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Friday, March 31, 2006


New bar, well old bar re opened.
Come along, they have ad wanker drinks at ad wanker prices.
Discounts for placement teams.
The hot girls from The Paddington come there.
It's across the road from the Supper Club on Pitt St.
Gets busy after midnight so come for a quiet b4 then, or stay at home and
pop party pills.
You crazy cats.


Ads Suffocate Yesterday's Fastline

Did anyone notice that in yesterday's Fastline that three-quarters was advertising - and the editorial had to scream & yell to be noticed around it? Reading the editorial was like trying to navigate your way through the Takapuna markets on a Sunday morning - a bloody nightmare!
I realise that advertising is the life-blood of any publication, and without it we wouldn't have jobs... but surely the primary reason we read it is for the news - not the advertising?


Angus Hennah new CD at JWT Auckland

The longest recruitment exercise ever in advertising history has apparently ended with the appointment of Angus Hennah to the CD's role at JWT Auckland. JWT began talking to creatives in the late 60's about this position and have talked to just about everyone at least once.

It's good that they have finally made a decision.

Angus is currently at Clemenger in Welly where he does really good work and this is expected to continue when he moves to Auckland.



( picture of Angus Hennah, 36, courtesy of Michael Lynch's extensive private collection of digital images which probably rivals Corbis ( which is owned by Bill Gates) and is certainnly more interesting.)

Wanna go to Cannes on Fairfax? Young?

Recent PR from Fairfax on CB's bloig:

The search is on for New Zealand’s leading young creatives…

If you think you’ve got what it takes, log on to www.stuff.co.nz on Friday 7 April for the brief.
This is your chance for you and a team-mate to be named Fairfax Media Young Creative of the Year, and win a trip for to the Cannes Lions 53rd International Advertising Festival in June 2006.

Once there, you will have the chance to showcase your talent to the world as New Zealand’s representative in the international ‘Young Creative’ competition. You will be up against the best young creatives in the world, competing against teams from over 30 countries for a sought after Cannes Lion – the highest accolade for any creative person anywhere in the world.
The NZ Challenge
Entry is in teams comprising of one art director/graphic designer and one copywriter. You will have exactly two weeks to combine creativity and leadership skills to develop a print ad.
Judging will take place on the week commencing 24th April 2006 and a function to announce the winning pair will be held on the 27th April 2006.
The winning pair will then travel to Cannes in June, courtesy of Fairfax Media to compete for top international honours.
You must be born after 24 June 1977.
You must be currently employed by a New Zealand agency.
You must hold a current New Zealand passport.
Diary These Dates
7 April 2006: Competition opens, brief available from www.stuff.co.nz
21 April 2006: Competition closes
24 & 26 April 2006:n Judging
27 April 2006: Function to announce winner
18 – 24 June: Cannes International Advertising Festival, France

Taine to replace Worthington

...on the Clio judging panel.

From campaignbrief.cblogspot.com

"Publicis Mojo, Auckland's Nick Worthington was selected the NZ judge for the Clios this year but unfortunately, due to work commitments was unable to attend. So he's passed the mantle on to MTC Auckland chief Jeremy Taine, who's off Stateside tomorrow to Palm Springs for a week of full-on judging".

Blog running itself

We've all been out of the office for a couple of days having a break so the bloog has been a self-regulating organism - which is the ultimate idea anyway. Interesting to see what has been faxed onto it during that time. We hope to do this much more often in the future. Remember, you can post anything at all on here - great if you want to put your real name to it, choose a fake one if you don't. Anonymous if you must.

Must go now - it's lunchtime and it's Friday.

H x

Mini vs VW golf

Page 22 of the latest Archive mag. Oh dear. Rich, fire them, whoever
it was, replace them with someone from England. Apparently they're
really good.

senior interactive creative required...

...must be experienced with both online advertising creative and site design work, possess reasonable project management skills, team player, moderately presentable, turn up occasionally, blah blah.
we have a decent client roster and plenty of potential to grow that further, a nice compact full-service digital specialist team and support from management to get out there and expand the business.  we even win the odd award.
contact me for more info tom.osborne@mediaonline.co.nz

Thursday, March 30, 2006

"Missing" street posters

First was the missing goldfish (pet food), then the missing piggy
banks (BNZ) and now the missing attractive women (?). All running
simultaneously. Maybe some people should be taking "creative" off
their business cards.

What's up with chicks in girl-on-girl pornos that blow each others strap-ons?

Surely it's an exercise in futility...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Incredibile but apparently true

The visit to NZ for less than 24 hours by British PM Tony Blair and the Mrs is only the third by a British PM in 100 years. Nice day for it though...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Who made those arse ads for Crown lager

Whoever you are you should be banned from breathing. Come on, come on own
up somebody!

Find the coolest online games @ http://xtramsn.co.nz/gaming

New from Curious

Darryl’s Latest Linked Below:



One for Breast Cancer / One for the Red Cross. Keen to know your thoughts....

If you have a chance, please also check out Darryl’s “Jockey” on the SHOTS #93 DVD.

Thanks & Best

Pete Grasse


What's the trustpower ad all about?

Can someone enlighten me?

Maybe it wasn't even Truspower..can't remember the brand..unless I try
really hard......still confused about the lights going on on a due date...


Am I missing something?



Need more speed? Get Xtra Broadband @

I knew those meat ads that won at Cannes were based on something similar but
this is ridiculous.


Need more speed? Get Xtra Broadband @

Monday, March 27, 2006

Familiar argument?

From CB:


Sydney vs Melbourne: Which city puts on the best show?
Monday morning discussion.

Bit of confusion.

Could the agencies that used to do the Herald's advertising please put their hands up. Just the last one or two. There seems to be some confusion as to who was reponsible for the Herald's complete lack of anything decent ad-wise until recently. Maybe they did it themselves. Please enlighten the blog.


As you may or may not have noticed, nzcreativecircle supports the NZ Child Cancer Foundation. That's our charity of choice - not that they've seen much money from us yet but hopefully they will a little further down the road.

This is their annual appeal week and they only really get one shot at this:

Go to www.fightthemonster.org.nz

Enjoy a nice creative website, maybe donate a little, and flick the address around your email network. Thanks bloogers.

H x

Skippy sent you a video!

Hello kiwicreatives.email@blogger.com,

Skippy wants to share the following video with you:

Video description:
Sam Neill stars in a commercial for Red Meat

Personal message:
New from CP over in Oz but starring one of our own so we what do you reckon eh? Courtesy of campaignbrief.blogspt.com


YouTube - Broadcast yourself. Watch and share your videos worldwide!
Copyright © 2006 YouTube, LLC

Advice from a Very Senior Creative Director in Auckland.

Who must of course remain anonymous. But it's true.

'You always find that it's six percent of people who want to take out the scene that 84 per cent of people will find funniest.'

John Cleese on the editing of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Commonwealth Games Wrap-up

1. If the athletes were giving each other Golden Showers during competition nights, imagine what last night's after party was like. No, don't.

2. Insult + injury : During the closing ceremony one of the keynot songs was " Don't Dream It's Over" sung by an Aussie sheila like it was Waltzing Matilda

That's enough about that.

Water sports fan of Milford

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Too late - we've booked Jimmy Carr

For an ad we haven't written yet. Faxed Hannah tonight. Done deal. Sorry. All over bar the paperwork. And he's now going to be contributing to the blog as Funniest Fucker We've Heard in Years.

We feel it's best to start the week with a bit of a laugh. God knows you're going to need it after WIPs this morning. And by lunchtime seratonin levels will be well in deficit. So we will try to make Monday mornings a little more amusing. Or not. Depends on whether you have a sense of humour.

Without any permissions whatsoever we reproduce here an excerpt from a recent interview betweem Jimmy Carr and, doesn't matter really. So we've imagined he's talking to Someone like Susan Woods on TVNZ. One of those sorts. If you prefer you can imagine Judy Bailey doing this interview. Or Mark Sainsbury. Whatever floats your boast. Anyway, Susan's imaginary interview with Jimmy Carr. Out of the ad break:

Susan: My special guest tonight, all the way from London, Jimmy Carr. Great to have you here.

Jimmy: Great to be here.

Susan:  Can I ask you first of all, what  do you think about fame?

Jimmy:  Well I'm glad you've asked me that. A lot of people get their first little taste of fame and they let it go to their heads. They end up in the Priory Clinic talking about themselves in the third person. Let me assure you Jimmy Carr's not going to let that happen.

Susan:   So...who would you most like to sleep with. Anyone, living or dead.

Jimmy:.    Anyone living.

Susan is visibly wetting herself. Possibly with fear though. Carr turns to the camera and says:

Jimmy: This could take a while.

Susan:    What is your greatest regret.

Jimmy:   Well, they say you should remember the things you have done, not the things you haven't done, but   anyway my greatest regret is something I didn't do. A girl called Barbara.

Jimmy:   Excuse me, do I look like a wifebeater now because she's crying?

