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Friday, September 30, 2005


Anyone heard anything from AWARD? Sounds like Big Ad cleaned up.

Someone reads the papers so you don't have to

In today's NBR a lot of creative directors talk about how they are judged on
ad effectiveness not originality or execution. Toby says NZ creatives have
been too conservative for the past 5 years and we underestimate Australians.
Plimmer is feeling encroached by international blandness. Maddocks
believes nothing is impossible. Duster says too much work given awards is
aimed at the judge not the public. And Jeneal says NZ art direction isn't up
to scratch.

Beamo Biffo?

Have Lynchy and Beamo had some Biffo? Campaign Brief has departed the Best
Ads On TV site for its own blog, and Beamo is looking for new contributors
from all over the world, If you live somewhere in the world and you're
interested in being one, email him.

Asian Bird Flu

Has your agency offered you a course of Tamiflu injections in the event of a
Bird Flu epidemic? Or are their very limited stocks just being kept for the
use of management.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Kiwis and Aussies on D&AD jury for first time ever

This also from our friends at campaignbrief.blogspot.com:

For the first time in its 43 year history, D&AD has invited non Poms on their precious awards juries, with at least three Aussies and two Kiwis known to be invited to London early next year. So far, Warren Brown, creative partner of BMF Sydney is on the Film jury, Nobby, ECD of Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney is on the Print Jury, Dylan Taylor, Direct CD a BMF Sydney is on the Direct jury, Tom Eslinger, CD of Saatchi Interactive NZ is on the Interactive jury and Mike O'Sullivan, ECD of Saatchi & Saatchi NZ is on a yet unspecified jury. A whole raft of Asian jurors have also been invited, and a final list should be known soon


AWARD Judging door list

This is courtesy of campaignbrief.blogspot.com


An impressive line-up of creative talent from throughout the region has arrived in Sydney for the 2005 AWARD judging. On Wednesday evening, the judges will meet up with AWARD members for cocktails and nibbles at Ruby Rabbit in Darlinghurst. Tickets are $65 for members, $75 for non members, available from Two de Force on (02) 9281 8004.

Just look at this list of top names who will be there:

Paul Catmur, Executive Creative Director, DDB New Zealand
Emma Hill, Creative Director, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Jonathan Kneebone, Joint Creative Director, The Glue Society
Ted Lim, Executive Creative Director, DDB Naga Sdn Bhd
Linda Locke, Chairman and ECD, Leo Burnett Singapore
Richard Maddocks, Creative Director, Colenso BBDO Auckland
David Nobay, Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney
Ben Nott, Creative Director, TBWA Chiat Day LA
Thirasak Thanapatanakul, Executive Creative Director, Creative Juice/G1, Bangkok
Nick Worthington, Executive Creative Director, Publicis Mojo Auckland
James McGrath, Creative Director, George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne
John Warwicker, Director, Tomato
Kitti Chaiyaporn, Executive Creative Director, Publicis Thailand
Eugene Cheong, Regional head of Copy, Ogilvy & Mather Singapore
Oliver Devaris, Senior Copywriter, M&C Saatchi Sydney
Jay Furby, Creative Director, Arnold Worldwide, Sydney
Ruth Lee, Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett Shanghai
Todd McCracken, Creative Director, Grey Worldwide Auckland
Mike O'Sullivan, Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand
Jeremy Taine, Creative Director, MTC, Auckland
Andrew Tinning, Creative Director, Marketforce Perth
Philip Andrew, Creative Director, Clemenger BBDO Wellington
Len Cheeseman, Type Director, Publicis Mojo Auckland
Dave Johnson, Creative Director, The Campaign Palace Sydney
Toby Talbot, Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi, Auckland
Mike Boswell, Creative Director, Belgiovane Williams Mackay, Sydney
Rebecca Carrasco, Copywriter, Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney
Mick Hunter, Creative Director, Whybin TBWA, Sydney
Andy Lish, Creative Director, Andy Lish Freelance, Melbourne
Darryl Parsons, Copywriter, Consortium, Auckland
Danny Searle, Creative Director/Deputy Chairman, Clemenger BBDO, Sydney
Peter Withy, National Creative Director, KWP! Adelaide
Brett Corrick Director of Marketing & Search Yahoo! Australia & NZ
Jonathan Pease, Creative Director, Tight Knickers, sydney
Darren Spiller, National Creative Director, Publicis Mojo Australia

Sorry - if your name's not on the door we can't let you in. No exceptions.

Gold lion winner

Is that my Matua?


