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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you...

Seeing the latest ANZ billboard executions makes me wonder if M&C
have had enough of the world's dullest advertising campaign, "Getting
to Know You".

First the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical number (WTF??) was amped to
the "Upbeat mix".

Then we had the billboards inviting us to drop in to the local bank
manager and talk about our feelings.

Now their billboards have gone for headlines in pale blue block caps
over a staff member's blue shirt. And they've buried the campaign
line -- "The more we know you, the better we can stitch you up", or
whatever -- at the base, in a size only marginally more prominent
than "Normal lending criteria apply".

But good on you M&C for doing the creative equivalent of holding a
pillow over this dreadful campaign's face. Maybe the client's holding
it too. After all, ANZ doesn't seem to be making much headway,
especially now the category seems to be awash in good creative
executions. So if the research suddenly starts suggesting the
campaign has no traction... Hey! Pack your bags, boys! Time to come
up with another Fiji-based concept!

Expensive way to spare someone's ego, though.

DDB Art Director Wendy Lawn to Y&R

Wendy Lawn will join Y&R Auckland as a senior art director working along side creative director, Jeneal Rohrback and deputy creative director, Steve McCabe.

Lawn leaves DDB after 7 years where she produced awarding winning work on Sky Television, Volkwagen and Freedom Air. She and her ex writer Hywel James (now cd at Grey Auckland) were responsible for DDB’s first significant awards in 2001 – a gold Award award and a silver D&AD for their Sky ’Mini Me’ billboard campaign. Wendy also picked up the emerging talent award the same year.

Rohrback says, “It’s great to have Wendy back. I hired her at DDB in 1999 and she was a fantastic talent then; she’s just got better and better. I look forward to Wendy putting that same creative spin on the work she’ll be doing here.”

Wendy will be working on all Y&R’s brand accounts and will also be responsible for helping mentor the newly hired junior teams.

“I’ve been with DDB for a while now and have had a really good time and good run there, but it’s time for a change. The opportunity to work with Jeneal, Steve and Jon Ramage, Y&R’s ceo, on some great accounts was just the catalyst I needed”, says Lawn.

Friday, April 28, 2006

NZ's Best kept secret.

NZ wonder bands 'Solaa' and the 'Opensouls' are currently preparing a
NZ tour. The 'opensouls' new album Kaelidescope will be in the top nz
releases this year... no shit its good. More than one of these guys
have already been to the Red Bull Academy.

An opportunity has arisen for a sponsor or two to step up and take all
the glory.

If you know anyone who can help e-mail Issac at aesili@solaa.com.



Interns from Colenso win young creative competition

Congratulations to Scott Maddox and Fraser Grant who won the Fairfax young
creative competition.

Shop �til you drop at XtraMSN Shopping http://shopping.xtramsn.co.nz/home/

Thursday, April 27, 2006

MTC backs into AdWorks Ogilvy

Confirmed minutes ago by someone who knows.

That may be a surprise for some of you but clearly MTC has been preparing itself for some sort of sale for a while - Roy and Jeremy have both stepped back, the name changed, Josh and Jamie are brought on etc. But the loss of business recently will have made this a more expedient option.

AdWorks Ogilvy will be buying creative reputation, a bit of magic, some flash people and a few pretty good brands. But expect there to be some casualties - creatively at least it will probably be a reverse takeover.

It will be interesting to learn what the new entity will be called.


Update: Fastline says "AdWorks Ogilvy md Greg Partington has been in secret negotiations with MTC for some time, and the two have penned a deal which will see Adworks buy out MTC and absorb all staff. The senior creative team at MTC will take over the running of the brand side of the Ogilvy business and have carte blanche hiring, firing and reorganising authority over the new combined creative department. The retail side of the Ogilvy remains unscathed."

Best Ads

For what it's worth, Saatchi NZ is the best performing NZ agency on the Best Ads board for the 2005-2006 year to date. ( They didn't say how many mentions) NZ directors and production companies are doing well with Ben Fisher and Jess Bluck in the second directors spot, Curious and Sweet Shop in 5th position for Film Cos with 6 ads selected and Silverscreen in the 7th cut with 4.


Can everyone please get their timesheets finished.

It's coming to the end of the month, and I am sick-to-death of being
the one person in Adland who has to chase all you useless creative
types to complete them on time.

Head office in New York are ringing me every few hours waiting for an
updated P/L report for the month.

I know we are running with minimal staff, but the salary/revenue
figures do not add up.

Can the creative who put 36 hours on the job number EVT6603 please
see me. This was a simple 24 months free credit on all microwaves 30
second radio spot, that would only be played once a community station
in the Eltham. A $230 lunch a Prego was also lodged against this job
number, where your expenses report stated you were briefing the
talent. This is out of order. The talent was the local manager of the
electronics/whitewear store in Eltham, the idea was that he was using
the telephone airwaves to tell us about the great deals on microwaves.

If you do not complete your timesheets on time, then I will use the
old tried and true technique of threatening to not pay you on time. I
have done this before, when I was working at Advertising SolutioNZ in
Wellington in 1983.

Jello Biafra
NZCC Finance Director

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Changes rumoured

nzcreativecircle has heard word of a couple of unconfirmed career-changing agency events - one involving quite a few redundancies and the other a pending merger which has been predicted by others on this blog recently. We will tell you when we know for sure.

Any tips as always to faxheidi@gmail.com

Please be yourselves

There has been a disturbing lack of petty, ill-spirited posting of late. We're not sure why. It is possibly just a sporadic outbreak of niceness but we'd like to see this rectified quickly. It is giving the blog a good name.


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Yeo back to Singapore

A good turnout on Friday to farewell popular FCB art director Simon Yeo who is leaving the agency to return to Singapore - and await the arrival of a new baby fairly soon. FCB is understood to be looking far and wide for Yeo's replacement.

Monday, April 24, 2006

In recent Ad News for New York's Andy Awards. Headline kind of reams it though...

CB ranks Colenso #1 again

Colenso BBDO Auckland continues to retain the number one spot in Campaign Brief's creative rankings.

DDB Auckland has risen from from 4 to 3 spot, PublicisMojo Auckland rocketed up from 20 to 4, suprisingly Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland has retreated from 9 to 12, while Saatchi & Saatchi Wellington rose from 7 to 21.

Oddly, CB doesn't combine the two Saatchis offices as one ( which Saatchi itself has for quite a while now) and we can't do the math to figure out what difference it would have made.

Also, remember this information is rather historical by the time it is published and represents the picture about 18-24 months ago, when the work was being produced, but it's still probably the best measure there is. Expect to see a fair bit of movement in these positions next year though.

In the Network Rankings, BBDO is once again firmly on top with Saatchi & Saatchi at 2, Publicis at 3 and DDB at 4.

Saatchi's Toby Talbot easily retains his number one spot.