Susan remains in a paroxism of laughter. And tears.

Jimmy:   I think I might be giving her an orgasm. Not sure. I've never seen it before. Got no frame of reference.

Susan: Don't worry, you're not.

Jimmy:  It would appear Susan, I've got the skills to pay the bills.

They go hastily into an ad break. When Susan returns she's taken some tranks and make-up have brought out the Visine. She's composed-ish.

Susan:   Which words or phrases do you most overuse.

Jimmy:   Hello I'm Jimmy Carr.  All I'm saying is....  When you think about it... Can I park here?

Is it in yet?

Susan dissolves into tears of giggles again and consults the questions a researcher prepared from a 1989 copy of a New Idea interview with Paula Abdul.

Susan:   Where do you get your ideas from?

Jimmy:   The cerebellum usually or it could be the frontal cortex. I'm not sure.

Susan:   How do you relax?

Jimmy:   I put Smarties tubes on cats legs and make them walk like a robot.  If I'm really tense I make them go down the stairs. They get a bit confused.

Susan:    Yeah...

Jimmy:   A cat looking confused is brilliant.

Susan:    Okay..

Jimmy:   Little face....

Susan:    What makes you angry?

Jimmy:   When I can't get the lid off the Valium.

Susan:   Which historical figure do you most admire?

Jimmy:  Joan of Arc. Lovely tits.

Susan:   What's the one thing you'd like to do before you die?

Jimmy:  Kylie.

Material copyright Jimmy Carr 2001-200now sometime. We can't put a little copyright thingie on this today for some reason. Bugger it.


Peter Cook (deceased)
nzcreative circle comedy division

The numbers people are quite liking...

The metrics for this blog. Since it started we've served around 80,000 pages. Since January 26 PCT ( that's US, we use US metrics provided by Google AdSense, who pay us money to have their advertisers on this blog) the date Lynchy uses for his metrics ( January 27 Aussie ECT) we have served 25,357 pages. That's as of this minute tonight. The numbers thorugh in March have been staggering. This blog now consistently has about 60% of CB's traffic. Which is quite bloody remarkable considering Lynchy's blog is Australasian and beyond, and we are essentially only Auckland. And Wellington. (Haven't heard much from Christrchurch - come in the South Island, hello...)

International traffic is, we estimate, now about 10% and rising thanks to search engines and bots and agents etc. And of course content Content is King.. Thanks for that, bloggers. You write good shit.

This number of servings may not seem like much compared with big, mass consumer sites but remember this is a very niche audience. Tiny industry really. Probably why this blog gets so bitchy. Clearly there was a need for this outlet.

Because we know bloody well a few people are looking quite hard at this right now. Well you can't have it. It's...you know, for creatives only. And of course, for the kids. Ultimately.

Right enough boring grown-up stuff. Back to the bitching and slagging. Do your worst.


The punters are quite liking...

Togs...togs...undies for Trumpet from Colenso. Came Tip Top of the dodgy AdMedia/Smile City top 10 in the last issue - number one with a bullet as we researchers used to like to say, so nobody could understand what the fuck we were talking about.

Best Ads on TV like it too. Which means it's probably quite likeable, and that ain't a bad thing in an ad. Thing.

Bet it never went anywhere near a Link-test. Would have rooted it completely.

Never have understood the methodology of this top 10, but they seeme to have changed it ( or they are no longer interviewing at old-folks homes) because we're no longer seeing Telecom Animals and other relics appearing in the top slots. Still, we suspect Smile City's ( Annoying fuckers who pop up on every single web search you do) days are numbered as are those infuriating phone calls at dinner time as new and more interesting tools come on-line and blow them away with Web 2.0 based interactive thingies. Perhaps. Who can predict the future?

nzcreativecircle research dept

We're quite liking....

The NZ Herald campaign. Keep noticing it on Metrolites or AdShels or whatever the hell they're called these days when walking to or from lunch at Prego. Bus stops. Where buses stop. Lit at night. Much more attractive than they used to be. Junior creatives will probably be very familiar with them - otherwise they'd never be able to afford to get to work. More senior creatives may remember them from their youth. ( Buses are those big smelly things that pull out in front of your Touareg or Merc or Rangies, full of strange looking people from suburbs you never go to. You know, consumers.) Anyway. It's the first time we've ever seen a decent, witty campaign for the country's biggest newspaper so well done FCB.

Probably won't win anything at Axis, but should shift a few newspapers. Which is probably the intention. Good writing too... Need more of that.


Saturday, March 25, 2006

Meet the staff - collect a set # 4 Uncle Crusher

Uncle Crusher is a Gemini whose hobbies include crushing things, drinking bourbon (which he makes himself) drinking Sailor Jerry Rum ( which he imports via the interweb from the US) and designing tattoos. Crusher is in charge of security here at nzcreativecircle. He was formerly a doorman at the Ace of Clubs in the Northern Liberties District of Philthy, PA. Originally from Pittsburgh, Crusher failed to graduate from High School but did do quite well in Auto Shop. He is pictured relaxing in the meticulously decorated snug/Texas hold'em room of his Grey Lynn towing yard. Which has a great indoor/outdoor flow and may soon be featured in a Sunday magazine.

Jimmy Carr - genius

Somebody sent us an anonymous mp3 of this guy. Have no idea who. Never met him before. Don't know what you're talking about. It appears to have been ripped from a live stage show in London.

We wet our pants so hard, we laughed.


Hunt ( not his real name) would burn you a copy if he was allowed to, but he isn't because that would be an infringement of several different types of IP, plus moral copyright as well. And we are quite hot on that. Ideas are all you've got. So anyway - if you want your own copy you'll have to go to Amazon and buy one.


Update: If any agency is interested in procuring the services of Mr Carr for a client or for their Xmas party, he can be contacted through Hannah Chambers Management:

23 Long Lane

+ 44 207 796 3588

Due to his current popularity, this may cost a few hundred thousand pounds sterling but would probably be worth every....penny.


Person whose job it is to find out this sort of stuff for you
nzcreativecircle research dept

Friday, March 24, 2006

Mainstream media is shite

Tonight’s Feature Entertainment on your TV

7.30: America’s Stupidest Nonentity

Revel in the repartee as 10 carefully selected nonentities bicker and bitch.

8.30: I’m Obese!

We found someone who eats five kgs of lard every day. We spent six months filming this person.

9.00: Did You See What That Fuckwit Driver Just Did!

Man, he totally cut in front of that white car! What an idiot!

10.00: CSI <insert city here>

Generic crime franchise. Moody, boring.

Decree Nisi

lynchy said...

"The CB Hot + Cold Chart is, like the Pope, absolutely infallible. It's been right every year since it started so probably will be again this year. I think most of the agencies in the Red Zone will do OK, including Publicis Mojo (and those illustrated NZ Coastguard print ads that caused such a blog fuss will pick up I'm sure). But let's revisit this debate at the end of the award season in June - agree?"

New and good from Tribal DDB


Please make a donation and pass it around your network.

Hi: from Johannes


I am a conceptor from Amsterdam, who is graduated from the Hallo� Academy
for applied creativity and concept creation, Amsterdam. I later completed
an internship at KesselsKramer in Amsterdam

Then did stints at many Amsterdam agencies before becoming freelance in

I am coming to NZ and I think there are not many jobs for concept makers


Don�t just search. Find. Check out the new MSN Search!

is it hard for a suit to get into the creative department

If someone had been a suit for a few years, andd thought they could do a
better job at making up ads than their creative dept, whats the best way to
get hired as a writer?

Express yourself instantly with MSN Messenger! Download today - it's FREE!

Michael Prentice off to Cannes

Self-promoting suits can stay off the nzcreativecircle blog, please, but we welcome inputs from good planners. Always do

Michael Prentice is one of these. There are a few in town. He's a genuinely creative strategic thinker ( currently SD at MTC) and good bloke and that'll be why he has been selected to represent NZ on the jury for the Cannes Media Lions. Reported on campaignbrief.blogspot.com recently.

Nice one.


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Keeping it clean has clearly worked.

We asked you to keep it clean for a few days. You did. Clearly, certain strong emotions were repressed during this holding period. We appreciate the fact you all toed the line during what was, for many writers, obviously a difficult time . Lusty, Trusty and indeed Busty are all over it now, as I fax.

We have thought about putting nzsuitcircle back up. But, yeah, nah.


Who needs a new CEO?

We wanted to put the file attached to this on a site so you could view it but we decided not to because it's... got TVNZ copyright all over it, basically. The WMV, that is. Email them to get a copy.

Uncle Crusher
nzcc security.



The Centre for the Advancement of Superior Female Experiences continues on our quest and needs your help.

Last week we published our list of instantly dumpable offences.  This week we hope that the provision of this movie will give the boys a good study guide for kissing perfection.  Please pass on to as many males as possible.

