorf
    Entry Title: NIVEA – Put Your Lips on the Line

    For a full list of award winners, award winning case studies and images, visit the CAANZ website - www.caanz.co.nz

    Monday, October 09, 2006


    A new era for AWARD launches on Wednesday November 8th at the Sydney Opera House with its biggest membership ever celebrating the best creative work of the year.
    After a pre-presentation cocktails in the northern foyers The AWARD Presentation will be held in the Opera House Concert Hall, which will be open to everyone in the industry. A VIP AWARD Members and Sponsors exquisite gourmet cocktail party follows in Guillaume at Bennelong, with the after-party at The Establishment sponsored by The Sweet Shop.
    Among a host of local and overseas luminaries Trevor Beattie, of Beattie McGuinness Bungay, London (pictured with Nelson Mandela) will be AWARD’s special guest on the night. Beattie, while at TBWA London, has been responsible for a string of extremely visible, award winning, talked about advertising campaigns such as FCUK, Sony PlayStation and Wonderbra.
    AWARD Entries are at record levels, with works from Asia contributing to a particular surge in print. ‘None of the Above’ has risen by 50% which should provide some interesting cases for the new judging panel formulated specifically for this category. AWARD Finalists will be released Monday 16th October 2006.

    AWARD 2006 Presentation Evening
    Wednesday 8th November, at 6.30pm
    The Sydney Opera House, Concert Hall
    Dress: Black Tie

    AWARD VIP Member Ticket A$250 + GST
    Includes Pre-presentation Cocktail Party at The Opera House, VIP seats at the AWARD Awards Presentation at The Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, VIP Members Only Cocktail Party with gourmet food in Guillaume at Bennelong, plus entry to the exclusive After-party at The Establishment, sponsored by The Sweet Shop.

    NB: Limited tickets, first in best dressed. Some ‘life-partner’ tickets available upon request.

    Non-Member Tickets $80 + GST
    Includes Pre-presentation Cocktail Party at The Opera House and AWARD Awards Presentation.

    RSVP: 20th October, 2006
    Contact AWARD on +61 2 8297 3877 or email award@awardonline.com http;//www.awardonline.com

    NOTE: KIWI DELEGATES. If you are coming to AWARD, why not come one day earlier and attend Campaign Brief's YoungGuns/AWARD Melbourne Cup Lunch in Sydney on Tuesday 7th November. Special guests Trevor Beattie and Chuck McBride, ECD of TBWA\Chiat\Day North America plus a host of other YoungGuns judges from around the world. For an invite contact Lynchy at michael@campaignbrief.com


    The opportunity for the world’s outstanding creative talent to shine has arrived with the launch of the D&AD Global Awards 2007 Call for Entries. Widely considered the world’s toughest and most coveted award to win, the Yellow Pencil is the global symbol of creative excellence.
    In their 45th year, the awards span all areas of commercial creativity, from the traditional advertising and design disciplines, to ambient, interactive, gaming, music videos and emerging online categories.
    “This year’s line-up of foremen is both formidable and inspiring. From David Nobay in Radio Advertising to past D&AD Presidents John Hegarty, Michael Johnson, Martin Lambie-Nairn, and Michael Wolff," said D&AD Chief Executive Michael Hockney. “Anyone with a passion for their work and a desire to showcase their talent on a global stage will enter the D&AD Global Awards.”
    Eligibility: Work must have been broadcast, published or launched between 1 January and 31 December 2006.
    Further information: www.dandad.org/awards07