The CB Creative Rankings count the top four international award shows: Cannes, Clio, D&AD and The One Show; plus the big three regionals: AWARD, The Work and The Kodak Gongs. This means the Gongs may have a significant impact, as will the Caxtons from this year when NZ is allowed to enter and they join the ranked awards list.

The full ranking is in the current issue of CB - which unforrtunately you can't just go out and buy from Magazzino any longer.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Word of the day - Bifkin

Well it isn't often I get bamboozled by a word but until last night I had never heard the word bifkin used in conversation. A gmail invite to the first blogger who can descibe to us in rich and velvety detail the definition of a...bifkin.

Guy In Charge Of Semantics

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Lynchy retracts D&AD acceptances

Thanks to eagle-eye of 100 College Hill for this morning pointing out that CB has removed mention of D&AD possibles from its blog. One can only fear the worst. People have been killed for less. We have now dead-bolted the door and are not falling for pizza deliveries. Let's just hope Lynchy's okay, with fresh water and a breathing tube, wherever he is.


Idealog #3 out now

Idealog, the voice of the creative economy, is now three issues old. Issue three cover story is all about Generation C and the emergence and convergence of democratic digital media - everyone is a multi-media creative it's only going to get more so. There's a how2 article about getting cash without giving away control and how important it is not to let success stop you. Idealog also has an especially useful website:


Mixed signals

New and nice from TBWA\Whybin for MS - Creative Team Karen Maurice O'Leary and Verity Butt. Photographer Mark McClean.

hello, my name is...

Hello, my name is Kristian.

I trade in art, design and ideas.

Please have a look at my website.


Bloody dull

We understand Andy Blood is having to waste time defending the eligibility of ads which have appeared in Blood Magazine but also other publications and which are now being entered in award shows and having their authenticity challenged. Which is probably quite annoying for him and the creatives concerned. Many terse emails have been exchanged.

Speaking of which - Axis closes off at 4pm today.

Heidi x

Great little Toyota Car Ad

Check this out:


This came from a reader by fax. We can't get it to play.


Link to Colenso's NZI

For those of you who don't watch TV:


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

CAANZ invites you to meet Justin

CAANZ invites you to the
2006 CAANZ Creative Function

Justin Tindall from DDB London and international chairman of judges for the 2006 CAANZ AXIS Awards is guest speaker at this year's creative function being held on Wednesday 10th May.

Justin graduated from Goldsmiths College London in 1989 with a degree in
fine art and a passion for ideas. A friend told him about a job in advertising
where you got paid loads of money to sit around coming up with ideas. Two
years (and a lot of layout pads) later he got his first job at a very small London
agency on a very small London salary, the then (and still) unknown SMI
advertising. Four years at SMI was followed by three years at FCA where his
work for The Wales Tourist Board caught the eye of DDB London (then BMP
DDB) an agency he had long admired. Five years on he is now a Creative
Director and the agency’s Head of Art. He has won awards at all the major
festivals, most notably, Golds at Cannes, The One Show, The Clios (including
two Grand Clios) and D&AD for work on Harvey Nichols, Lurpak, The
Guardian Newspaper, The Wales Tourist Board and Volkswagen.

His talk entitled, 'Notes from a Ten Hour Drinking Session' will be held at OPIUM on Queen St, Auckland, 6.30pm.

Seats are apparently limited - if you didn't get an html invite email with a response link email emma@caanz.co.nz

Lynchy predicts D&AD acceptances

Lynchy has a feeling in his water that it's going to be a big year for Australia at D&AD and his sources suggest this is what NZ agencies may have to look forward to when acceptances and silver nominations for The Book are announced. He reckons one silver nomination for NZ from this list, not really much, is it? Who's doing the best work?

DDB Auckland:
In Book for VW snowflake (design).

Saatchi & Saatchi NZ:
In Book for TV1 "Antz" ambient

Colenso BBDO Auckland:
In Book for Sky City "Poker"

TBWA\Whybin Auckland:
In Book for Adidas "Bungee Soccer Ball" in Outdoor/Ambient.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Okay this is a real deadline now

Axis entries do actually close in 3 days time on 20 April. Not a drill.

Colenso leads NZ One Show shortlist

Not that it's a competition or anything, but Colenso BBDO with 3 acceptances is leading the One Show running, accroding to CB.

Clemenger BBDO/ Wellington
07I: Single Land Transport NZ High Rise
11E: Innovative Use of Media - Outdoor: Single Land Transport NZ Car Elevator

Colenso BBDO/ Auckland
06D: Posters - Campaign Monaco Zombie
07D: Outdoor and Posters - Campaign New Zealand Book Council Pages
11F: Innovative Use of Media - Outdoor: Campaign Mini BMW Mini Manhole

DDB New Zealand
11H: Innovative Use of Media - Interactive/New Media: Campaign nzgirl Worst Boyfriend
11J: Innovative Marketing - Campaign nzgirl Worst Boyfriend

Grey Worldwide/ Auckland
04B: Outdoor - Campaign Kiwicare Bugs

Whybin\TBWA/ Auckland
11E: Innovative Use of Media - Outdoor: Single adidas Be the ball

Y&R / Generator New Zealand/ Auckland
04B: Outdoor - Campaign Nokia Video Call Backgrounds

Tips for Very Successful Brand Managers

Strawberry Frog publishes a very useful service - pass the address on to a brand manager you love and care about


Natalie Knight judging Clio Radio

Colenso BBDO's Natalie Knight has been selected for jury service at the Clio Awards being announced at South Beach, Miami mid-May. Nat is the only New Zealander judging radio and there appears to be no Kiwis represented on the Internet jury.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Spam poetry

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some residual it's doze be

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter thoughts

Honda Choir Spoof

We don't see enough of these. Homage to Honda Choir for 118 118 The Number in the UK.


Help for young creatives from Sharp Soot

There have been many a comment about the dire state of the brief that Fairfax has issued for the Young Creatives competition. You must understand: This is a client brief; not a creative brief which you, as creatives, are accustomed to. With this in mind, many of you will appreciate the value that a decent suit brings to the creative process.

Hence, I offer my services as a 'suit' to any creative team that is perturbed by the 'client' brief that has been issued for this competition. Drop a line to this email and I will respond with a creative brief that you will be able to understand, and which will no doubt lead you to an award-winning conclusion. All I want in return is to see your work


Wazza from Zephyr explains

Hello to you too Heidi,

Glad you read our wee ad in the Herald and glad you did so with
There are 3 of us. We're all ex-LAPD on witness protection programmes
after playing integral roles in the John Giotti Mafia trial in the late
We all love Auckland, and in particular Ponsonby where the desperate
attention seeking and gel addiction feeds our nostalgia for Los
Our staff-sergeant at Venice Beach, Biff, always said we were full of
shit so we figured we could open an advertising agency. It wasn't hard,
just a few Huffer T's,
Ben Sherman jeans, Dries Van Noten shoes, a subscription to The Face
and Tosser Monthly, and a pinball machine in reception. Zephyr was the
of the gang we used to run with in East LA. WPD stands for Wankers
Pissheads and Deviants. So far it's been fun.