You have an awesome blog. Would you be interested in a brief 250,000,000
word article on what me and my students have done every day this year? How
much I drank, when I woke up, , what I had for lunch, who I know, etc. ? If
you can take photos I could upload some of my 3 terrabytes of digital
pics... (abridged, Ed.)


Monday, September 26, 2005

Nude Cannes Dutch Girls Shark Pool Shocker

Yes, I seem to recall doing something like that (with a few Dutch girls - or were thaey boys? - in the Martinez Pool actually) in 1994 when Kadu "Shark" won the Print Grand Prix.


Sporting Spirit

Lynchy has vowed to run naked through la Croissette if Big Ad doesn't win best of show at Cannes next year.

Site Update, Update

Sorry but there's an occasional problem with new posts not updating.. we don't know why but we have asked Blogspot and are waiting for a reply. This has happened to both Safari and IE browsers. If this happens to you, try another browser, Firefox seems to be unaffected. Please add a comment here if you have had similar problems.

Dear AdMedia

Is it too much to ask for your selected "Ad of the Month" to be just one ad?

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bye bye Wellington

Will there even be one ad agency left in Wellie by 2010?

Discussion required.

This transmission is confidential and intended
solely for the person or organization to whom
it is addressed. It may contain privileged and
confidential information. If you are not the
intended recipient, you should not copy,
distribute or take any action in reliance on it.

If you have received this transmission in error,
please notify the sender at the e-mail address above.

Saudi Arabia Anyone?

Me and the other 400 or 500 Kiwis here make our own alcohol, drink plenty of
it, have lots of pool parties and generally have a good time as highly paid
( tax free) slaves.

Do you think I'll be allowed back into New Zealand ?


Stewart Gilbride
Riyadh Saudi Arabia
Mobile 966 55 1370517

Stewart of Arabia

Lucky Fastline. Don't you wish Stewart did some writing for this blog? Is
it something they put in the scotch over there?

Pete Grasse Jnr

This just in from Japan...

It's a boy!
Noah Yoshimura Grasse
4,094 grams (weight)
56.5 cm (height)
Labor ­ 6 hours.... still in power.
Mom is great.... Made a big noise, now nursing happily.
Kid ­Sweet! Powerful voice.  Definitely a mountain mover.
Watch out world. Here we come!-

ADWNKR for sale

Stacey from Soundtrax is looking for expressions of interest from
advertising professionals for a pair of vanity plates bought at the
charity art auction. ADWNKR is currently listed on Trade-Me but our
sources say the plates could be yours for $400.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

New Topic

So, what do we think of the new Tongue spot?

Normal Service

The US server apparently had an outage...etc.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Slips Up Easily

Anyone remember this Panadol ad from not so long ago?


Apparently V stimulates the body and mind but does Sweet FA for your short
term memory.

PS This ain't Leighton speaking.

1450 Visitors

In the past 8 days ( since Google auditing has been available ) the NZ
Creative Circle has had more than 1000 visitors. So there's clearly a place
for this forum, even though there's been a fair bit of slagging to date. If
you've got something to share with the group, don't be shy.

The Publishers

Monday, September 19, 2005

Third world wages

When did this scam start? Some would say at Mojo in Wellington in the 90's
when Sean Cummins came over from Melbourne and paid people $50 a week for
the privilege of working under him. Of course since then it has been adopted
and refined by others.

One last Generator Party

"To celebrate 10 amazing years, one last party for everyone who has ever
worked at Generator. The drinks are on us until the money runs out. Thursday
22nd Sept, Ink Bar, 268 Krd, 7pm. Your name will be on the door"

Friday, September 16, 2005


Well you know, you could always be a junior creative getting an "opportunity" to work 70 hours a week under extraordinarily well paid, shareholding Creative Directors for $100 a week. It's disgusting

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Aussie Creative...

It's funny how there's a bit of Aussie creative-bashing in some of the
earlier comments, yet we seem to be hiring rather a lot of them at the
mo. Hasn't Saatchis hired a few recently?

More interestingly, is the "NZ creative pisses all over Australia"
strictly true anymore? There seem to be real ads for substantial
clients coming out of Oz (Canon Rodeo, Carlton Big Ad etc), but where
are the NZ ones that are going to trouble the judges at Cannes/D&AD

'Roid Bulletin

According to Connan's arse cam, the scar tissue is in the shape of a
small finger protruding out the anus. According to the surgeon, this is

Protruding out? Makes a change.


Speaking of dangerous things, I heard of a Finance type in an agency pulling
out a copy of the salary guide recently published in AdMedia to figure out a
creative's worth. That's a bunch of arse, isn't it? .