    Neil Williamson and Rachael Walker from Media Design School in New Zealand walked away with the Best of Show Award at the 2006 Crowbar Awards held at the NTUC Auditorium in Singapore on Friday night.
    In addition Williamson and Walker received a total cash prize of $1,500 ($500 for winning the Best of Category Award for Advertising and $1,000 for the Best of Show Award) and an internship at BBDO Singapore.
    All six “Best of Category” winners from Advertising, Design, Interactive, Photography, Film and Crowbar Challenge are automatically contenders for this presitgious award which recognises the Best of the Best in Student Creative Works.
    The winning team also collected two Golds for “Advertising - Print/Press (Newspapers & Magazines)” and “Advertising – Copywriting”.
    Said David Bell of Media Design School: “This is the first time we have won the Best of Show and we are extremely thrilled. Crowbar is our premiere student competition, and we take success in the competition as a solid indicator of the quality of the course. Winning this distinguished award is a great encouragement to our students and this will definitely spur them on to greater heights.
    "All thanks to the many industry people who’ve given so much support throughout the year, with a special mention to Geoffrey Dickman at TVNZ, Arran Birchenough at Getty Images, Lexie Ribot at the NAB, and Sandy, Jo and Mark at CAANZ, and our Crowbar mini-mentors Josh and Jamie at Ogilvy, Darryl Parsons at Consortium and Angus Hennah at JWT."
    Two Bronzes also went to Tamryn Baumgartern and Miho Tanaka for their Navman radio campaign and their Placemakers ‘For the toughest renovations’ campaign (which was also the runner up in the Newspaper Advertising Bureau’s Student Creativity competition this year). Jeton Morina was a finalist with his work for ‘Knobs n Knockers’ retail outlets.
    Other Media Design School students also did well:
    Bronze for 2D animation- Luke Lovegrove- ‘Lingerie’
    Bronze for games (offline)- Steffan Hopper– ‘Shear factor’
    Bronze for music video- Luke Lovegrove- ‘Seaside suicide’
    Bronze for Illustration- Robert Fraser ‘Who am I?’.
    Winners of the “Best of Category” in Advertising, Design, Interactive, Photography and Film walk away with a cash prize of $500 and an internship at either BBDO Singapore, Ogilvy & Mather Singapore, MSN Singapore and Shooting Gallery.
    The winner of Crowbar Challenge receive a cash prize of S$500. Sponsored by Clear Channel, this category helps students interpret brief and encourage them to develop campaigns around the given brief.
    The Crowbar Awards is an international student creative event that seeks to provide an annual platform to honour the best and brightest young creative talents and to celebrate their achievements.
    This year, the Crowbar Awards attracted a record breaking 1,337 entries from 23 schools from Singapore, Malaysia, China, Thailand, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.
    This represents a 52% increase in the number of entries when compared to the previous event last year, surpassing also the record entry of 1,100 received in 2004. Of the total entries received, 143 were awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze.
    The winners were selected by panels of independent experts comprising creative and art directors, designers, photographers, film producers, film curators and film directors. The entries were judged on the basis of originality and fresh new ideas.
    Commenting on the entries received this year, Crowbar Awards Co-Chairman Calvin Soh said: “The standard this year was leap and bounds ahead of the last. There was a genuine effort at coming up with brand new ideas. There was a tangible freshness to the work that bode well for the future of our industry.”


    Consortium's Darryl Parsons has been chosen for the Radio jury at next year's D&AD Global Awards, one of three Kiwis selected so far, joining Karen Maurice O'Leary from TBWA\Whybin, who is on the Ambient jury and Catherine Griffiths of Epitome Type & Design on the Typography jury.
    Australia has ten jurors:
    James McGrath, ECD of George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne -- TV & CINEMA
    Darren Spiller, national ECD of Publicis Mojo -- POSTER ADVERTISING
    Danny Searle, ECD of Clemenger BBDO, Sydney -- PRESS ADVERTISING
    David Nobay, ECD of Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney -- RADIO (foreman)
    Matt Devine, The Glue Society, Sydney -- INTEGRATED
    Bob Mackintosh, Host, Sydney -- VIRAL
    Gary Freedman, The Glue Society, NYC -- TV & CINEMA CRAFTS
    Gary Dawson, Clemenger BBDO, Sydney -- WRITING FOR ADVERTISING
    James de Vries, De Luxe & Associates, Sydney -- MAGAZINE & NEWSPAPER DESIGN
    Julian Wolkenstein -- PHOTOGRAPHY