Best wishes



Centre for the Advancement of Superior Female Experiences

CAUTION: This e-mail and any attachment(s) contains information that
is intended to be read only by the named recipient(s). It may contain
information that is confidential, proprietary or the subject of legal
privilege. This information is not to be used by any other person
and/or organisation. If you are not the intended recipient, please
advise us immediately and delete this e-mail from your system. Do not
use any information contained in it.

For more information on the Television New Zealand Group, visit us
online at http://www.tvnz.co.nz

New blog strategy: Go to lunch. Stay there.

Having yesterday afternoon off worked so well, we thought we'd take today off as well. So we did. It's bloody brilliant this publishing...gig. Stayed offline all day. When we got back to our fax machine this evening, we were delighted to see that the blog had been filled with much happy, good natured and extremely chirpy banter between lovely nzcreatives. This a healthy thing. Like saunas and birch-whipping where I come from. It improves the circulation.

As for the suit issue, well... Sad.

Some of the older contributers may recall nzcreativecircle did set up a nzsuitcircle.blogspot.com in the early days of this blog thing but none came.

So it went. Waste of good fax paper.

Tomorrow we will go out on the harbour on a big boat and stay there until well after work.

H xx

Calendar girls?

Someone suggested that we should do an agency calandar girls thing and donate the money to a charity.  What happened to this? It sounded like a mint idea to me.

This transmission is confidential and intended
solely for the person or organization to whom
it is addressed.  It may contain privileged and
confidential information.  If you are not the
intended recipient, you should not copy,
distribute or take any action in reliance on it.

If you have received this transmission in error,
please notify the sender at the e-mail address above.

Well hungover

The blog team took the afternoon off yesterday - this rare event was extended well into the evening to be accurate - and today we have sore heads and a couple of niggly posts we're not sure about. (That is not a euphemisim, by the way) I am going off to get Uncle Crusher a wheatgrass shot and a large liver-lover and then we will examine the overnight faxes.

Heidi X

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Finally - someone putting their money where their mouths are!

I just bought some tyres from Firestone Direct and was really impressed.
They didn't rip me off, understood exactly the type of tyres I needed for my
car, and were generally good buggers to deal with.

The reason I'm sending this in though, is because I found out about their
Price Beater Guarantee - they promise to beat any competitor's quote on car
tyres or they give you a hundy, in cash!

I went down to the branch on the Strand but apparently they do that in all
their stores.

Looking for love? Check out XtraMSN Personals

Baying for Blood Magazine

Does this mag actually exist? Or is it another NZGirl-like trick where
nothing ever really happened.

Breaking News: Ludicrous cockup.

Saatchi accidently placed in Mojo's spot on CB's Hot&Not.



We are a family that needs help from you; we are from Zimbabwe
the south of Africa and we are farmers but we are having a very big
problems with the President Mr. Robert Mugabe because my husband
said that what he is doing to The white farmers is bad by seizing
there farmlands and there personal Belonging and also sending his
mobs and aids to destroy there property. My husband was killed
by his aids and they confisticated all our property So me and my two
children had to ran
to Chad a small country were we did not Know
anybody for safety were we are now seeking asylum, but the help we
need From you is to help us claim the sum of nine million dollars
(9,000,000.00 dollars) that my husband left or deposited in a finance
house Before his untimely death. We cannot go and make the
claim and if we try the President have people all Over that will
know and they will seize the funds, so I Mrs. shima is Writing to
you in person after much consideration I thought you are the only
person that can help me and my family claim this fund and invest
it, as a big brother nation to help us and claim this fund you
can stand as a foreign partner to my late husband and send to the
finance company an application for claim or retransfer of the funds
to your bank account and you will have 30% of the total amount and if
you like invest our share in your country but it's very Important
you help us to come over to your great country.
Note: I will
the original certificate of deposit to you as soon as I receive
positive response with the bellow information?s that I am going
use in preparing the change of beneficiary ship to your name and
address. Please I and my children are looking up to you. (1)
Your complete name and address (2) Your date of birth (3) Name of
your company and address/position (4) official/private phone and
fax numbers Please forward all response to my email:
Thank you
and God bless us all. Yours
sincerely, Mrs. U. Shima


Payday's tomorrow for many of you. We know you'll do the right thing. If you need to get in touch with Mrs Shima directly , fax Heidi. She has Mrs S's IP address written down on the back of a Prego receipt. Cheers,

Uncle Crusher
nzcc security

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Nick Worthington called for Cannes jury service.

From campaignbrief.blogspot.com:

The Organisers of the 53rd Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival have announced the members of this year’s Film and Press juries.
U.S. based Australian David Droga, Creative Chairman of Drogafive, will preside over both juries in Cannes. The press judging will take place 15 to 20 June with the winners being announced Wednesday evening, 21 June. The Film entries will be judged 18-23 June culminating in the winners being honoured on Saturday evening, 24 June."

New Zealand is to be represented on the Film Jury by Nick Worthington, ECD of Publicis Mojo, Auckland. That's a pretty good jury to be on.

From comments thread overnight; Anon says:

"What about Matty Burton from Saatchi Auckland. He's been asked to be on the DM jury which, granted, isn't as glamorous. But hey, the guy's still in his twenties. That's some achievement I reckon"


Buy a day at saatchis

 Pick me, pick me ! 

Sickly client obligations

I once worked for an agency where the major client had a really thick
daughter who was homework intolerant.

So, the client (her father, who was rooting his secretary) made the
agency do her homework for two terms, got graphics done by the
studio, and made the creatives (my partner and I) to 'doll' it up so
that it looked flash.

We got no thanks whatsoever.

Other sickly things I've had to do are the really saccharine 'Happy
Birthday' breakfasts, cards, and sing-a-longs to unappreciative clients.

Any others?


Walked past bookshop at airport. Saw "Blink". Instinctively realised there was something to it. Bought a copy. Didn't read it. Gave it to a friend who didn't read it either. Buy a copy and don't read it. At least not past about the first chapter. You probably already know it.

By same guy whoe wrote Tipping Point. Quite onto it.

Intuitive Creative of Auckland.

frenchneil sent you a video!

Hello kiwicreatives.email@blogger.com,

frenchneil wants to share the following video with you:

Video description:
A send up of the "Where the Bloody Hell are you" commercial promoting Australian tourism

Personal message:
>From campaignbrief.blogspot.com :

To accept my friend request click here:

To respond to frenchneil, click here.


YouTube - Broadcast yourself. Watch and share your videos worldwide!
Copyright © 2006 YouTube, LLC

Monday, March 20, 2006

As well as a dead Chairperson, we now have a former President.

As you may recall, 42 popped into our virtual office on his last trip to collect money from NZ business people - on his way to save millions of lives somewhere in the world, which is what he does now. We reported he was....enchanted with what he found. He was impressed by our fax machine, and he was impressed by Heidi - and frankly, so are we.

nzcreativecircle is tickled pink to announce that he is now on the nzcreativecircle team in the strictly honorary capacity of Guy in Charge of Semantics.

Is this for real? As the Guy in Charge of Semantics once said " That all depends on what your definition of is, is."

And that's why we've brought him on board. To help you all write your way out of trouble.

Peter Cook (deceased)
nzcreativecircle dubious political appointments co-ordinating sub-committee

Apparently the Axis Awards are on this year and they are now calling for entries. If you have ever created anything remotely....

...resembling an ad - and you haven't entered it yet. You really should. Anything at all. It'll cost you a couple of hundred bucks per entry, and it is unlikely to make the first cut - because those likely to win anything will already be onto this. But just to make sure, have your credit card handy and read this. Honestly, anything. And money. Birthday cards. Notes to your mum.... here's all you need to know. And have yor credit card handy:

Subject: CAANZ AXIS Awards - Call for entries

CAANZ AXIS Awards - Call for entries

To enter online click here.

Entries close Thursday 4.00pm 20th April 2006.

Campaigns launched between
1 March 2005 and 28 February
2006 are eligible for entry.

If you do not wish to receive further information on the 26th AXIS Awards please click here to unsubscribe.

To be honest they have added an unsubscribe button. But it's still bloody annoying. We've all got work to do for next year.



Right. I’ve had a few drinks so I’ll make this short.

I’ve seen the Grand Axis post, wadda ya reckon we all crawl out of our anonymous little holes and get together every 6 months to celebrate the really crap ads out there. We could get a presenter that is pretty shit in their own right (like Darren McDonald ) and drink loads of piss and like ‘The Warriors’ movie, forget about our gang colours for a while and celebrate the fact that some ads really suck big time. It could be called "THE ADZ AWARDZ". Entries could only be submitted if they are photocopied, on C60 cassette tape or on uncued VHS with 'RTR COUNTDOWN" written on it in biro. Entries would obviously be fuckin expensive, like $3, and like other award shows we could have a ridiculously huge amount of categories to rake in the money. The Worst retouching in an ad could be judged by a pack of drunken mac ops. Someone from Viva could be official convener of who has done the absolutely most fucked in-house radio ad (probably Magnis Benrow). Then there would be the Prime TV award for worst handy cam usage (anything on Indian TV) and a the best personal appearance in their own ad (Mike Loader Motors). I’m partial to large logos, but I’ll concede this could be a category too, as could the best use of a washed up celebrity. By about this time we’d all be absolutely hammered, Darren would be sick to death of people talking too loudly and would offer up handfuls of hardcore drugs to get the dancing going. We’d then all split up and go to loads of different bars, drink till 5 in the morning then cop off with the fat chick from finance. This would be done on a week night, because they always are. Anyway, who’s in?