Or perhaps you'd believe...

Yes, there are 3 of us. We're all ex-Colenso, and no longer on the
witness protection programme they suggested we should go on.
The 3 - Simon Wedde, Managing Partner, and Creative Partners Quentin
Pfiszter and Warwick Delmonte. That's where the WPD bit comes from.
We've just opened the doors. No pinball machine but we do have a table
tennis table, a Swedish ball, a coffee plunger and Quent does have an
old Huffer T-shirt. We're in Maidstone St in Ponsonby. Ph 3600665. Feel
free to pop in an make use of the plunger.

Cheers, Warwick

Looking for love in London

Hello, glad to hear someone got back to you and thanks for following it up.

My mysterious suitor can email me on this address
(nomatesintheuk@hotmail.com), as I'm a little bit loath to reveal my work
one to a random blogger. Not that there's anything wrong with random

You can however pass on that I have seven years experience and loath DM.
Except for freelance, because sometimes you have to be a bit of a whore.


Thanks I will pass on the work your possible lover faxed me and put this up for others who may want you in a work way.

H x

Thursday, April 13, 2006

embarrass your CD

This crowd in Australia apparently have a fairly extensive database of legacy ads from all over the world and - through bestads - have offered to hunt down any old clangers your CD may have been responsible for in a previous life. here's where to get them:


here's an example of the kind of gem thay can unearth - sadly unattributed. Nice retro feel though. Could be worth using again.


nzcreativecircle research dept

Cyanide and happiness

looming deadline?

The inside backpage (A19) of the NZ Herald has a great example of why you
shouldn't miss yours.

righto, back to work i go. i've got my own deadlines to meet.

alert reader
herne bay

Blood ads ineligible

Interested to read today that the MPA and CAANZ agreed any ads appearing in Blood would be ineligible for competition. Despite the fact they missed the Axis cut-off anyway. Hmmmm. Did this ruin anyone's day?

And does this make them ineligible for international consideration as well?

It appeared to us casual observers that some of these were only there for that purpose as they were quite addy ads we've really only seen in Campaign Brief to date.



For the award-hungry


This is a fairly meaningless award but may look good on your CV and help you get a job one day in an obscure market which is enthralled by anything with London on it. Like New York.

LIAA includes entries in Television/Cinema, Radio, Print, Interactive Media,
Integrated Media and Design.

The Advertising and Design Jury Chairman for 2006 is Graham Warsop from The
Jupiter Drawing Room (South Africa)
The Interactive Jury President is Daniel Bonner of AKQA London.
To access the entry kit, please visit: http://www.liaawards.com

What beef?

Distressing mail:

A little man called Joe Craig with a short man complex is logging in
under my name and making stupid comments. As alot of people know me
under that nickname it is begining to piss me off. Plus he is
attaching links to his favourite farm sex sites. I am sure you can
understand my distress and as you don't want to be seen promoting
beastiality can you have this worm blocked or better yet have him




Once again, thanks to Ollie Wall


Unashamedly patriotic pitch for new business in the Herald this morning from an agency called Zephyr WPD positioning itself as the new New Zealand advertising agency. Who is Zephyr? Anyone?


First work from Robber's Dog

The new Kiwibank spot, well written and far too good for Kiwibank actually. May just work. Which would be a shame.


London Art Director your Writer awaits

We had a note from a copywriter in London looking for love with you. Please get back to me (faxheidi@gmail.com) with your email or mobile number and I will put you in touch. It could be beautiful.


( P.S. It was not Madeline)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Unleash the power of trust

Oxytocin in a convenient spray format:


Get your own nzcreativecircle gmail identity

Because we use so many Google services and are fairly prolific networkers, they keep giving us gmail invites to give away.

All you have to do to get one is faxheidi@gmail.com with some new work for the blog, and we'll flick you an invite. because Gmail is still in Beta you can get fairly good addresses still - like dubsie@gmail.com or jellobiafra@gmail.com for example. Instead of jello_biafra1135@yahoo.com

So that's the deal bloogers. Quid pro quo. Scratch Heidi's back and she will scratch yours.

Heidi x

Never smile at one

Supplied by a J. Horner of Parnell.

The Special Fall Advertising Fashion Selection...

Just in case you haven't spotted this fantastic new advertising
trend... Get an old Kiwi geezer to ironically wax lyrical about
whatever the fuck you want and viola! You have a brilliant 'new
season' creative solution. Who knows what order they came in, but
KIWIBANK, NZI and now BURGER KING EGGBURGER (Am I missing anything
else?) need to all get over themselves. It worked for 42 Below (who I
think did it first and best) and there's no way this display of sheer
utter laziness impresses anyone at all! Get over your sad selves.
Creative? NOT!!!

VW Carrado

D&AD nominations online May 2

310 judges from around the world recently spent 5 long days debating the merits of the work entered into D&AD. This is the first year they have opened the judging up to people from down our way. Mike O'Sullivan flew up to join the Writing For Advertising jury and still has jet lag. Apparently on the melatonin as we speak.

Silver nominated work online at dandad.org from may 2.

Beautiful love song from Anonymous bloogger

(Naku Penda Piya-Naku Taka
(I Love You Too-I Want You
Too-My Love)

Liberian Girl . . .
You Came And You Changed
My World
A Love So Brand New
Liberian Girl . . .
You Came And You Changed
Me Girl
A Feeling So True

Liberian Girl
You Know That You Came
And You Changed My World,
Just Like In The Movies,
With Two Lovers In A Scene
And She Says . . .

o You Love Me"
And He Says So Endlessly . . .
"I Love You, Liberian Girl"

(Naku Penda Piya-Naku Taka
(I Love You Too-I Want You
Too-My Love)

Liberian Girl . . .
More Precious Than
Any Pearl
Your Love So Complete
Liberian Girl . . .
You Kiss Me Then,
Ooh,The World
You Do This To Me

Liberian Girl
You Know That You Came
And You Changed My World,
Just Like In The Movies,
With Two Lovers In A Scene
And She Says,

"Do You Love Me"
And He Says So Endlessly
"I Love You, Liberian Girl"
(Naku Penda Piya-Naku Taka
(I Love You Too-I Want You
Too-My Love)

Liberian Girl
You Know That You Came
And You Changed My World,
I Wait For The Day,
When You Have To Say
"I Do,"
And I'll Smile And Say It Too,
And Forever We'll Be True
I Love You, Liberian Girl,
All The Time

I Love You Liberian Girl,
All The Time

I Love You Liberian Girl,
All The Time

I Love You Liberian Girl,
All The Time

I Love You
I Love You Baby

I Want You
I Love You Baby
I Love You Baby,
I Want You Baby, Ooh!

Record day on this blog

Yesterday we served 1649 pages, a new record. Because nzcreativecircle is based on servers in California, the rather restrictive Sarbannes-Oxley Act ( which prevents your big US multi-nationals like DDB and BBDO from disclosing financial information to the likes of AdMedia ) can be used as an excuse to say we can't mention how much money we made yesterday but it wasn't far away from a dollar, US. Could do with a few more Firefox downloads though please. They are really good earners.