I want to know more about Connan's operation...

Devaluing Ideas

There is actually something good in Ad Media today. Article by "George" on
the perils of favours and freebies and devaluing your thinking. Clients are
laughing all the way to the bank. Used to be done every now and then to get
a pearler through but seems to be the rule rather than the exception - how
many ads have you seen lately which star creatives or other agency staff
roped in because there's no money? And there's no money because they did the
last one for fuck all as well and set a precedent.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Creative Circle Blog Announces Provisional Earnings Result

The publishers of this blog are delighted to report that since joining Google's Adsense programme, we have so far earned 15 US cents. Thanks for your support, without which this wouldn't have been possible. Our aim, by the end of our financial year, is to have earned enough from advertising support to buy everyone a beer. (Just the one, probably.)

The Publishers

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Irrelevant and old

You must be getting pretty long in the tooth to remember those ads old
timer, maybe it's time to swap the trainers for comfy slippers and start
looking round for a green acres franchise.
The point is, big ad works because it parodies something 15 years old, but
every punter immediately knows what it's referencing. Don't think the same
applies to Brucie or pasta whatever.

Irrelevant but true

"Can everyone stop whining and back biting about the Big ad. It is a
great ad and whether or not in should have run 10 years ago is totally
fucking irrelevant."

You are so totally right! I'm going to do up an ad lampooning "Make Pasta
Fasta" or "Eh Eh Brucie" tomorrow and it had better win a bloody shed-load
of awards.

Back biters, the lot of you.

Looking for love? Check out XtraMSN Personals

Hear, hear.

Now everyone get back to your bloody shelf wobblers. The link testing starts tomorrow.

For fuck's sake

Can everyone stop whining and back biting about the Big ad. It is a
great ad and whether or not in should have run 10 years ago is totally
fucking irrelevant.
It's going to win a lot of metal and it's also going to sell a lot of
piss. Which is good for all our collective hides as it will show
majority of timid, scared to do anything different marketing managers
that good ads (esp TV ads not fridge magnets, shit that folds and
wobblers) sell stuff.

Original and clever

To paraphrase an old Parker pen ad, which paraphrased a quote by some poncy twat.

Big Ad is both original and clever. However the part that is original is not clever and the part that is clever is not original.



As the anonymous author of "A Beer Poem", I am stunned by the overly defensive over-reaction of the Lynch-mob of Australasian CDs. I didn't say it was a bad ad - just inferred it might have been a bit bigger if it had come out when Hugh Hudson's 1990ish BA Face ad was still on TV. By the mass freak-out, it seems you fellows can't handle a bit of independent thought. I hope it lives up to your hype and single-handedly saves Australia's creative reputation.

Like Tongue.

------ End of Forwarded Message

Dear Todd

Interested to read your comments about Big Ad, Todd. Not being in the advertising industry myself, I'm not sure I could have such a strong opinion. But I am glad that the ad causing a controversy isn't one of my ideas this time.

G Larson

Big Ad is Pants

I've just read the remarks made by quite a few CDs
regarding the big ad, ad. It looks like it's gonna
clean up. Personally I think it's pants and shows just
what a state beer advertising has reached down your
way. I agree too that it's 10 years too late. I can
see why the public likes it but creatives should know
better. I remember and ad for a washing machine that
was a far better parody of 'face'.

UK reader.

> To help you stay safe and secure online, we've
> developed the all new Yahoo!
> > Security Centre. http://uk.security.yahoo.com

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Bitch wins

Mr Smith has had a billboard for Autotrader taken down after a complaint - and presumably just one complaint - to the standards people. "Bugger", they would have thought as their billboard with the headline " We've got rides for dirty bitches" was dismantled.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Lonely at the top

In this morning's NBR AdHoc column there's a story about Y&R's takeover of Generator. It says Y&R boss Ross Goldsack is moving into Generator's offices at the Viaduct. Let's hope he doesn't get too lonely. Generator moved out of there about a year ago.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Rational Stuff

Point I was trying to make is that having talked to a few beer clients over the past couple of months, Warren’s lot set the bench mark with Tongue, which seemed to spark off a great ad from Danny’s lads at Clems, (Hahn) which then made VB get its act together and out of the blue comes Big Ad. Excellent. Tooheys client is reputed to be over the work it’s had from Nobby’s boys, so suddenly BMF have got a crack at the brief, (back to Tongue again and the follow up, Washing Machine) because guess what, Carlton Draught is killing Tooheys New in sales. It’s got to be easier to sell great work, when the competition’s only differentiating advantage over the brand you’re advertising is....great work.
Because most clients here are ‘followers’ rather than leaders, we just need one client to approve a piece of brave work, that then goes onto to sell more stuff, for the competition to follow. Let’s hope automotive’s next, eh?
There, feel better now.
Mark Lees

Re: Hey Big Ad!!!