PS, Can someone get a suit onto it. I can’t be fucked organising it.


I see Sideswipe in the NZ Herald this morning has made the creative circle
blog public. What will this mean? What will people think of us? Will the
content will improve? Maybe we should run away to another address? So many

And the Grand Axis Winner Best In Show goes too...

Any punts?

Silly Kiwis...

From the Sunday Star-Times, photo by Phil Doyle. What a good idea. Phil Clemas is this guy. Has a "mood station" for his staff at Deltarg - they get to choose their mood notification badge when they arrive at work each day. If their mood changes, so does the badge.The system has not been adopted at the parent company over the ditch. "They say we are silly Kiwis..." says Phil - feeling...

Guess what mood I'm in today, bloogers?

Heidi X

ADSL2 from June.

The SST reported over the weekend Telecom will start ADSL2 services " as early as June."

"The new ADSL2 servives will lift download speeds from about 2 megabits a second to as much as 24mb/s. Upload speeds will increase from about 256 kb/s to around 1 mb/s, four times as fast."

The paper says it understands Telecom has been installing equipment for up to a year. But this appears to have been, er, accelerated.

"Since February 14 when Prime Minister Helen Clark named broadband internet as a priority for government intervention, the market has been bracing for a revamp of the telco sector."

Can't be a bad thing.

Hunt ( not my real name)
nzcc it

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Getting tired of hearing about Txt bullies in the meedja? We too. If it's such a problem in school, the Ed dept could do what cinemas and what-not in more advanced societies have done and pop jammers in the classrooms.

Theoretically you could make a whole school a mobile-free zone.

But personally, I'd far rather my child had a cell phone than not. Wish I did when I was a nipper. Then I wouldn't have been picked on by a gibbon who ten years later went to jail for stabbing someone in a street fight.

My son has had a mobile since he was 18 months old. Can't use it yet, but he has one. Knows how to talk on it. Knows the theory. Won't be long before he can call Dad if there's any trouble brewing.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

From Koh Samui Beach...

Within an arm's reach of a Pina Colada and thankfully only metres from an internet cafe, an exhausted Michael Lynch (campaignbrief.blogspot.com) posts re. the Grey flap:

"They had a few pieces of nice work in 2005 - most of it late in the year and yet to be tested at the award shows - which is why Grey did OK (but not brilliantly) on the CB Hot + Cold chart. They did not claim any awards they did not win in their presentation. (Todd would not try that with Lynchy). When I get back to OZ next week, I will check my notes on Grey's work in 2005 and post the rationale (for placing them where I did on the Hot + Cold chart) on this blog."

Chur chur, Lynchy.

Testing, testing

Well bugger me. We seem to be back up. Must have just been a loose wire at the back of the fax. Feel free to start posting again but please, let's keep it clean for a few days.

Lusty, Trusty & Busty aren't exactly cheap.

Friday, March 17, 2006


What's the difference?

Todd Mc, Grey NZ exposed!!

OK, I was half pissed at a friend's business when I stumbled across the
Admedia's agencies & clients book. And I started flicking through it. It's
the book that most CEO's and senior suits have on them because it has all
the contact details of everyone inside the business and has a snapshot of
each business (awards they have won, accounts they have...).

So anyway, I'm flicking through this and shock horror, I flipped open on
Grey NZ. I'm not sure what planet they were on when they wrote what awards
they won, but it must be a different one from me. For instance, they said
they had 12 pieces of work published in The Work 2004. If you actually go to
that annual, Grey had '2' pieces of work published. They also said they won
a gold Axis and a bronze Axis in 2004. In Axis 2004 though, Grey only won a
bronze Axis.

It also says that it scored 18 finalists at Axis in 2004. I find this
impossible to believe cos' that's the numbers of finalists that Clemenger or
a good agency scores each year. In short, I was a little bit bamboozled as
to why Grey was so hot on the campaign brief hot and cold charts considering
they've done nothing over the last 12 months, and then it hit me. They're
probably fabricating awards for the submission as well.

Jesus Todd. You're giving the industry a super-sleazy name. Mike O, Catmur
and all the rest work hard slog for their respective companies and put down
awards they have actually won. And then you come along and make up awards
that you think you might have won. Absolute shocker!

Looking for love? Check out XtraMSN Personals

Flat Bush needs You!

Bloogers, on the fax overnight, new names needed urgently for a growing South Auckland suburb.

Flat Bush is not a good name because it reminds the poor middle-class residents-to-be of a relatively obscure 1970's US gangland film "The Lords of Flatbush" - and this is too close to Otara. Which is apparently too close to Brooklyn. Not Welllington, Brooklyn NY, NY. Or maybe it's the Bronx. I don't know. It's very hard to understand, the fax was all blurry.

Anyway, the Real Estate agents and the Botany Community Board need your creative help. Please faxhedi@gmail.com or post onto here with your ideas. This is very, very serious! It was in the Herald this morning!

So far the best name they have thought of is Ormiston. Which sounds like my contraceptive pill!!

Heidi xx

Blog down for oil change

If you couldn't get through on the fax this morning, here's why. They do keep their customers very well informed, the people at google/blogger. A lesson for CSR here where you usually have to "push seventy-12 to check network status etc".

"Unfortunately, we have to do some maintenance on one of our filers today from 9 am to 9:40 am PST. Some blogs will be inaccessible while this is going on. Everyone is able to publish, however, regardless of whether or not the blog is down for maintenance."

Update: Blog still down at 7.50 NZST. Nemo must have nudged the pipe.

Update: 7.54 am local : "This maintenance is now complete - Pete. "

Good morning.


It seems FCB's long-awaited new CEO Bryan Crawford could be a client crossing over to the agency side, which doesn't happen very often at all at that level.

Apparently there'll be a full interview with Drinnan in NBR today which which we'll read with interest when it arrives. (Usually much later than it should, by the way.)


Well, turns out it wasn't the rumoured in-depth interview at all put the PR with a few words moved around a bit and some IPG stuff tacked on the end. Oh well. Sounded too good to be true...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Ongoing media player dullarity

So, Putfile is "currently not accepting uploads from this area at this time." Helloaworld.razorstream.com ( which looked really good and actually cost a little money) appears to have been in beta and is now n/g. Or has been taken offline by the lawyers in the US. No urls for it work. And as we know, You Tube has issues. Or perhaps that should be tissues. Any more ideas, bloogers?


Leighton Howl's wedding. The photos that won't appear in the album.

<smaller>It's only at a mate's wedding - or funeral - that you hear
stories about them which give you insights into their character. It
was the former event for Pond Art Director Leighton Howl, who married
Christy Warn on Saturday.

Aside from Christy having to swap one dubious four-letter surname for
another, we uncovered some interesting info about Leighton that we
felt it was only right to share with the wider advertising community:

- A former Waikato prop with long hair scrubs up falrly well in a suit
on the wedding day.

- A former Waikato prop in a pink women's dress scrubs up even better
on the stag night.

- Leighton's nickname is Yeti Dog and the facial likeness is alarming.

-The stray cat that scratched Leighton's new car a few months ago was
relocated by someone looking suspiciously like a Yeti, who took it for
a ride over the Harbour Bridge and forgot to bring it back.

- When you want to impress a girl, go out and buy a new double bed.
However DON'T take your mate along to help you buy the bed.

- If you do take a mate along, try not to use words like, “We're
looking for a bed and “Here sit on it Ollie. Is it firm enough?” Also,
when the sales lady asks what you do, and you're currently studying
interior design, don't blurt this information out and embarrass your
best mate. Because one day they'll be your best man looking to dish
some dirt on you.


<smaller>Suffice to say the wedding was a a great day and, having
assured Leighton that it would be a very bad idea to take his computer
away on holiday, we are now safely posting these photos at the home
page of www.thepond.co.nz in the full knowledge that when Mr and Mrs
Howl come back from honeymoon, the blog will have been archived and
the photos removed from the site. (V.adviseable when dealing with
former Waikato prop who looks like a Yeti)



Gordon Clarke stories

Does anyone have any more stories to share about Gordy?

This transmission is confidential and intended
solely for the person or organization to whom
it is addressed.  It may contain privileged and
confidential information.  If you are not the
intended recipient, you should not copy,
distribute or take any action in reliance on it.

If you have received this transmission in error,
please notify the sender at the e-mail address above.

New CEO at FCB

According to Gapes’ Fastline email sounds like FCB NZ have just announced the appointment of a new CEO, Bryan Crawford. 

Look’s like the agency has decided on someone from outside the ad industry as he was the former Chief Exec of NGC (a utilities company)….. 