The plan is soon to move this out of CA and onto our own servers in NZ so we can't be shut down for a couple of days when someone gets pissed off and red flags us.

This will also enable improved services like media players and the like. Right now we're looking for someone to design this so if that's you, fax heidi with your details.


Contagious mag call for work

UK magazine Contagious is looking for fresh new work for its Summer edition due out in July. And they want it like, now. Email them hello@contagiousmagazine.com

Thanks to Ollie Wall for this contribution.

Emmanuel and Guy are It

Well bloogers, Bougneres and Denniston from Publicis/Mojo have been handed Blood's chalice and the big job of preparing the next issue of the MPA's magazine with their name on it. An emotional Andy Blood, speaking at the launch of his magazine at Magazzino Newmarket last night, said their idea was the best he'd ever seen. You'll just have to get a copy and see if you agree. I am sure one of the nice people from the MPA will let us know where you can get a copy and I suspect they'll put more than a few into creative departments all around the city in the newt few days.

H x


Please see what you can do to help our dear friend from Liberia. This is very urgent!!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Mr Samuel Taylor < bsamueltaylor@yahoo.co.in>
Date: Apr 11, 2006 11:04 PM
To: faxheidi@gmail.com

Dear sir,

l am Mr Samuel Taylor,
a younger brother to President Charles Taylor of Liberia.The unfortunate incident that brought about the hurried exit of my elder brother,President Charles Taylor, from power prompted me to act quick and decisively in securing the only legacy I have for my family.However, due to my intimacy with the president, I had knowledge of the secrete location of funds at the tune of $15,900,000 ( fifteen million nine hundred thousand united states dollars ) which I hurriedly moved to U. A. E, in cash by a diplomatic courier company and is now registered with a security company in U. A. E,It was registered as having contained photographic paper materials.
My wife,Myself and You are the only privy to this highly confidential information and asuch we should want you to keep it in strict confidence. I am presently in Nigeria. I am in need of a reliable business personality that could hold the money on trust for my family, on a specified commission (which is open for negotiation). The person shall be honest and trusthworthy and will be incharge of the estate regarding the trust investment. An agreement shall be written to that effect for a period of 10 years. It is in recognition of your personal executive profile and investment opportunities available in your country that made me to contact you.
You shall make an immediate travelling arrangement to meet with me in U. A. E, to enable us arrange and have the funds transfered and secured in your reliable account and shall also negotiate your terms regarding your commission in the investment of the funds in your country.I shall be in U. A. E, in a very short notice to meet with you and have the funds transfered and secured in your reliable account for investment.
kindly notify me through my e-mail address above so that l can furnish you with more details. While I await your urgent response, your confidentiality is solicited to serve us better.

Best regards
Samuel Taylor

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hey, what the...?

I just synched up the Kiwibank and Rabobank ads and played
them side by side. Both done by MTC. Can anyone tell me what
the difference is between the music tracks used. The only
difference I can spot is a whistle used in the Rabobank
spot. What the...?

Radio master class...who the fuck was that?

Did any of you go to that Aussie radio meister's class a few months back? You know, the guy with a reel from about 1983 that was the poor cousin of anyone else who happened to be in the room. Just wanting to know who organised it really.

Was it this guy? "International creative expert and creator of the award-winning Australian radio brand campaign, Ralph van Dijk of Eardrum Australia will also talk at the Masterclass. Last month, Van Dijk’s agency, Eardrum International, won five awards at the UK 2006 Aerial Awards for radio advertising including the Gold, Silver and Bronze in the Best Directing category."

#1 in occasional series

Fairfax Cannes Young Creatives

It would be good if someone from Fairfax could explain to all the young creatives currently working in the New Zealand industry the thinking behind some of the more restrictive clauses they have put on their competition.

1. Why they have to be working for an agency. This excludes many, including teams on placement who are technically working for nothing or next to nothing anyway and are surely the ones who could most do with winning this sort of prize.

2. Why they have to have current NZ passports. There are lots of young foreign nationals working here.

3. Why the brief is the same as last year. A bit lazy?



NZI ad

Having finally seen this on the telly this morning we think it's far too close to 42 Below and really is a shitty rip-off. Whatever the nice Darryl says. Not just the animation style but the whole script basically is borrowed. This is Assignment, right? Not good.

Heidi x

Sorry bloogers, confusing AMP with NZI. AMP rips off an old joke.they are both acronyms.Easy mistake to make. So yeah, this must be from from Colenso who won the IAG business (State Insurance and NZI) when Walkers fell over last year.

H x

Crucial site

Thanks to AD for this link:


Monday, April 10, 2006

Blood on the street in Newmarket tonight

Don't forget - The MPA cordially invites you to attend the launch of Blood (the new magazine edited by Andy Blood, Group Creative Director TBWA\Whybin), and the announcement of the first winner of the Your Name On It competition (who will get to rename and edit the next issue). 6pm, Tuesday, 11 April 2006 Magazzino Newmarket, 6 Morrow St, across from Two Double Seven

Today's game


Ad School grad writes

Always good to get a letter from a friend overseas:

I kno I'm not into bragging and shit anymore but when you go home you
> can tell all those mother fuckers in ads you see that I'm working in
> art department in film in London. It's the only thing I want from
> you because I know you hang out with people like grant and jay and all
>all those arseholes. Just so they can't all bitch me out. NZ
> losers.

Fairfax Cannes Comp - get the brief

Fairfax's brief for their Cannes Young Creative competition can be uploaded at www.stuff.co.nz/youngcreative

The prize is a trip to the Cannes Lions in June 2006 for the team of two.

The judges for the Fairfax Young Creative Competition are Michael Prentice, Strategic Director at Meares Taine, who is also a member of the Media Jury for Cannes Lions, and Matty Burton, Creative Group Head at Saatchi & Saatchi, who is on the Direct Jury.

Judging will take place on 26th April 2006 and a function to announce the winning pair will be held on 27th April 2006.

- You must be born after 24 June 1977.
- You must be currently employed by a New Zealand agency.
- You must hold a current New Zealand passport (valid for over six months from June 2006).


I think what they meant to say was " you must have been born after 24 June 1977"

Guy In Charge Of Semantics

The new NZI ad

Well done Darrly Parsons from Consortium for this one.

I mean, to take the 42 Below idea and transcend it to an insurer
using the same idea, execution, and V/O style is brilliant.

Darryl Parsons says:

When I first talked to Geoff Ross about "putting pictures to radio ads" (which is what we called virals back in those days) I showed him some stuff that RATHERGOOD.COM were doing on the web as a reference. So if NZI have borrowed from 42 BELOW, then 42 BELOW were already borrowing from RATHERGOOD.COM who were borrowing from MONTY PYTHON stuff done in the 70's. It's part of what we do.