    The Sweet Shop director, Kezia Barnett has won the award for ‘Best Commercial Spot’ at the LA Shorts Fest.
    Her commercial titled ‘Love Story’ for Australian shirt brand, Herringbone via Arnold Worldwide (now The Furnace), Sydney took out the top commercials prize at the Hollywood festival - the largest short film fest in the world.
    The festival gets global recognition and attracts more then 10,000 moviegoers, filmmakers and entertainment exec’s with festival winners in primary categories eligible for Academy Award nomination.
    Barnett, who has been with The Sweet Shop for two years, has received glowing recognition for this commercial. ‘Love Story’ along with her other tvc's and raft of award winning music videos cemented her inclusion into the Saatchi & Saatchi Young Directors showcase in 2005. She was also named the Young Director of the Year at the Gongs last year.
    For more information about the festival see http://www.lashortsfest.com/
    Contact Paul Prince for a reel - prince@thesweetshop.tv

    Thursday, October 05, 2006


    FCB Auckland has put to air a spot for Prime TV, titled 'And The Crowd Goes Wild'.

    CD: James Mok
    Writer: Chris Schofield
    Art Director: Billy McQueen
    Agency Producers: Esther Watkins/Alicia Williams
    Director: Nic Finlayson
    Production Company: Flying Fish
    Producer: Phil Leifting
    Music: Rock Me Baby


    Ogilvy Auckland has put to air a spot for AA that some might think echoes their previous award-winning style for L&P.

    Creative Directors: Josh Lancaster and Jamie Hitchcock
    Creative: Josh Lancaster and Jamie Hitchcock
    Agency Producer: Nick Barnes
    Director: Robin Walters
    Producer: Seth Wilson
    Production Company: Curious

    Wednesday, October 04, 2006


    Lowe + Draft NZ’s campaign to launch Vodafone’s Broadband offering and vodem device was revealed this week.
    The campaign includes the 45” ‘Liquid Freedom’ TVC, interactive campaigns to seed the offering among technology opinion leaders and the online public (www.vodem.co.nz & www.liquiding.co.nz), outdoor executions and a series of vodem skins in place of traditional magazine advertising.
    The vodem is a small, stylishly designed mobile USB broadband modem that can be used on any computer, anywhere with 3G coverage.
    Breaking with category conventions, the strategy to ‘market vodem like a modem’s never been marketed’ has resulted in a campaign which avoids the standard technological prattle and instead heads straight for the emotional jugular.
    Lowe led the platform’s launch, creating the name ‘vodem’ which has been picked up internationally, designing the packaging for both the vodem and VMC PC card devices, and generating all advertising from television through to retail press.
    The television commercial was dirrected by Richard Gibson via Luscious International and post produced at Emerald City in Sydney. The music featured in the commercial is an original track written by Elemeno P Guitarist Justyn Pilbrow and featuring vocal by Stellar*’s Boh Runga.

    Creative Director: Josh Moore
    Creative Planner: James Hurman
    Art Director: Leisa Wall
    Writer: Jane Jamieson
    Interactive CD: Tom Markham
    Head of TV: Jackie Clark
    Director: Richard Gibson for Luscious International
    Producers: Andrew Morris & Lucas Jenner
    Post Production: Emerald City
    Music: Justyn Pilbrow for Soundtrax
    Making-of Director: Ant McPhail
    Photography: Chris Lewis
    Retouching: The Lounge
    Skin Design: Steven Cicala