Thanks - this was the fastline update:


FCB has called a staff meeting to introduce its new chief executive. That meeting is being held right now, and we expect an official release from FCB soon afterwards -- we'll forward this to e-update subscribers as soon as it arrives.

We believe the agency's new CEO is Bryan Crawford, former ceo of natural gas company MGC (formerly known the Natural Gas Corp, now part of Vector)

Meerkats charm masks brutal killers

In an unrelated report ( see Talkback post below), originating from The Telegraph in London, it appears those loveable stars of natural history films aren't as cute and cuddly as they appear to be. Apparently they have major problems with jealousy, infanticide and cannibalism. And it gets worse. Herald A9. Shocking stuff.

Someone reads Talkback in the Herald so you don't have to

A man makes a complete dick of himself in the NZH's ad-biz op-ed column this morning. He does this in a number of different and embarrassing ways.

As we are limited by space here - possibly a good thing - perhaps the best example of what some may call "stoopid" is when this man enlightens the Herald's 250,000 or so readers about the long-running and much-loved "Telecom Animals" tactical retail campaign "Does anyone rememeber those funny animals....anyone recall what the product was". (Hmmmm. It was usually a short-term special calling price offer, from memory.) "The pictures bear no relevance to product or service being promoted." Oh dear. Fortunately he adds an email address so you know how not to get hold of him.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Our spam is kid's stuff compared to CB's. Sheesh.

This is the sort of garbage Lynchy has to delete. Seriously on the CB blog tonight:


Weep not, child,=20.
His books are all jammed in the closet,.
push the "Perform Currency Conversion" button..
She always looked at me like she really cared..
Oh, my dark children, may my dreams and my prayers=20.


Stephan Mcmanus

( Safety tip: If Mr McManus come in with his book, be out.)

New email address for your faxes to Heidi

In case you haven't noticed, Heidi's new fax machine has a new address:


The other one went wonky at the weekend Sorry, but if you have sent anything to the old one, we can't read it, it's n/g.

This may matter to many of you


Please Explain.

Can anyone out there please tell me what the hell those 'Viva FM - For
inspiration on air' ads are supposed to mean? (See back of Herald Viva
section). I'm hoping for a response from the writer or client as the good
folk at Bletchley Park have drawn a blank.

Confused of Grey Lynn.

Need more speed? Get Xtra Broadband @

How 42Below talks to grown-ups

This may be of interest. It's what 42Below does when it's talking seriously yet not seriously - but it is viral and it was passed on to us by a big person in a big company who did so because it was funny. Yet also serious.


So you can be serious, and still have fun. It's 2006. And there's no excuse for doing dull. Even for corporate announcements.


(A poster pointed out that this particular flash thing probably dates from mid-last year. Which was 2005. Whatever. This is still being passed around the corporates - it was received on heidi's fax in the past week as above and had been forwarded to many. In March 2006. Quite amazing really.)

Saatchi wins Fairfax/Admedia Agency of Year

From Fastline/admedia:


Saatchi & Saatchi was last night [Tuesday 14 March] named the Fairfax AdMedia Agency of the Year at a function in Auckland.

"Saatchi & Saatchi is back to its glory days," the judges said, noting the agency had a "brilliant" year in 2005 with revenue up by 36% and profitability by 169%. Saatchi also won 86% of new-business pitches and hired 80 new staff (taking total numbers to 190).

(The judging panel was privy to Saatchi’s dollar numbers but – thanks to the USA’s post-Enron Sarbanes Oxley Act – the actual figures cannot be published.)

The accolades for Saatchi didn’t stop there. CEO Andrew Stone won CEO of the Year (he also won this category last year), Saatchi-owned media agency Starcom won Media Agency of the Year, and account manager Dave Hewitt won Rookie Suit of the Year.

Compact Agency of the Year was Tequila, a division of Whybin TBWA.

The judges made a special one-off award to DDB chairman/CEO Martin O’Halloran, who was last month promoted to chairman/CEO of DDB Australia and New Zealand, based in Sydney. O’Halloran, who was the AdMedia CEO of the Year in 2004, was named Agency CEO 2000-2005. "For over 10 years he has stood head and shoulders above everybody else," the judges said.

Also honoured was the creator of the National Party billboards, veteran advertising creative John Ansell, who came out of left field to create the most talked-about campaign of 2005. Ansell has previously written ads for Labour. "I thought I’d retired from advertising," Ansell said. "But when I saw Don Brash on the horizon, I just had to put my hand up."

The judges were consultant Cindy Mitchener, ad-industry recruiter Peter Spencer, and Marketing Magazine editor Graham Medcalf.

Unlike most advertising awards, which focus on creativity, the Agency of the Year rewards business success and management excellence.


Agency of the Year: Saatchi & Saatchi.
Finalists: Clemenger BBDO, DDB, FCB, Y&R

Compact Agency of the Year: Tequila.
Finalists: Mr Smith, Promotus, Revo.

Agency CEO of the Year: Andrew Stone (Saatchi & Saatchi).
Finalists: Martin O’Halloran (DDB), Greg Partington (Advertising Works Ogilvy), Jon Ramage (Y&R).

Rising Agency of the Year: Colenso.99.
Finalists: Mr Smith, Tequila, Saatchi & Saatchi Interactive, WRC.

Media Agency of the Year: Starcom.
Finalists: Spark, OMD.

Rookie Suit of the Year: Dave Hewitt (Saatchi & Saatchi).
Finalists: Bridgette Crispin (DNA), Cameron Owens (Grey), Katey-Ellen Price (FCB).

Agency CEO 2000-2005: Martin O’Halloran (DDB).

Wildcard: John Ansell (writer).


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Do you have One Club?

According to our colleagues at campaignbrief.blogpsot.com ( and these have yet to be officially verified, they are provisional results only) the following resident Kiwi creatives have heeded the call and are now members of the One Club. This helps to increase local chances of having local representation at the rather significant US One Show. It's one of the top 5. In no particular order:

Existing members:

Worthington, N
Blood, A
McCracken, T

New Recruits:

Talbot, T
Rohrback, J
O'Sullivan, M
Mok, J
Maddocks, R
Diallo, A
Benjamin, J
Catmur, P
Duster, er, D

There may be more. All details were correct at the time of printing.

For $110 US this gets you a pretty good package ; includes your name in the book and other regular electronic info and costs less than the book alone if you don't have One Show.

Ben Pegler day

Today is Ben Pegler day - rejoice people. Rejoice!

Just anything new. A brochure...

Even a scam would be diverting today to be honest. Surely there must be a few of those floating around?

New work please

Enough of this technological mumbo jumbo. It's enough to make a luddite like me throw up onto his toast and marmalade. Actually - that's probably not the technology. It may not even be marmalade. Anyway - anyone got any new ads - or whtever they're called these days - to talk about?

Free Broadband

Just lately the NZ media seems to have woken up en mass and started kicking our biggest company into action. This has helped a certain large corporate swiftly come to the party with a promised major upgrade of broadband services. About bloody time.

Interesting to see Vodafone amping things up a notch yesterday. Why do you think it is major film prods need to get special links to up/down their dailies to Hollyweird.

This upgrade isn't free. It has cost untold billions in lost time and productivity. People arriving back in this country from markets where they have multiple delivery options and real speed are appalled at what crap our b/b is. It is a handbrake, and traffic costs to the US are crippling. Nothing new here I know.

But it can't happen fast enough.

Real broadband needer of Auckland.


Thanks RBN: Technology disclosure here:

As well as Heidi's new fax, nzcreativecircle uses Woosh Wireless, RIM Blackberries, GSM via Vodafone resold thru T/C and no landlines at all. We have multiple Gmail accounts, Skype voip, powerbooks with iSight and use a bundle of different Google services. All this requires a shitload of fax paper.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Blog looking for new cleaner

Whybin\TBWA's adidas "be the ball" won silver and their MS campaign won bronze. As we suspected, these faxes had been dislodged during duusting and Heidi just found them under the boardroom table. Well done Whybin. Very, very well done Heidi.

Ad Fest winners on the interweb

We're not sure where in the world he is, or what he's doing, but somewhere nearby is a computer. Lynchy reports on CB that AdFest winners are online:


Heidi x

Update: To save you this tedious job we downloaded the faxes off the interweb and had our cleaner go through them. He did an unusually thorough job, but couldn't find anything of importance we didn't already know about. Although maybe something rolled under the filing cabinet. It has happened before.


Random commercial plug

Jude Wicks at Imagetext in Owens Rd Epsom right beside DP is a top sheila who has been supplying the writer with all things Mac for some years now and always comes through with the goods at the good prices and goes the extra mile to sort things for you when they need sorting - if you need someone like that give Jude Wicks at Imagetext a call now on 09-623 3102. That number again - 623-3102. Ask for Jude. Wicks, that is. At Imagetext. Right by DP. Where you are probably spending 12 hours in a flame booking right now.