Personally I think it's great that whoever did it got a company like NZI to go there in the first place.

I like it when companies are brave enough to think a little differently.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

JWT bullshit?

Two of the nicest and most talented guys in Aussie advertising, Mick Hunter and Ian Morton have quit JWT Sydney after about 12 minutes. Lynchy doesn't pull any punches in this syndication from campaignbrief.blogspot.com:

CB hears that Mick Hunter has left the CD gig at JWT Sydney, together with art director partner Ian Morton, just three months after departing Whybin TBWA Sydney, where they had been for a year, after a highly successful decade as the top team at The Campaign Palace, Sydney.
When CB texted Hunter the question yesterday, "is it true?", Hunter replied "Yeah", but has not yet returned any voice calls.
When the CB Blog broke the story of their move to JWT in October last year, the pair were full of hope after being lured to the job by Aussie worldwide CD, Craig Davis. It's worth recalling the article as an example of what bullshit the "New JWT" is.

Now they are a CD team that would be great to have come over here. But that probably won't happen. Shame.

The payoff is dead. Long live the payoff.

Is it just me or have adverting payoff's/taglines become just sad
epitaphs to an era of advertising gone by? An age of simplity, where
the commercial led you singularly entranced to the memorably crafted
payoff - at which point the whole thing made sense with a giant
cash-register-murdering 'Ka-ching!' As an example,take the two latest
ads for Toyota, for the Yaris and new Rav-4. Yes nice ads. Yes lovable
ads even. Everyone remembers them, but can anyone remember what they
said at the end, or what they were trying to say? The Yaris ad
presents us with a lovely visual story about deft handling, and hits
us with a payoff about 'being really clever'. Then the Rav-4 shows us
two people who obviously want the Rav-4 all to themselves, but then
were hit with a 'you just want to get into it' or something in that
vein? What gives? Where the writers? Where's the 'Ka-ching!' Or have
payoff's these days just become feeble attempts to marry a good idea
to the brief that said something a little different? Sorry to pick the
Toyota example, but that's two in a row from a big-spending client out
of Saatchis from whom we should expect more attention to detail. Of
course there are loads of other examples. Pity about the 'Ka-ching!'
Isn't it still so very nice when it all does come together though?
Shame. Discuss.

Why your posts aren't posting automatically

Yes you can still do the email post thing to kiwicreatives.email@blogger.com and your post will end up on the front page of this blog - but we are holding them back to check each one before it goes up due to an increase in sad spam. So there may be delay before your post gets posted.

The one below is the sort of thing I eamn - let it go through because it has some interesting words which you may like to use in a meeting this week.

Hunt (not my real name)
nzcreative circle it

Agents compete for your refi!!

carbone %TRYIT chromosome %TRYIT protuberant %TRYIT scam %TRYIT phoebe %TRYIT ferrite %TRYIT very %TRYIT annulus %TRYIT discussant %TRYIT barbiturate %TRYIT zellerbach %TRYIT braggart %TRYIT chimeric %TRYIT britten %TRYIT bash %TRYIT crop %TRYIT lesson %TRYIT screech %TRYIT ace %TRYIT otter %TRYIT adjust %TRYIT balletic %TRYIT butterfly %TRYIT radiotelegraph %TRYIT checkerboard %TRYIT sorrel %TRYIT cretaceous %TRYIT collinear %TRYIT liverwort %TRYIT conundrum %TRYIT stun %TRYIT compensable %TRYIT aminobenzoic %TRYIT porcine %TRYIT
Keine email hier          %TRYIT conquest %TRYIT amplitude %TRYIT
%TRYIT colorimeter %TRYIT cot %TRYIT
%TRYIT claude %TRYIT calcutta %TRYIT
%TRYIT sucrose %TRYIT frizzle %TRYIT

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Are you after Blood?




The Magazine Publishers’ Association cordially invites you to attend the launch of Blood (the new magazine edited by Andy Blood, Group Creative Director TBWA\Whybin), and the announcement of the first winner of the Your Name On It competition (who will get to rename and edit the next issue).


6pm, Tuesday, 11 April 2006


Magazzino Newmarket, 6 Morrow St, across from Two Double Seven

Another Deputy gets his badge

From CB as scripted by Y&R:

Steve McCabe has been appointed to the deputy CD post at Y&R, Auckland, reporting to CD Jeneal Rohrback.
McCabe’s career started in London where he worked at BMP and Lowe; he moved on to do a stint at Australia’s George Patts, but decided New Zealand had better opportunities at Generator, Auckland. He joined Y&R Auckland after Generator’s merge with them last year.
Says Rohrback: “After Y&R’s enormous growth in the last six months it’s a relief and a great pleasure to have Steve working with me. He’s a very insightful, funny writer and has a lot to offer to our creative product. I can see us doing great things together”.
Says McCabe: “I’m very flattered by the appointment and look forward to doing great work with Jeneal and Y&R’s impressive list of clients”.

Correct me if I'm wrong...

The Rav4 print ad where the family float off down the river with out
paddles for their raft. Well, it appears to me as though the river's
flow has been reversed, so it now flows back towards the glacier. True?

Ad geek

Friday, April 07, 2006

Freckled vs Flawless - do we care?

That big billboard thingy on Ponsonby Rd counting the Yes or No texts - seems a bit try-hard to me. Looks like it could be desperately clawing its way towards some kind of whizzbang DM/Interactive/Outdoor/Insert Category Here award... I guess we'll all need to be patient puppies to see what the next exciting instalment will be (yawn).
PS: I might've got the concept wrong because the lights were green and I didn't get a chance to look at it properly.




Thursday, April 06, 2006

From those wonderful people who brought you link-testing...

In 1993, some American researchers did some...research. They asked 1001 Americans what their views were of "good art". A bit like what market researchers here do with ads and the like. Recruit people in a caravan at a shopping mall - you know how it works. Anyway, based on this insightful information, Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid created the perfect painting.

It's a painterly landscape featuring George Washington, a strolling family, deer and a bellowing hippo. And yeah, it's as nasty as it sounds. You don't want to see it.


Breaking News

Whybin/TBWA is changing its name to TBWA\Whybin. This is according to the Herald this morning, so it must be accurate. Note the forward-slash is now a back-slash. Or is it? Because in the last sentence the Herald referred to TBWA and used a forward-slash. Could someone from TBWA\Whybin or the Herald's sub-editing deptartment please clear this up quickly before any emails go astray.

Guy in Charge of Semantics

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spin Doctors a bit behind the news cycle

As reported on this blog last Friday morning. We wouldn't pay the bill if we were JWT.



Auckland, 5 April 2006 – JWT NZ announced today that it has signed Angus Hennah as the agency’s new Creative Director.

Angus Hennah from Clemenger BBDO in Wellington was profiled in 2005 as one of New Zealand’s brightest creative minds within the advertising industry.

John Gutteridge, General Manager, JWT NZ says that the agency is thrilled that Angus Hennah will be joining the Auckland-based team in a few weeks.