We like things big too. Check out www.bigtitsfans.com


see you soon


Nobel Prize?

We've heard it's a shoe in for the inaugural Nobel Prize for Advertising.

Visit New York City online. Special offers on hotels, shops, attractions, and more.
Plus FREE @nyc.com or @newyorkcity.com E-Mail!
http://www.NewYorkCity.com http://www.NYC.com

Re: Campaign Brief Big Ad comments from the "Big Guys".

Correct answer guys, you'll all be invited to future
Award juries except Paul Catmur.

Send instant messages to your online friends http://au.messenger.yahoo.com

Big Beer Ad

It's a great ad. But it ain't no Grrrrrrrr...

Big Ad Furor


Campaign brief section.

For fuck's sake guys!?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Election Campaigns

Who is winning the 2005 election advertising campaign? Or is it more appropriate to ask who is losing it? This is the first election for almost as long as I can remember when there have been any ads at all that were a. any good or b. memorable.

Dancing Cossacks for National by Colenso (I think) in....ummm......1975 ( check it out at the NZ Film Archive) is probably the last decent political ad produced in NZ.

Since then we've had jack shit - compare NZ's usually feeble efforts against the great political ads done in the UK for both Labour and the Tories.

When it was rumoured Kim Thorpe and H and Co were going to be doing the Labour campaign I thought tha'ts going to be pretty hard to beat. What happened?

Carlton Beer - Michael Lynch disagrees

> On 7/9/05 2:14 PM, "Michael Lynch" <michael@campaignbrief.com> wrote:

I suspect it will win Gold or Silver
>> at AWARD, Clio, The One Show and Cannes (perhaps even Grand Prix or Best of
>> Show at one of those), and Silver (or Silver Nomination) at D&AD.
>> I half agree that it would have been even better ten (or twenty years) ago,
>> but the fact is, no one has done anything like it, so it's still fresh.
>> Let's compare notes in June next year.
>> Lynchy

Connan's arse Up Date

Current report: apparently the surgeon is delighted that the incision
and subsequent stitches are "in the shape of the Mercedes star".

Nice work, doctor.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A forum for NZ creatives

Welcome to the NZ Creative Circle - a blog where you can say whatever you want without fear of betrayal, retribution, or involuntary redundancy. We thought it was about time there was an anonymous channel for opinions and chat outside the usual published forums.

Like an ad? Hate an ad? Say so. (And more importantly, why.)

Got any juicy gossip? Share it.

Send your NZ Creative Circle posts by email to: kiwicreatives.email@blogger.com.

If you want to remain absolutely anonymous, don't sign your email and make sure you have any email signature turned off. ( If you screw-up, we'll fix it asap.)

Anything in the message text body is auto-published - anything in the subject header becomes the post headline.

Saatchis burgled

It wasn't just Grey's Ave that got hit last week. Apparently another Colenso cell disguised as a piece of new business managed to blag their way into Saatchis and stole a precious Axis award. They didn't notice.

Maybe this explains what happened at Mojo the other Friday night. It wasn't one of their staff who pissed on the clients and the security guard but a Colenso wag on a team-building dare.


Generator sold...when was it....Friday? CEO Richard Thomas had a baby on
Sunday. How do you think his head is?

Connan's Arse

Connan James* is in presently in hobspital having a delicate
procedure performed on his arse. We wish it a speedy recovery.

* not his real name

Monday, September 05, 2005

Beer Poem

It's a big ad

and nicely shot

With very many

in it.

It's a big ad

but hang about

isn't it just

10 ye-ea-ear-eee-ear-ears too late.

PA shoots to kill

It's business as usual at DDB after a sneak attack by fanatical Colenso BBDO elements on Thursday. Under cover of broad daylight, using an improvised humour device, the naughty Colensoites covered up the DDB sign on the building's front entrance with another which said the agency had moved to College Hill. Confused couriers and more than a couple of DDB
staffers were seen scratching their heads before the darstardly plot was uncovered. It is believed another Colenso insurgent almost managed to breach the boss's inner sanctum but was shot eight times in the head by his PA, Sylvia. (Remarkably, all 8 bullets missed the Colenso perp's brain ). DDB is saying nothing about the incident, apart from muttering something about revenge being a dish best served cold - with lashings of dog poo.

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