Westpac NZ happy with Saatchi NZ

Actually from Friday and passed on this am courtesy of Fastline:


This statement (attached) arrived at Fastline on Friday afternoon (shortly after Westpac Australia announced it was appointing The Campaign Palance Red Cell as its lead agency).


Westpac New Zealand reaffirms partnership with
Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand

Westpac’s General Manager Marketing and Products David Cunningham said today that Westpac looked forward to continuing its strong working relationship with Saatchi and Saatchi New Zealand

Following a regular marketing and advertising review conducted internally, Westpac today announced that The Campaign Palace Red Cell is re-joining Westpac’s panel of advertising agencies as lead agency in Australia.

“This decision does not affect the relationship with Saatchi & Saatchi from a New Zealand perspective.

“Saatchi & Saatchi NZ has proven to have a strong understanding of our brand and our business, and we look forward to maintaining this important relationship,” David Cunningham said.


DDB celebrates NBR Agency of Year win

Much of DDB's staff apparently spent much of Friday afternoon in a special meeting at a Ponsonby restaurant to celebrate the agency's win of the NBR AOY title which was officially announed on Thursday night.

This is just wrong.



Sunday, March 12, 2006

Potty mouths.

Just reading Sunday papers.

If bloody is listed at number 21 out of 22 on the Broadcasting
Authority's unacceptable words list and bugger is at anumber 22...
what are the rest?

I don't think I fucking know that many! What bollocks.

See you Tuesday,


Business Partnership Solicitation

This letter may come to you as a surprise due to the fact that we have not yet met. I have to say that I have no intentions of causing you any pains so i decided to contact you through this medium .As you read this, I don't want you to feel sorry for me, because, I believe everyone will die someday.

My name is Salah Haaziq a merchant in Dubai, in the U.A.E. I have been diagnosed with prostate and esophageal Cancer that was discovered very late due to my laxity in caring for my health. It has defiled all form of medicine and right now, I have only about a few months to live according to medical experts. I have not particularly lived my life so well, as I never really cared for anyone not even myself but my business.

Though I am very rich, I was never generous, I was always hostile to people and only focus on my business as that was the only thing I cared for. But now I regret all this as I now know that there is more to life than just wanting to have or make all the money in the world. I believe when God gives me a second chance to come to this world I would live my life a different way from how I have lived it. Now that I know my time is near, I have willed and given most of my properties and assets to my immediate and extended family members and as well as a few close friends and Schools in the UAE. I have decided to give alms to charity organizations, as I want this to be one of the last good deeds I do on earth. So far, I have distributed money to some charity organizations in the U.A.E, London and Ireland. Now that my health has deteriorated so badly, I cannot do this my self any more. I once asked members of my family to close one of my accounts and donate the money, which I have there to charity organization in Bulgaria; they refused and kept the money to themselves. Hence, I do not trust them anymore, as they seem not to be contended with what I have left for them. The last of my money which is the huge cash deposit that I have with Financial Firm Abroad .I will want you to help me collect this deposit and dispatched it to charity organizations and let them know that it is I Salah Haaziq that is making this generous donation. I am writing this from my laptop computer in my hospital bed where I wait for my time to come. I pray that God uses you to support and assist me with good heart

God be with you.
Salah Haaziq

NB: I will appreciate your utmost confidentiality in this matter until the task is accomplished as I don&#8217;t want anything that will jeopardize my last wish. and Also I will be contacting with you by email as I don&#8217;t want anybody to know cos they are always around me. Do Endeavour to send your phone as well as your fax for easy communication.

Please reply to: salahhaaziq@netscape.net

Mail sent from WebMail service at PHP-Nuke Powered Site
- http://yoursite.com

Okay, let's have a quick whiparound - see what we can do to help this poor chap.

Small technical niggle

Having some problem with Frenchy's email account tonight for some reason. Hunt ( not his real name ) and Uncle Crusher are working on it now by candlelight.

Probably just a blown fuse or a loose connection in the engine bay but if we have to order a whole new email address from the States, well - these things can take months to arrive and, even then,you have to know someone in the factory. Or have a picture of them and a goat.

In the meantime, please fax ALL emails to heidithetemp@gmail.com


Update Sunday 0900 NZT: Just post on the front page or to comments for now. Usual way. You all know how it all works. If you've got any pics ( goats) or mpegs, hold onto them for the moment. We have ordered new email addresses and are going to look for Heidi's new fax machine on TradeMe today.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Breast cancer support

Passed on by Kirsty O'Hara of www.hateshopping.co.nz:

The Breast Cancer site is having trouble getting enough people to click on their site daily to meet their quota of donating at least one free mammogram a day to an underprivileged woman. It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on
"donating a mammogram" for free (pink window in the middle).

This doesn't cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the
number of daily visits to donate mammogram in exchange for advertising.

Here's the web site! Pass it along to people you know.

------ End of Forwarded Message

Please, no funnee comments. They would actually be not be funnee.

Heidi x

Aussie Tourism print

Nice pics. Nice line. Nice, gentle weekend viewing for frazzled creatives who had a big one.

And are getting txts with uncannily similar lines on their mobiles about now. But wth mch fwr vwls.


Heidi no longer a temp

The nzcreativecircle steering committee is delighted to announce that Heidi is coming on the staff full-time.

Heidi has been temping for us for a few months now after stopping by the office on her way to pick fruit in the Hawkes Bay. For some reason - call it instinct - we immediately gave her a position at the fax machine. And now, quite frankly, we don't know what we'd do without her. Well...actually we do. And it's not pretty. Well, not as pretty.

This of course means a newer, bigger fax machine - she's a tough negotiator - and a new, more permanent fax address on the interweb for which we are now applying.( As you may appreciate, these things can take months and there's a lot of paperwork involved.)

In the meantime, we're sure you would all like to give her a big hand.

Peter Cook ( deceased )

NZ Girl scores in Pattaya

DDB Auckland's "Worst Boyfriend" took out top honours in the Direct Marketing category at The 9th annual Asia-Pacific Adfest in Pattaya, Thailand. The campaign won the only gold and best of DM. Tequila Auckland finalised for Nissan Pathfinder "Torn".

Friday, March 10, 2006

Jello Biafra needs help with CB Creative Circle

Lynchy has asked me to do a review for the next issue.

Any ideas? Normally I go and ask a junior and steal their idea. But
since the boss is away and the accountant has gone crazy, they're all
out getting pissed at an expensive restaurant.

Just post your ideas here please.

A Little Something for the weekend


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ad Fest update

lynchy said...

There are a few Kiwis at AdFest, apart from Catmur, who is on the Film Jury. Andy Blood (yes, I'll ask him about the mag at the girly bar tonight) and Rob Sherlock are both on the Print Jury. Other Kiwis up to no good include Todd McCracken, Princey, Jo Kelly, Peter Grasse, Stephen Douglas and of course Haydn Evans, who seems to be the official Girly Bar Tour Leader. The tour arrived back at the hotel around 9am this morning, just as Lynchy was having Breaky after arriving at 4am direct from the airport (a scary 2 hours by fast limo away!). Too early for goss... will report back tomorrow if possible.


The Legendary Lynch posted this last night in comments but we, out of sheer laziness and a lack of anything better to offer on a Friday morning chucked it onto the front page.

God the eBay spam is getting boring...

It's really quite hard to spam this blog. You have to go through the word verification thing. It's a one-off, tedious process for the sad spammer to spam the spamee. (CB gets it worse, but Lynchy has a much larger border to patrol.)

Speaking of pointless spam...

CAANZ is still spamming with html emails to enter AXIS. You may have heard of them. You also may have received a Call For Entries a few times (so far) - goes something like this:

"Subject: CAANZ AXIS Awards - Call for entries

CAANZ AXIS Awards - Call for entries

To enter online click here.

Entries close Thursday 4.00pm 20th April 2006.

Campaigns launched between
1 March 2005 and 28 February
2006 are eligible for entry.

If you do not wish to receive further information on the 26th AXIS Awards please click here to unsubscribe."

So it seems even if you hit the "opt out, please don't hassle me any more or I'll..." button, you still get the same shit. Oh well. It must be a great money-spinner.

If it's pissing you off, talk to emma@caanz.co.nz

Very sincerely,

Uncle Crusher

nzcreative circle security

...and a little creative waits. Where is Blood magazine?

Peanut Butter wisdom

Well, quite active on the fax in the last few days, bloogers.

There is a saying where I come from: " I usually don't repeat myself but in your case I am prepared to make an exception." Well anyway...

Frenchy just faxed me from his mobile with this voicemail :

"It has been said before that the nzcreativecircle blog was established to create more of a sense of community among creatives in an increasingly tribal industry ; to allow opinions to be shared, views expressed openly or anonymously, ideas and work viewed, discussed etc. And to provide some balance to the PR generally printed verbatim in the trade press here. Oh, Room service...could I please have another bottle of....hang on....Heidi, that's all. I'll be in around... tomorrow."