“I am delighted that Angus will be part of the team as the new Creative Director of JWT NZ. We are incredibly excited to have Angus on board. He epitomizes everything the new JWT stands for, especially in the high calibre of his work, his reputation and his attitude towards the business,” says Gutteridge.

Gutteridge also says that the search for the best Creative Director was well worth the wait.

“I strongly believe that JWT NZ is starting to achieve great things, and fundamental to this is having a solid partnership of vision and direction at the top. In Angus I very much know that I have found this partner. He has many excellent attributes but his ambition to succeed and his quest to settle for nothing short of exceptional has impressed me enormously.”

“JWT has fundamentally shifted in terms of its culture and outlook around the world none more so than in New Zealand. The emphasis on delivering a world-class creative product for our clients is now greater than ever. Undoubtedly Angus will play an integral part in delivering this as well as helping JWT realize its business growth.”

Angus will commence as Creative Director with JWT in early May.

For more information please contact:

John Gutteridge, General Manager, JWT NZ, Ph +64 9 379 9625

Julien Leys, JML Communications, Ph +64 9 358 2828

Need someone who can use words good.

Hello, I'm a Kiwi Art Director in London without a partner.
Does anyone know a copywriter in the same boat?


The new MSN Search Toolbar now includes Desktop search!

Hey Kiwi in London ; - send your contact details to:


and we'll see if anyone fronts up.

Best, heidi x

worstadsontv now live

worstadsontv is now live at http://worstadsontv.blogspot.com

You can nominate your most hated ads by the usual anon email post to:


If you have material to provide, send it to nzcreativecircle@gmail.com.

A writer, writes....

“Too many copywriters are crappy writers. The Copy School is a great way to dial up the importance of good writing in advertising early in people’s careers. Don’t even think about not being able to write. As long as people read, advertising will need people who can write; and write well; in many different voices. The Fairfax AWARD Copy School gives me some confidence there will be such people in the future.”

DDB Deputy CDs - first picture

This just in from Mango, DDB's PR unit. Reported Monday on this blog and CB.


DDB New Zealand has appointed Cannes Gold Lion winners Bridget Short and Regan Grafton joint Deputy Creative Directors.

The pair was responsible for the multi-award winning ambient and web campaign for nzgirl (Worst Boyfriend) including a Gold Lion in the Direct category at the 2005 Cannes advertising awards and Best in Show at last year’s Axis NZ creative awards.

Paul Catmur, DDB’s Executive Creative Director, says the appointment is in recognition of their consistent efforts across a number of clients including Durex, Hasbro, ACP magazines, nzgirl, Child Cancer Foundation and McDonald's.

“They are fun to have around, hungry to do great work, fully grasp integration and have the potential to go far. While I don't want to inhibit their ability to produce more great work, promotion gives them the chance to develop their leadership skills,” Paul says.

Bridget Short and Regan Grafton joined DDB in 2000 and 2003 respectively.

For further information, please contact:
Paul Catmur, DDB New Zealand, Tel: +649 303 4299

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

BBC podcasting trials

The bbc is getting into podcasting in a fairly big way right now and sparing no effort doing it - much of their programming is now available for download and this includes all daily radio shows and most specialist weekly shows. Some interesting stuff. Here's where to go:


They're available as XML feeds ( kind of RSS) so if you use the right broswer ( like Firefox) you can get updates delivered to your desktop automatically. More info:


Same for nzcreativecircle. We use RSS, and if you enable that feature, any new posts etc are automatically delivered to your desktop. No need to go looking.

For those of you running Mac OSX version 4 or later you can get useful widgets for this sort of thing for free from apple.com.

hunt ( not my real name)
nzcc it


Hunt ( not his real name ) is currently preparing an article on The Living Web, which is apparently what nzcreativecircle is. He has also cleared the paper jam on my fax machine, so I owe him one. But just one.

Heidi x

worstadsontv - coming soon

In an attempt to pre-empt Fair Go, and get a real feeling for what is truly shit, nzcreativecircle is establishing a sister site.

Well, not so much a sister site as a weird second cousin who came to stay for a summer while her Mum was in Carrington getting ECT.

To that end, we're calling for your nominations for worstadsontv. This will be a running blog devoted to low budget rubbish. To the worst examples of creative skills money can buy. To mindless strategy and lazy suiting. To appalling production values and the stupidity of clients.

In short - we think it'll go off like a media chick at a CAANZ do.

Please email any ideas or nominations or, even better, examples as mpegs to:



nzcreativecircle research dept.

Kodak Gongs deadline now April 11

The Kodak Gongs have extended their deadline two weeks, and is now 4pm, April 11, 2006. Must have been a lack of entries...or, as CB put it:

"The extension is a result of the recent announcement of The Gongs inclusion in CB Asia’s Creative Rankings and the resultant level of interest in entering in this year
from a dramatically increased number of agencies and production companies throughout Asia.

The 2006 Kodak Gongs Award Program recognizes excellence in the ideas and craft of commercial moving images in Asia Pacific.
Also this year The Kodak Gongs have introduced four new award categories to increase the award chances of entries that are based upon local cultures and plays on local language or visuals.:

They are:
Best of North Asia
Best of North East Asia
Best of South East Asia
Best of Pacific
Aimed to cover entry from all facets of Production, Production Design, Animation and
Post Production, Advertising Agencies, New Media, and Online Developers within the
Asia- Pacific region, The Gongs will recognise excellence in the craft and ideas of the commercial moving image.
The Kodak Gongs Call for Entry is now open and closes on April 11, 2006. Entries can
be submitted online: www.thegongs.org

The Kodak Gongs are judged in two rounds by panels of experts from the Asia Pacific
Region and the rest of the world. The round one judging panel includes the following:
Round 1 Australia & New Zealand judge’s will be available on The Kodak Gongs
website, with Asian Representatives to follow shortly.
Visit www.the gongs.org"

This is only really a year or so old and is really not aimed at creatives as such - Mandy Kennedy got one last year though - but it is important for the techies so hopefully it will be well supported by Kiwi film cos and post houses etc.

Links maybe worth a look, from Tribal DDB

Courtesy of Erik at Tribal DDB NZ, who spends precisely 7 minutes every week compiling this free service:
Supersize me (with whiskey)

Alabama leprechaun or crack adict?

The Chronicles of Narnia rap battles:
The original SNL skit...
the West Coast reply...
from the midwest...
and from Cambridge

Ron Burgandy ESPN Audition tape


Real Ultimate Power

BSB - two Asian kids who started an internet phenomenon (there are hundreds of these)

This month's stupidist game

Crazy Legos

A bunch of celebs with myspace pages (check out k-fed's)

Tribal DDB, New Zealand

Oktober just got betterer

Auckland post and visual effects facility, Oktobor has hired Natalie Waithe as Facility Manager, direct from her role as Visual Effects Producer at The Mill in London. She was Head of Scheduling prior to that, and apparently headed a team which set up The Mill's operation in New York. So she's probably quite flash. Always good to see clever people coming down here to do some good work.