    ALERT - Entries for the 6th YoungGuns International Awards close next Friday October 13th. Follow the instructions at www.ygaward.com to make sure you get your work entered in time; and be in the running to win the huge US$20,000 first prize as the 2006 YoungGun of the Year (there are no additional uploading charges for entering your work ONLINE).
    Chuck McBride (ECD of TBWA\Chiat\Day North America) is the overall YoungGuns Jury Chairman this year and along with a select number of regional jury chairmen from around the world, will be flown to Sydney in early November to deliberate and decide on the bullet-winners and the overall winner for this year’s show. For further information, please contact livia@ygaward.com or visit www.ygaward.com


    Karen Maurice O'Leary, just two year's out of completing her Axis Ad School course and a rising creative star at TBWA\ Whybin, has been invited to judge at next year's D&AD awards in London, one of up to five Kiwi judges to be invited over the coming weeks.
    O'Leary (29) is already a multiple award winner for work she has produced in partnership with her creative colleague Verity Butt. She has been an integral part of successful TBWA\Whybin campaigns such as 'Be the Ball' for adidas and 'Failed Messages' for Multiple Sclerosis Society, which have both received international accolades.
    "TBWA\Whybin is an agency that encourages input from everyone, and values that input accordingly. Being mentored by TBWA\Whybin Group CD Andy Blood has helped my development enormously, as it has for all our creatives, and that development has culminated in the invitation to be a judge at D&AD," she says.
    "The thought of witnessing the sheer volume of excellence produced by the advertising world's creative community and being part of the judging process at D&AD gives me goose-bumps, so I'm both excited and thankful," she adds.
    TBWA\Whybin's ground breaking outdoor media campaign for adidas, known as 'Be the Ball', picked up a Yellow Pencil at D&AD in May earlier this year, the only New Zealand agency to have received such an award.
    O'Leary says that working at TBWA\Whybin has been the perfect start for her career, and that working in tandem with Butt on the TBWA\ 'Young Bloods' scheme this year (a mentoring scheme designed to foster young talent throughout the TBWA\ global network) has been an ideal environment to develop her skills. Group CD Andy Blood is equally enthusiastic about the value derived from the 'Young Bloods' scheme.
    "As an agency we strive to grow our talent from within, and Karen's meteoric rise to the top of the judging tree is clear evidence of that - we're thrilled for her and what this means for the value attached to her creative judgment and insights," he says.

    Tuesday, October 03, 2006


    Y&R has appointed Chrissie Lahood managing director of its Wellington office. Ms Lahood, who began her career as a writer in the early 80s, spent 10 years with Saatchi & Saatchi helping to create work such as the Mainland Cheese and Telecom Mobile campaigns. She has been the Y&R creative director for six years with campaigns for Tui Beer and Meadow Fresh milk. A search for her replacement as CD is currently underway.

    Monday, October 02, 2006


    Toby Talbot’s first hiring since officially taking over as creative director of Saatchi & Saatchi’s Auckland office is Levi Slavin and Dave Govier, currently Colenso BBDO’s top team, who will be joining as Group Heads in mid-November.
    The team has been at Colenso for a little over a year, creating the much talked about 'Undies' campaign for Tip Top Trumpet. They first teamed up under Andrew Tinning (ironically once CD of Saatchi Auckland) at Marketforce in Perth.
    The pair have already won an impressive number of local and International awards. In 2005 alone, they won a D&AD, a Silver One Show pencil, two Silver Clios, a Silver AWARD pencil, two Bronze AWARD pencils, four Caxtons and took out Grande Axis for the Tip Top Trumpet campaign at the local Axis awards.
    “Mike [O'Sullivan, ECD] and I have been talking to Dave and Levi on and off for a couple of years, so it’s great to finally land them. They are joining the agency at an exciting time as we merge interactive and creative into one multi-disciplined department. That was a big draw for the guys” says Talbot.
    “Dave and Levi are that rare thing indeed; really, really talented creatives who are really, really modest. They are the classic quiet achievers, which is good because we have enough noisy people here already. We can’t wait for them to start.”