I once worked as a Peanut Butter model back home and they have a saying I will always hold dear to my heart. " Sometimes you've gotta take the Crunchy with the Smooth."

Heidi xx

Big Ad tipped to win Big at Ad Fest

From campaignbrief.blogspot.com:

"A veritable swarm of Aussie and Kiwi creative and TVC production bods are heading up to Thailand this week to attend the annual Asia Pacific Adfest, held at the Royal Cliff Hotel in Pattaya Beach. While Asian agencies are sure to dominate Print, CB bets the Carlton Draught 'Big Ad', via George Patterson Y&R Melbourne will take out Best of Show in Film.

Almost every Australian and New Zealand TVC production company that has dealings with Asia will be there, plus a growing band of creatives, including many of the judges who are currently hard at work before joining other delegates from Thursday onwards to enjoy the Festival, which culminates in the Film Award ceremony on Saturday night."

Paul Catmur's up there judging, apparently. We understand Lynchy may be as well. Not judging, just, you know there. Because Ad Fest is getting to be quite important. Let's hope NZ agencies do okay, eh.


Too much bread?

There's a full page ad in both the Herald and Dom today for Nature's Fresh bread. Looks pretty.Looks a lot like the TV One Choices work too.

Is this an idea? Or just a pretty thing. Will it sell bread? Or will it just win a type award.

Idea Lover, Koru Lounge.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The NAB. Why? Part 2

Once again the NAB has awarded an ad which ran in one of its member publications the highly prized title of "NAB Ad of the Month".

Nothing wrong with this ad for Nokia from Y&R.

Just something wrong with the NAB scheme. Only ads from their rags are eligible. That excludes some metro Sundays like the StarTimes for example. NAB staffers choose the entries by ripping what they consider to be good. The unlucky judges who heed the call get to spend half an hour going..."what the fuck?!" until they can eventually decide on something that they can justify putting their names to.

Up until recently the winner used to get entry into the Axis Awards. Since someone mentioned this was perhaps pretty crap as a prize, they've upped it to:

:the winning team from Generator/Y&R will receive 2 x $200 Ticketek vouchers to see a show or concert of their choice. The ad will appear in the “What’s New” section of March AdMedia.
The overall “winner-of-winners” for Round 1 is to be announced very soon. Round 2 will be launched in the next few weeks and promises to be a ‘bigger and better’ newspaper creativity awards, to rival the other media creativity competitions.
For further information and the full terms and conditions, please visit

Well let's hope you do properly, this time NAB. Like once upon a time when the NABs were real heavy bronze gongs that meant something to the winners. let's hope you do make it a real awards scheme and are brave enough to have people enter from outside your cartel.

Bring on the NZ Caxtons....

What is A&A?

Kia ora tatou.
All those in the Auckland Advertising industry, be aware: an operation is coming to your agency soon that will have you tickled and intrigued. Get used to the brand, and find out about what it represents for soon it will be upon you.
Nice weather we're having, isn't it?

Auckland Cup Hot Tip

Meet 2 Race 9 at 5:45 this arvo:

Horse #13 'Kind Return' is a sure thing

Important safety tips for bloogers from Heidi

Ok. At the top of the front page, it tells you how to post to the front page. If there is any side correspondence, like you've fucked up and you need to get unfucked-up, please fax me: heidithetemp@gmail.com

When I get your fax over the interweb, I will fix it. Unless I am having surgery that day.

If one of us notices a major fuck-up on the front page that is clearly a boob-boob, but potentially life-threatening or career-limiting, we will fix it pro-actively. (Whatever that means...I heard it in a meeting once. I was under the table....)

We will now fix this fuck-up. Then Frenchy and I are off to the Cup Day to drink sheet-loads of champagne and maybe raise some money for the kids.

H xx

By the way...we thought the three comments immediately posted to the fuck-up were funeeee ha ha.

adidas Honored As Cannes 2006 Advertiser Of The Year

adidas Honored As Cannes 2006 Advertiser Of The Year

The Organizers of the 53rd Cannes
Lions International Advertising Festival have announced that adidas will
be awarded the prestigious Advertiser of the Year award, which will be
presented to Erich Stamminger, President and CEO of the adidas brand, in
honor of their creative and innovative advertising.

The award recognizes the awe-inspiring, imaginative and original global
communication of the adidas brand, as well as its worldwide influence on
lifestyle trends with industry-leading products. adidas ads have been
awarded an outstanding 34 Cannes Lions across all media during the last
decade, 11 of which were won last year.

"We are delighted to honor adidas in recognition of the brand's success
at Cannes over the last few years. Their numerous awards are a testament
to a client who truly understands the creative process and is passionate
about creating great work," said Terry Savage, Executive Chairman of the

Erich Stamminger, Executive Board Member of adidas-Salomon AG and
President and CEO of the adidas brand, will receive the prestigious
Advertiser of the Year trophy at the Festival on the evening of June 24.

Commenting on adidas winning the award, Erich Stamminger said, "We`re
honored that the organizers of the Cannes Lions Festival have chosen
adidas as Advertiser of the Year, the industry`s most prestigious honor
and a singular success for our brand. With our partners, TBWA and 180
Amsterdam, we continue to look for ways to push the creative boundary -
creating powerful new campaigns, which can connect with consumers both
emotionally and personally, and which we plan to build upon shortly
during the World Cup in our home market."

Cleese crucifies Palmy Nth on podcast site

The double latte spurted through my nostrils on reading page 5 of the Herald this morning. JC ( the funny one) reportedly panned Palm Springs ( the NZ one) on his podcast site.

Cleese spent the best part of a month or more here late last year testing and touring his one-man stageshow. The Herald quotes him as saying " If you want to kill yoursel;f and haven't the courage to, I think a visit to PN will do the trick". He said the audience laughed in all the wrong places and were very strange to play to.

Palmy North's Mayor responded by saying perhaps the medications he referred to during the show were the problem. Ha ha ha.



PS : Not a lot of people know this, but, as well as basing FT on a Christchurch B/B, Cleese surrendered his virginity at the old Station Hotel in Beach Rd Auckland in 1964. Apparently true.

Scammers be warned

In the Herald a few days ago. Interestingly, an Australian initiative. If you see a scam, report it!!

Monday, March 06, 2006

juniors cheeky enough to ask for help.

Hello there,
my name is Lazrus Simons and together with my partner Stefan Tarr, we intend on conquering the ad world. Unfortunately when your unemployed, your neither conquering or even persuading, so we are hoping you lovely people here at creative circle can help....We would love if you could post a small ad for us on your blog to beg, bully or influence the reading public into giving us a placement or job of some kind? We're as keen as the last pair to post with you guys, but I couldn't for the life of me, work out how to start a post! We can also claim to be the craziest ideators in the world. Just to add - we are ex students of Axis Ad School, so we are fresh meat ready to cook in the basement of any agency with the courage and ball-etto's to give us a chance.
Thanks for your time either way, I'm off to iron my mothers lapel's.
Yours sincerely
Lazrus Simons
021529787 or surzal@hotmail.com
P.s.Im the art director, so please excuse any mistakes in the england.

JWT Aus/NZ has a new CEO from....Whybin/TBWA Melbourne

From campaignbrief.blogspot.com:

"Amy Smith is set to leave her post as managing director of Whybin TBWA Melbourne to replace Michael Connaghan as CEO of JWT Australia and New Zealand. The latter has moved to JWT shareholder STW Group Limited as CEO.
Smith, an Australian, has been in the Whybin gig for a couple of years since arriving from London fresh from a highly successful three years running Wieden + Kennedy. She is due to start in April and will run JWT out of Melbourne and report to JWT worldwide president Michael Maedel as well as STW."

Which reminds us. What's the story at JWT in NZ? Maybe Amy will have some input here.

Agency of the year, small agency of the year, CEO picks of the year

Bets are on,

Who's gonna take it out?

Saatchis 2:1.

Rocky 3:1

Sion Scott Wilson 500:1



Sorry blooger but this doesn't actually make any sense. Even to me. You name three categories. Big agency, Little Agency, CEO of the year. Saatchi is an agency. Rocky is a CEO. And Sion is a CD. CD is not a category. Nice idea for a discussion, but please be a little more coherent. You are confusing me!!

Or are we to take it you have an eensy weensy issue here?

Heidi xx

Philip O’Neill to head WHYBIN\TBWA Melbourne

There must be better water over there for Earl Grey tea.

Continuing the recent trend of New Zealanders taking up key positions
in the Australian advertising business, Whybin\TBWA announced today
that Philip O’Neill, currently General Manager of Whybin\TBWA New
Zealand, will assume the role of Managing Director, Whybin\TBWA

“Philip is an outstanding advertising man, and in the short time he’s
been with the group he has demonstrated that he has what it takes to
lead our Melbourne office. Increasingly we are operating as one brand
across three offices reflecting the importance of Australasia to our
clients”, said David Walden, CEO Whybin\TBWA New Zealand.

Prior to joining Whybin\TBWA last year, O’Neill was Managing Director
of M&C Saatchi New Zealand.