We've dialled up our filtering

nzcreativecircle doesn't usually get much spam making it through word-verification especially compared to CB - but last night we have at least half a dozen pieces of gibberish turn up. They got caught in the filters, and were deleted before even making it to the front page. It takes quite a bit of effort for spammers to do this, which is kind of sad. It can't be done by a machine. Anyway, we've taken steps at the back end to improve security even more. The next step of course would be to require verifications from users and this is somethign we would rather not do.

hunt ( not my real name)
nzcreativecircle it

Xtraordinary Nonsense

Can someone please explain what is extraordinary about 256k internet access and why it justifies 3 full colour pages in the metropolitan dailies? Should it even be called broadband? This is surely advertising at its worst, fooling  most of the people etc...

Monday, April 03, 2006

Something funny from Lynchy


From Sky TV UK. A live action intro to the Simpsons. When we downloaded from YouTube it was running at about 5 million views.


Caxtons include NZ and will be in NZ

We've been hoping for this for a long time and it has happened. Reported by Lynchy on campaignbrief.blogspot.com:

"Caxton chairman Tom Moult has confirmed that the Caxton Awards will accept entries from New Zealand for the first time ever and that this year's Awards and Seminar will take place on the weekend of 22 to 24 September in Queenstown.
Moult said that both the jury and the speaker lineup from now on will include Kiwis, reflecting the true trans Tasman nature of the event. Moult said he, along with major sponsors News Limited and Fairfax "were all delighted" that NZ was included in the Caxtons.
As a result of this development, the Caxtons will be included in the CB Creative Rankings next year."

Pretty pic of Queenstown goes here.

Grey's new CD makes first key hiring

Art Director Mandy Kennedy ex DDB Sydney and lately a freelancer at DDB Auckland is joining Hywel James at Grey Auckland.

Kennedy and James worked together at DDB before he took the Grey job and their work together included the " What are you running from" illustrative campaign for VW Touareg.

Wanna buy an Optus satellite?


Grafton and Short new Deputy CDs at DDB

This hasn't been confirmed, but that's the word.

DDB's Mortensen back home to the US

DDB Deputy CD Gerald Mortensen flew out of New Zealand for Chicago on Saturday muttering something about making a documentary about his beloved Green bay Packers and doing other interesting shit.

This leaves DDB without a Deputy CD for the time being. It will be interesting to see who is called to fill those shoes. And indeed whether they have heels.

heidi xx

Axis - in case you didn't get it the fifth time

New from Caanz, more Axis spam:

To enter online click here.

Entries close Thursday 4.00pm 20th April 2006.

Campaigns launched between
1 March 2005 and 28 February
2006 are eligible for entry.

If you do not wish to receive further information on the 26th AXIS Awards please click here to unsubscribe.


It's not further information., It's just exactly the same information. And it's a piss off. Please tell us something we don't know.

Uncle Crusher
Nzcreativecircle security.

Good morning - busy weekend on the bloog

Lots of traffic through the fax over the weekend. Ran out of paper on Sunday night. Make sure you have a look. If you have any new work or compromising jpegs etc you'd like to share with the bloog, please fax me:


Heidi x

BNZ Piggy banks

Is it a campaign? How long will it last? Please discuss.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

VW vs Mini

Re. the post on Friday - could somebody please scan this and faxheidi@gmail as we don't buy Mr Lurzer's archive because it's too expensive and the krauts favour art direction over ideas. Oops....

H xx

If you want to learn how to write for advertising you must go to Sydney

Or Melbourne. In May.

Writing for advertising ( what D&AD used to call copywriting) is not a skill currently being taught in NZ at any level and certainly not by the local ad schools judging by the quality of the writing we see. Here's what to do:


The 2nd annual Fairfax AWARD Copy School commences in May, so if you’re a young writer and serious about wanting to be an effective, creative copywriter, come and learn from some of the best in the business.
Sydney: May 8 to 12.
Melbourne: May 22 to 26.
Mornings only. Register now with Alma Kettles at AWARD.
Tel: (02) 9281 8004.
Email: alma@awardonline.com

“Thanks to email and blogging, the power of the written word has come full circle – and we’re seeing that come to life in campaigns for brands like Tesco in the UK – and our recent Elle Macpherson book of stories. When you are relying on just words to engage someone or communicate an idea, it forces you to be very clear about what your idea actually is. Copy School is an opportunity to learn how to think more individual and original thoughts and put those thoughts into action. Now, in particular, I’d say a course like this is invaluable.”
Jonathan Kneebone,
The Glue Society, Sydney

posted by lynchy @ 1:15 AM

Courtesy of our colleagues at campaignbrief.blogspot.com

Nanny wanted

For gorgeous nearly 3 year old boy a couple of days a week. Perhaps more. Depends on the courts. If you know someone really good, who likes reading and  going to the zoo a lot, please pass on this email address and phone no:

+64 29 979 7789

Madness from regulatory bodies Part 2.

The fictitious thirstfighters from Saatch for DB Export Gold have escaped the fireman's axe from the ASC which did not uphold 3 complaints.

Now - whether you like them's not the issue.

The code for liquor advertising says alchol ads must not refer to identifiable heroes or heroines of the young.

The board ruled that, although the Fire Service engaged in heroic acts from time to time ( yup, like rescuing people and putting out fires and cutting people out of car wrecks etc) it did not fall into this category. Of being heroes or heroines. Of the young.

Why is it that such different standards are applied to ads than are applied to regular tv where you can get away with saying the "C" word any old time.

TVCAB ( which is just a thing run by the channels and has no basis in legislation) gives us opinions on every script and the finished job which are a complete fucking waste of time because their decisions are meaningless and not enforecable. This is charged for, by the way. Just comes off your production budget. Totally useless.

We think the ASC should ban the " Smash!!! If it's broken, call Winstone Glass ad", because it is audio pollution and frightens our children and animals on every, very frequent playing - and also the nauseatingly punny " We've got Shiploads of cars" the kind of nasty, low budget things which pollute out televisual environments every morning and evening. Or just hike up the rates so they are unaffordable. Media??

It only takes one or two letters ( usually only one, from Mortified of Mount Roskill) to get them on the case, so we'll provide you with the address soon and you can get complaining.


Madness from regulatory bodies Part 1.

Tragic news, bloogers : The Lynx Mile High Club work from Lowes somewhere overseas somewhere featuring Brazillian models has been ruled offensive and axed by the Ad Stadards Complaints Authority.

This is after complaints from unspecified womens' groups.

Apparently the Lynx commercials exploit and degrade women and are likely to cause serious offense.

I personally see nothing wrong with a short skirt and a little Wonderbra and this is why I had a couple of bit parts in 5th Element.

Clearly these people, they have not seen how people are dressing for work these days. At agencies, anyhow.