Rob Jack leaves M&C

Rob Jack, the multiple D&AD-winning CD/writer, is leaving M&C Saatchi Auckland to freelance. In an email this afternoon to his extensive network of friends and colleagues in NZ and abroad, Rob said he'd be leaving in a day or two, and would be available for freelance work after that.

CB reports that "at the time Oliver Maisey joined M&C from FCB, the plan was to leave Rob Jack as CD of Auckland while Maisey would be in a National role with plans to beef up the fledgling Wellington office."

Clearly the loss of the Tourism NZ business mid-last year has meant there is currently not enough freight for this sort of weight.

Before taking the M&C CD role 14 months ago, Jack had spent a year or so in DDB's creative department after being lured from London - and won numerous awards during his time there.

Anyone interested in getting Rob in for a spot of work should wait a day or two then
email him at:


He'll have a newerer more writerly address shortly.



Oh my goodness....

This transmission is confidential and intended
solely for the person or organization to whom
it is addressed.  It may contain privileged and
confidential information.  If you are not the
intended recipient, you should not copy,
distribute or take any action in reliance on it.

If you have received this transmission in error,
please notify the sender at the e-mail address above.

Fuck Me - Trade Me sells for 700 million

Bet Sam Morgan had a great weekend. Fairfax has announced today they are paying $700 million for Trade Me.

Sam Morgan is 29 or possibly 30. Legend has it he began Trade Me when he needed a heater for his flat in Wellington. His Dad is economist Gareth Morgan and that has possibly been helpful. But still...

This is what happens when you have a good idea at the right time and follow it through.


Boycott Cannes and ask for a raise

Holy shit. Each campaign that your ad agency enters at Cannes costs 900 Euros ($1800). Politely ask to cut a deal with your company and ask for 1/2 the money they would've spend as a raise for you. This way if my company accepts I'll get a $2700 bonus.

This transmission is confidential and intended
solely for the person or organization to whom
it is addressed.  It may contain privileged and
confidential information.  If you are not the
intended recipient, you should not copy,
distribute or take any action in reliance on it.

If you have received this transmission in error,
please notify the sender at the e-mail address above.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

That's weird...because they don't have any problem running with this, dude."

You've probably seen this as well. Done the email rounds It's a South Park version of the Aristocrats joke and it's fairly....South Park. There are apparently many copies of this on You Tube. All apparently submitted by members. Anyway...if you haven't seen this, bear in mind the following YT link is rated ( by nzcreativecircle ) as strictly adults only ( as they say on TV before every programme), contains sexual themes, violence, taboo subject matter, and may be upsetting to some viewers. It is also slightly soft, focus-wise. We recommend viewer discretion.

Thanks to Alert Sicko of Parnell for doing the homework and submitting the code.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Interesting copyright curveball from You Tube

You may notice the link to the Woomba wmv is now n/g. newzealandcreative circle received a notice today saying it had been removed for " copyright infringement". Fair enough. We are hot on IP too, as should be all of you. At the end of the day your ideas are all you've got...

Like many of you, we received this as a viral email. Any copyright attribution had been clipped off the end. This is pretty normal email behaviour so far ; how many mpegs or wmvs would you get in your inbox in a day?

In order to test You Tube for You Bloggers, we uploaded Woomba. About 250 blog readers/writers downloaded it. Sorry if it was so clunky and slow - but that may just be a symptom of a flawed technology.( Shrug).

Either the originating network/writers/producers/whomever noticed it ( it would have come up as "new" out there somewhere ) and felt the sharp stabbing pain of IP abuse, or someone complained about the content. Or the You Tube censors got the willies.

In any case, it's gone from You Tube. We wouldn't put money on Lesbifriends surviving the weekend either as the You Tube site warns against posting material of an obscene nature. Is Lesbifriends obscene? Depends which state you grew up in I guess. Maybe TVCAB could help with an opinion here. Not that that their opinion seems to make much difference in our day jobs.

So - that's why most mass consumer media upload/download sites like You Tube ultimately suck. And why we're still looking for the one that will work for us. And for you.

"keeping your nudie clean since 2005"

( To see how Lusty, Trusty & Busty earn their money, check comments. Safety tip: Not actually very interesting. Unless you are studying towards a law degree)

Friday, March 03, 2006

One for the.... Ladies...


Stay horny

New from Curious Young Gun Ben Fisher is this spot for Whitcoulls. In preparation for this, Ben did a lot of research. He checked out 16 romance novels from the library, went to the Laundromat and read them page by hot, steamy page. His long, boney hand gripped the soft spine of the rabbit-eared novellas...never mind. Link and credits are below.


Agency FCB Auckland
Creative Director James Mok
Creative Hayley Brunt
Creative Simon Yeo
Agency Prod. Liz Garneau
Director Ben Fisher
Producer Seth Wilson
DOP Jac Fitzgerald
Editor Luke Haigh
Online Paul Freeman/perceptual engineering

CAANZ is spamming again?

Call for entries for Axis. We all got the booklet. We all got the html email. Now we're getting the email again...

This may rake in more money, but it doesn't make last year's work any better. Does it.

Lesbifriends:The Movie - a little something for the weekend.

Well, we promised we would get it up for you, bloogers. This is the footage observed occurring in the pool at an unnamed Auckland hotel by anonymous creatives/suits/planners/media/the electrician/etc from an unidentified auckland agency.

Trust me, the building nearly tipped over as unnamed observers rushed to their observation stations.

It is a beautiful thing. For the technically minded amongst you, we can report it was shot on a Canon IXY 55 through heavily tinted glass office building-type filters.( And there was no hair in the gate. Lab report was a big thumbs up)


heidi x

Film Companies unite to service locals better.

 Auckland based film companies Mopix and Republic films have united to form a new company called ‘Automatic’ and have set up offices in the old Carters building in Morningside.  Automatic will represent the directors Sigi Spath, Simon Mark-Brown, Greg Wood, Brian Challis, Mike Oldershaw, Alyx Duncan, Fane Flaws and Tony Drayton as well as Australian directors Mick Connolly and Darren Ashton.  “We’ve all known each other for years” says Producer Declan Cahill “and we’ve always got on with each other so it made sense for us to join forces”.  Republic’s Simon Mark-Brown also says “the new strength in numbers means we can really dedicate ourselves to the local market where we feel our loyalties truly lie.”

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Oh my God I think it's broken...

Y & R Auckland posted new work for Inspiral condoms straight onto our colleague Lynchy's blog and, unfortunately for the creators, the idea appears to have been a good one since 1999. Condom Kingdom did it through BAM SSB Sydney. Ironicallyreports Lynchy, the other version was produced via Y&R Auckland's first cousin twice removed, Young & Rubicam Argentina (they're quite good with condoms, the South Americans ) which was shortlisted at Cannes in '99. Thehe BAM version missed out.

This is what the All Blacks™ would call a fundamental ball-handling error

Oh well, shit happens. Russian site www.coloribus.com specialises in archiving double and triple and quintuple versions of the same ad, visual or idea. This campaign will surely end up there, in Moskova and not at Cannes.

You'll see a few NZ ads that are quite well known on coloribus, if you look hard enough.

No wonder Parsons has been hard to find...

He has clearly been kidnapped by a Russian sub and is probably in a Siberian gulag. Different style of Vodka they favour in those establishments. Made from undies and head lice, from memory. Grows on you though. It's all in the skill of the distiller of course. Not quite as clean an aftertaste as 42Below though. Definitely very oily. And quite undie. Developed for a slightly different market taste profile, of course. It's actually about 50 below there this time of year.


Credits: Picture of Putin, Chief Russia Bloke courtesy of mosnews.com
Original Cyrillic caption reads: "I'm Vladamir Putin. Who the fuck are you!!
Thanks to A.D.once again for her assistance with this translation.

The Pond - Australasia’s first floating Creative Department.

The Pond is filling up fast!
Celebrating its first six months and a pool of new inhabitants, The
Pond has moved from “a good idea hatched over a few beers,“ to
officially becoming Australasia’s first floating creative department.

Made entirely of freelance creatives from different creative
backgrounds, the Pond has a depth of resource with new arrivals Al
Dickman, ex-London Creative Director, Mark Irving, fresh quirky
writer, and just back from Sydney, Hamish Grieve - now featuring on
the home page.

This brings the total to six writers and four art directors with
diverse skills and a variety of team combos such as all-girl teams,
all-guy teams and girl-guy-girl teams.

The long-term vision is to freshen up the standard of freelance
creative and make it a more viable, creative option for agencies
moving forward in a tightening market. To this end the Pond is also
looking to attract top ex-agency talent and CDs to work the
Australasian scene.


The Pond does not service clients direct and plans to build its
existing agency affiliations by introducing new ways of working to the
advertising, design and interactive market.

For more info, contact Leighton on 021702573 or Sue on 021668835. You
can also visit the website to eye up some freelance talent and view
new concepts by members on The Pond home page.