Heidi x

April Fools Day

Didn't see many ads on Saturday morning which were obviously hoaxes. Once upon a time this was a rich area to be mined by clever writers playing pranks on gullible readers. Thought this one may have been. But apparently it's real. Or is it? Buggered if we knowreally. But someone thought enough of their work to send it over to campaignbrief.blogspot.com where the punters have been kind so far. Another in the "missing" series of creative executions currently in vogue in Auckland, as pointed out by one of our contributers the other day. Comments?


Creative Careers

The people behind Idealog magazine ( issue 2 out now, issue 3 not far away, get your copy from the supermarket or Magazzino) have a website. As you'd expect. It's full of useful information, op-eds and think-pieces for anyone part of the creative economy - and it includes a selection of jobs currently going in various design, publishing and especially the interactive/digital media arena.



A Zimbabwe creative writes...

frank.j. zuma

More options Mar 31 (2 days ago)


I know that this message will come to you as a surprise since we do not know each other before, but for purpose of introduction,
I AM MR MARK NKURUMA OF ZIMBABWE the elder son of late MR MARTIN NKURUMA, of Masingo Province of Zimbabwe. This might be a surprise to you about where I got your contact address. I got your address from the Internet, Webster of South African on my Search for a reliable person who can help my family in this problem.
During the current war against the farmers in Zimbabwe from the supports of our President Robert Mugabe, to claim all the white-owned farms to his party members and his followers, he ordered all white farmers to surrender all their farms to his party members and his followers.
My father was one of the rich farmers who where not in support of President Mugabe's ideas. President Mugabe's, supporters invaded my father's farm and burnt everything in the farm, killing my father and made away with a lot of items in my father's farm. Before my father’s death he made it known to me that he has deposited with one of the Security Company in Johannesburg, South Africa the sum of US$15 Million (Fifteen Million United States Dollars). As GOLDEN IMMAGE (AFRICAN ARTWORK) that was meant to ship to his friend abroad.
After his death we decided to move to the Republic of South Africa where he had deposited the money in the Security Company because his murderers are also after us. After reading about you on the internet I believe that somebody like you will be capable of handling this kind of transaction so I decided to contact you to assist us to transfer this found out of South Africa because as we were (Refugee) Asylum seekers we are limited in so many areas, we are not allowed to operate any bank transaction within South Africa.
Besides that my family and I would like you to assist us on any profitable business we can invest this found on, in your country. We have agreed to offer you 20% of the total sum for your assistance, 10% will be mapped out for any expenses that we may incurred in the course of this transaction and 70% will be for my family and me.
I have all the documents that was use to deposited this found and are willing to send then to you by fax, if you are willing to assist us. Kindly furnish me with your personal phone and fax numbers for easy communication. And you can contact me on the above Telephone number or send me email. The most important thing I need from your side now, before we can start the process of this transaction is that you have to give me 100% assurance and be ready to go into agreement with me that on receiving this fund base into your nominated bank account, that you will not have midis of plain and cheating over our share. If you agree to my terms.
I assure you that this transaction is 100% risk free and absolutely confidential. Thanks for your anticipated co-operation.
Yours faithfully,

Personally, we think Frank should enter one of the many cash-based media awards schemes and we have emailed back to him this information. That's what we're fucking well here for.

Uncle Crusher

nzcreativecircle security.

More free money to be won - $10,000 and trip to London

The LIA is not going to look great in your CV ( it's not one of the top 5 awards and a bit like Mobius to be frank) but hey - they're giving away bucks and travel:

"The London International Awards has released details of their young creatives competition for this year. The entry deadline is June 30th, 2006.
There is a young creatives competition as well as Student categories. US$10,000 will go to the individual or creative team that wins, plus the winner will receive a trip to London to attend the 2006 Annual Awards Presentation scheduled for November 2006. The trip will include airfare and hotel accommodations. The jury panel will be comprised of renowned advertising professionals, elected officials and political commentators from across the globe. Entrants are asked to create an Interactive, Print/Press, Radio or TV advertisement or website. Target audience teens to 30 year olds.
See www.liaawards.com for all the details."

This is $10 K US by the way - which makes it real money you can use anywahere in the world.

Tui Billboards

To see what people outside the ad industry think of beer advertising and the Tui billboard campaign as it currently is, have a look in this week's Listener - Douglas Jenkins Wright has a few observations to make and opinions to share on page 52. It may surprise some of you. He also talks about Heineken.

Doesn't mean it's gospel. But interesting to have informed opinion. Not just PR.

Mike O' off to D&AD

Saatchi NZ ECD Mike O'Sullivan arrived in London this weekend for the D&AD Congress which begins Monday - the first time in D&AD's history they have invited judges from NZ and Australia.

Mike O' will be on the Writing for Judging jury ; what they used to call Copywriting, but no longer do.

If you've ever tried to explain to someone (usually a relative) what you do and said you're a copywriter and they say " what do you copy?" you'll understand completely.

especially if they then ask you if you think up the slogans.


( Intersting detail - Mike O is an art director, if it came to fist-fight)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Everyone's going to Cannes

Jamie and Josh from MTC are the latest creatives to a lig a free trip to Cannes. Theirs is courtesy of Look for Look's billboard competition.

Apparently this was the best billboard produced in NZ in 2005 according to Look; we don't know who decided this. It's not that bad....but...it ain't, you know. Cannes material.

Anyway, Josh and jamie get the free trip so good on them.

Anyway, this is part of long-term strategy by Auckland creatives to take as much money as possible off New Zealand media orgaisations and get lots of free stuff. Especially trips.

They will join many of their peers up there and will of course have the right - if they elect to exercise it - to join Monsieur Lynchy in a naked run along La Croisette if Big Ad fails to win Best of Show. He promised! We have it in writing!


Lynchy says:

Steady on there, NZCC, Monsieur Lynchy here. This is what you have in writing from September 7 last year:

"I suspect it will win Gold or Silver at AWARD, Clio, The One Show and Cannes (perhaps even Grand Prix or Best of
Show at one of those), and Silver (or Silver Nomination) at D&AD...
...Let's compare notes in June next year."

One down (two Gold Pencils at AWARD), three to go.


But he did say he would run naked down La Croisette. Can't remember the context...


Update: A selection of comments regrading Cuisine and Masggie from Australians:

Award Man said...

The Cuisine campaign is dull and boring. Has been for years, never won a gong anywhere outside NZ.
4:25 PM
Anonymous said...

It was better art directed years ago when Jeremy Taine worked on it, but essentially it doesn't get better than this. It's not like the UK Economist campaign, it's not clever at all. It's just a quiet little campaign no one give a second thought about, really.
4:31 PM
Anonymous said...

Finally, an objective Kiwi. How refreshing.
4:34 PM
Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the campaign for years, but I used to work in publishing and I know the work did wonders for Cuisine sales, which, award boy, are far more important than any fucking gong.
4:41 PM
Award Man said...

Latest sales down to a mere 69,000, not like the good old days when you were in publishing old boy.
5:14 PM
Anonymous said...

this ad is baaaaa!d. Sorry shit pun, shit ad